Virtual home visit on Park La Posada

Street on Park La Posada

Would you like to arrange a FREE Private Online Virtual Home Viewing on Park La Posada?

A virtual inspection visit without leaving your home. We are offering a PRIVATE Virtual Tour of any home you would like to see in detail for sale on Park La Posada.

Please use the form below and enter two different appointments that you can attend.

They can be on the same day at different times if you wish or on different days at a time to suit. Select one date and one time for each appointment slot.

Once we have your request we will inform you which of the two appointments we have set up. When confirming the appointment by e-mail you will also be asked which home you would like to see.

If you wish to see more than one home simply set up a new appointment online for a different date and time AFTER you have completed the first virtual viewing. Please do each viewing one at a time. This ensures there is no confusion over which home you wish to see.

To enjoy your private viewing simply click on the link we will send you confirming your appointment. At your chosen date and time the link will allow you into the virtual viewing and see the home you have chosen in detail. Your visit coordinator (logged in with you) will direct the cameraman in the home itself.

You will also be able to ask questions and request a second look at any aspect of the home inside and out during your virtual inspection visit. Virtual visits can last up to one hour.

It will be just as if you were there in person. Click on date and a time to set each appointment.

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