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New mobile homes for sale

New mobile home for sale:

Buying a new mobile home in Spain is very easy to do. Choosing which one is probably the hardest part. The new mobile homes on offer are UK ones supplied by the biggest exporter of UK mobile homes in Europe or the Spanish manufactured mobile homes that we supply. On our site we offer two Spanish mobile homes and three Willerby manufactured homes.

To see the Spanish mobile homes you simply need to plan a visit to see Park La Posada. Right outside is a show ground where we display both Spanish mobile homes and Spanish park homes. Homes built in Spain for Spain.

The Reading mobile home in Spain

The reading mobile home in Spain:

The home we are using to illustrate the Spanish built homes is the Reading model. This is a model designed by us and built by Eurocasa in Burgos. This particular home is almost a park home. It uses park home quality for the doors, windows and walls but inside it does look like a mobile home. It has a typical mobile home feel about it.

There is however one big difference. Spanish homes are much stronger in build. Thump any internal wall and you will see that. The home is built so it can be used for residential use. You will also notice that it does not have the “bling” that you find in UK mobile homes. Quality of build over bling. That is the choice before you.

Outside you will see a first class finish. The Reading mobile home uses real tiles on the outside as well as quality double glazing. The Reading is a very solid mobile home in Spain.

The Reading mobile home in Spain kitchen

Mobile home comforts:

Living in a mobile home in Spain does not mean you have to compromise on comforts. Mobile homes these days are not in the slightest bit like a holiday static caravan. The Reading takes the feeling of space even further. Living in Spain is very different and a good mobile home will blend with the new lifestyle.

For example, almost every resident has a gas BBQ and it is much more pleasant to be cooking outside for a lot of the year. So the kitchen must be practical over huge. Much better to have a feeling of space inside the home. In the Reading the home has a few surprises.

The Reading mobile home in Spain lounge

The convertible mobile home:

The feeling of space is what the Reading is all about. As soon as you enter the centre lounge you can feel the difference. The settee is a bed settee that folds down into a double bed in seconds. The door into the lounge is a sliding door built into the wall. That means the door can be open without using any space at all.

So what is this concept all about and why is this model mobile home in Spain so Special? Simply put the home is based on two factors. Factor one is that the master bedroom (the room used all the time) is spacious. It must also have a good en-suite bathroom. No tiny sink and toilet in this mobile home.

The second bedroom does not exist, or does it? What do we need for a second bedroom, a bed and wardrobe is what most second bedrooms have. In the lounge there is already a very comfortable bed which can be used as a settee most of the time. So what about a wardrobe?

New mobile home in Spain, Reading lounge 2

One or two bedroom mobile home?

This is now where the Reading is clever by design. We have a hidden wardrobe that blends into the lounge kitchen area. In the photo it is on the left at the end. It blends in perfectly within the room. The matching dining table simply allows it to blend into the room perfectly. That means this one bedroom home converts into a two bedroom home the moment you have guests.

For the rest of the time throughout the year when you have no guests you will be using every inch of the home as pure living space. 11m x 4m will feel much bigger than that and all down to the design of this model mobile home in Spain.

New mobile home in Spain, the Reading bathroom

A mobile home or hotel room?

Talking of space, how about this as the bathroom. Comfort comes as standard. The bathroom will never feel cramped and the shower is as big as it gets. It is the finishing touches like these that show why combing park home quality build with mobile home design can work perfectly.

The master bathroom is benefiting from the fact that there is no wasted second bedroom in the Reading model. There is no need for a second bedroom. The lounge converts to a full size bedroom in seconds and with the master bedroom en-suite having guests is very comfortable.

When designing the Reading we call it the “teasmade” model. That is because nearly everyone agrees that having tea making facility in the master bedroom is all that is required to make the Reading the perfect smaller size mobile home in Spain.

New mobile home in Spain the Reading master bedroom

The Reading mobile home review:

We finish this review of the Reading mobile home in Spain in the master bedroom. It utilises the full width of the home. It is both spacious and light. Walking around the bed is easy and of course it is en-suite.

The home from start to finish is dedicated to feeling spacious and a joy to live in. Yes the model does not have all the bling. Instead it is practical for Spain. Blinds replace curtains because in Spain curtains will only gather dust. The floors are wood and not carpet and in the Reading they are super strong for anyone with pets.

The Reading show home on Park La Posada costs £54,000 installed. You are getting a lot of home for your money and very little bling.

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