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Relocate your mobile home to Spain

Relocate your mobile home to Spain:


Relocating your mobile home to Spain is very easy thanks to our dedicated mobile home transportation team. We have relocated homes for parks in the UK as well as homes on campsites here in Spain. That is why buying a mobile home is a perfect retirement option because at the end of the day it can be moved if need be.


We have transporters in the UK and Spain as well as a dedicated ferry service shipping customers homes from the UK to northern Spain. We have also helped clients who have bought their homes in the UK to go onto their own land in Spain.

If you own a good mobile home on a non residential park in the UK it is often better to relocate the home rather than sell it in the UK and then buy a home here in Spain. Park La Posada and Paradise Park do allow you to bring your own home onto their park. It does have to be a relatively new home and at least 37 x 12 in size. It also has to be a quality home made by a recognised manufacturer.

To get a quote to transport a home we will need to know the following. Make, model and age of home. Where it is located now and where in Spain you would like it to go. You can send us the information needed to quote you for relocating your own mobile home to Spain using our contact us form

If your home is already installed on a park in the UK it is best to check first with them regarding uninstalling the home ready to be transported. The park that it is on will have to do that first.


We are able to transport any single size mobile home to Spain. For homes over 12.5 feet wide an escort vehicle is required. For double units we can only do relocation’s from within Spain as the costs involved in shipping a home in two halves from the UK is very expensive as it has to remain on the same vehicle from the collection point to the new location in Spain.

Our mobile home relocation service is not linked to the two residential mobile home parks we represent. We can transport your mobile home to any park or campsite in Spain. We can even take it to your own location if you have somewhere to install it. We also have mobile home installation teams based on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca