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Visiting Paradise Park and the factory in Alicante

Visiting Paradise Park and the factory in Alicante at the same time is perfect for anyone who is interested in knowing more about the residential park lifestyle here in Spain plus having a dream home custom built with the result being nothing like a mobile home.

It is very difficult to explain the Park Lodge Home concept fully on the internet or in newsletters because the options and choices are so extensive. The factory can custom build a home to meet any requirement and indeed have done so many times in the past.

Combining a park visit and a factory visit a standard four day visit could lead to information overload in such a short space of time. You will not get the full benefit. It therefore required a rethink on our part on how best we can help you take everything in and we have come up with what we think is a cost-effective solution. We are calling it the £55 see all special.

Here is how it works. Go online looking at flights to Alicante and see which the best days are to get return flights allowing you enough time in Spain. Next check out the links we are providing to find a hotel in either Alicante or Elche to cover the days in Spain. If you find a good combined package take note of the dates and contact us straight away.

Once we know the dates we will confirm we can arrange the visits and tell you to go ahead and book everything. For a one-off payment of £55 (covers up to four people) we will collect you from the airport and take you to the hotel you have booked in either Alicante or Elche. During your stay we will then collect you from your chosen hotel and take you to see Paradise Park. The next day we will again collect you and take you to visit the factory to learn all about the Park Lodge Home build process.

Park Lodge Homes are custom built

Now the best part. After being shown the park and factory you can either relax and enjoy yourselves as if you are on holiday in Spain or simply ask us for a second visit to either the park or factory if you think that would be beneficial. There is no charge for a second visit. Either way however we will collect you from your hotel at the end of your stay and return you to the airport.

To find a hotel you fancy in Alicante you can use this link. ALICANTE HOTELS

To find a hotel a hotel you fancy in Elche you can use this link. ELCHE HOTELS

Seeing a fully residential park with its unique lifestyle is great. Seeing why Park Lodge Homes are so different to mobile homes is also very worthwhile. Combining the two in the one visit in such a cost effective way means planning for the future can now be done as part of a fact finding holiday.

Low cost flights, a few nights in a hotel (you choose how many) and £55 in total to cover our services enables you to see everything for real. You will return to the UK fully informed and well impressed.