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The team with Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain

Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain: Well managed in relaxed style with the right people in place to help you all the way. The Costadifference team in Spain are supported in England by

Derick Theobald, UK Admin Director

Derick is on hand to give advice over the phone as well as dealing with business administration. He is in daily contact with the team in Spain and ensures that everything is coordinated. Being the only member of the team in the UK he is the first one who wishes that it was him going on an inspection visit. He does however make it out to Spain at least 3 times a year.

Derick can be contacted on 0117 318 2188

Steve Burns, Customer Service Director

Steve is the person who looks after everything in Spain and he knows exactly what is involved in living in a Mobile Home. With over 15 years experience here in Spain he is able to answer all your questions with authority.

Because we as a company are not sales driven, it means he can be informal as well as factual when dealing with inquiries. This makes his job easy and in many cases fun, as he correspond with people who might be interested in moving to Spain to live one day. He has team members on both parks to support him.

Steve can be contacted on +34 670203495



On Park La Posada we have a great team in place.

For park customer support we have John Little.


He looks after the clients when they first arrive on the park to take over their new home in Spain. He also runs the parks own online radio station PosadaFM. This is perfect because you can listen to him online and get a feel as to what life is all about on the park.

For showing the park to day visitors we have Janet Earl


Janet took the plunge and moved to Spain to begin a new life after retiring. She has never looked back and is a wonderful ambassador for the “retire to Spain” lifestyle. With Janet visitors are told all about the pro’s and con’s of living in Spain based on her own experience.

Next up we have Sandie Hamblin.

Sandie with Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain

Sandie also looks after the day visitors and has lived on the park since day one in 2005. During that time she has been involved in many aspects of park life and has seen the park grow into the wonderful park it is today. Sandie will be able to tell you how the park has changed over the years.

For the four day visits to the park we have the services of David and Lorraine Russell.


They have been living on the park now for several years and went through the process of moving to Spain with Costa Difference buying a new mobile home. They can explain in detail how to do the homework first and the moving to Spain process. They have a lot of useful knowledge to pass on.

The latest team members on Park La Posada are Phil and Linda Stebbings

They are great ambassadors for the park because they know just how good the park is from experience. Like all team members they started off as clients first. That is what makes our team system so perfect when it comes to looking after visitors. Residents show the park and not sales reps.


On Paradise Park we also have a great team in place.

Our park coordinator and project manager is Eduardo Abenoza.


He brings a wealth of experience with him and has worked with us in the same role in the past.

He is supported by a lovely lady who looks after the park visits as well as the 4 day 3 night dedicated visits.
Hilary Lees


With a sound knowledge of the town of Albatera and the surrounding area, she is well positioned to pass on all the useful information about the lifestyle to be enjoyed on Paradise Park.


Working in the background we also have a very important team.

Martin Theobald, Marketing Director (middle)

Martin is the person responsible for presenting Costa Difference Ltd to the outside world.  He is also part of the Park Lodge Home design team in Alicante working with Eduardo and Damian. Martin puts together the monthly newsletters which he enjoys and being based in Spain he stands in for Steve when required.

Working alongside Martin is Raheel Javed

Raheel has been with the company two years now and deals with the technical side of things when it comes to all the websites. He is also the reason why we have launched  the as a stand alone department within the company this year.