How to visit Park La Posada

The new way of visiting the park from the UK (car hire at the airport and book a hotel in Antequera) means your future does not have to be put on hold right now.

You simply take advantage of the new “social distancing” visit in order to quickly check out the park and lifestyle.

With a park visit under your belt “virtual viewings” in the future will serve a purpose. You will be able to make an offer on a home you really love. Only people who have already visited the park can put in offers on homes for sale.

That makes a visit to the park under the belt well worthwhile. 

On Park La Posada social distancing is already a way of life thanks to the way the park has been designed. Roads with pavements and homes on 200 square metre plots.

Residents can interact with each other as normal whilst staying safe at the same time. Park La Posada offers the best of all worlds, live life in the sun with new friends and neighbours with only minor lifestyle changes.

Street view with residents

To see for yourself the park home lifestyle here in Spain you simply use the new fly in-fly out “social distancing” visit format. Here is how it works.

  1. Book return flights to Malaga airport. We suggest 4 days apart.
  2. Book a rental car at Malaga airport to cover the time you will be in Spain. You do not need to book anything big because the roads are wonderful here. You can get some great deals on the car hire using our Car Hire Network Partners. You will be amazed at the prices they offer.
  3. Finally, book the hotel Los Dólmenes for the nights you will be in Antequera to visit the park. Hotel Los Dolmenes

We have chosen this hotel for a reason. Very easy to get to, free parking outside, very clean rooms, and plenty of space to social distance in the bar and restaurant. 

To make the whole visit work it just needs us to co-ordinate. First of all, we supply very detailed instructions on how to get from the airport to the hotel. We also supply detailed instructions on how to get to the park from the hotel.

Couple on decking in Park La Posada

Next, we arrange a date and time for you to visit the park. On arrival, you will go into reception and meet your resident guide for the day. 

Park La Posada is the perfect location to live out COVID 19. Social distancing is a way of life in the park. Residents can enjoy life to the full keeping two metres apart if required at any time.  By coming on a visit you can easily see if you want to join them or not.

Got some dates in mind or some questions? Call us for free on 0800 772 3980

To streamline visits to Park La Posada further we have also set up an online booking service.

Living with COVID 19 has to be a way of life now and what better than to spend the time in the sunshine with new friends and neighbours.