Park visit including transfers

This is a very special offer open to our newsletter subscribers only. A four day-three night visit to see Park La Posada that includes airport and hotel transfers. It removes the need to hire a car and allows for a very interesting fact finding visit.

Pick up from Malaga airport

Here is how it works. First contact us on 0800 772 3980 telling us that you are a newsletter reader and would like to have a dedicated visit that includes transfers.

Tell us the dates you have in mind. Once you have booked flights that are four days apart let us know the details. We will then invoice you £79 in total and book you into the Castilla hotel.

On arrival at Malaga airport you will be met by one of the residents who will take you to the hotel Castilla in Antequera to relax. The next day they will return to the hotel and collect you for your day on the park.

They will then return you back to the hotel when the visit is over. On the final day of the visit they will collect you from the hotel and take you back to the airport.

If your return flight leaves Malaga before 9.30am the visit will be slightly different. For early return flights a change of hotel is required for the third night because you will need to be at the airport early in the morning.

That means you are much better off  booking  your third night in the hotel Zen Airport in Torremolinos. You can book using this link:

The hotel Zen Airport offers a free airport transfer service and because they are very close to the airport you are there within minutes.  

So for early return flights we book two nights for you in the Castilla hotel instead of three and take you to the hotel Zen Airport on the third day instead of the airport. In all cases you will pay the hotels direct.

The Castilla charges 40€ a night for a double room and the Hotel Zen can be booked online using the link above if you need to. You will get a better price at the hotel Zen if booked early.

To find out more you can call us for free on 0800 7723980. You can enjoy a few days in Spain seeing the park lifestyle for yourself in a very relaxed way. You can get answers to your questions the moment you leave the airport. 

Once on the park you will see for yourself just how good life can be. You will be impressed for sure. The resident looking after you will also show you some homes so that you can get a feel for what park home life is like.

If howver you like the idea of hiring a car and doing your own thing then we have three different ways to visit the park on the visit page.