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Atlas Sapphire mobile home in Spain 06LP £12,500



Atlas Sapphire mobile home in Spain: This is a Part Exchange Opportunity home. Park La Posada

On the park at present is an Atlas Sapphire 35 x 12 2004 mobile home that was intended to be taken over as a second guest home for the residents to reserve for their friends and family. Instead however we have come up will a better idea that will help people who want to either test the water first or move onto the park whilst the sale of their property is going through in the UK


Here is how it will work. This home can be bought at a discount for £12500 outright which means the buyer is a resident on the park and can live on the park straight away. Within 12 months the buyer can then choose a vacant plot on the park for a new Willerby mobile home knowing they are already settled as residents.


The home they are in will be taken back by us as part exchange to the value of £12000. That is the amount that will be deducted from the RRP price of the new Willerby home. Transport is paid separately. Any rent paid in advance and the security deposit will simply be transferred to the new home once the exchange has taken place. The new home does not have to arrive within the 12 months but will need to be ordered within that period.

If, however after 12 months, they prefer to stay in the home they are in then they simply let the 12-month PX window pass by and remain where they are. The home and decking can then be altered in any way they choose. The home will be 100% theirs with no PX value. If however they decide park life is not for them before the twelve months is up they simply put the home back on sale under the same terms and conditions as they bought it and pay a sales commission once it has been sold. We will simply offer the chance to someone else.