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Mobile home in Spain show ground. New mobile homes on display

Mobile home in Spain show ground, 5 Park Lodge Home models on display.

Park La Posada is the location for the very first Park Home show ground in Spain. All the models shown will have been designed by Costa Difference Ltd. They will include The Solero, The Langport, The Reading, The Sandringham and The Windsor. Park Home quality designed for all year round residential use.

The Posada mobile home show ground in Spain

The first two models to arrive were the iconic Reading 2019 model, the Solero and the all new Langport model. Very similar on the outside but very different on the inside. The show homes are custom built to the specifications and design of our in house design team.

Special features include the one bedroom home that converts into two bedrooms in an instant (The Reading), Maxi space bedroom where two beds fold into one (The Langport), and of course the Suite EFECT™ bathroom (The Solero).

Inside the Reading Park Lodge Home

Park Homes are nothing like mobile homes. They are solid structures and are the closest you will get to timber buildings. Every wall and surface is fully insulated. The finish inside and out is what you would expect in a villa. Custom built right down to the bedrooms and kitchens. Even the bathrooms are built using standard fittings.

The reason for the show ground is that without one it is impossible to show the quality of the Par Home range. People notice the difference between Park Homes and mobile homes the moment they step inside. Cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thanks to the all round insulation. Primarily for the summer of course.

Park Home prices are in Euros because we build them in Spain. To help UK clients we are showing the current cost in GBP on the Park Lodge Homes page. You will soon see that you are getting a lot of home for your money.

The other good thing is that every Park Home show home will be different. This is because we order the homes unfurnished and finish them on the show ground. The big advantage with this is that if anyone wants to swap what is in the home for something else they can do so.

The Langport Park Lodge Home in Spain

You have lots to look forward to seeing when you book a four day visit to Park La Posada. First up is the Reading which is an iconic design. It has a hidden wardrobe in the lounge and converts into a two bedroom park lodge home in an instant.

Next up is the Langport which has a MAXI space twin bedroom which converts a twin room into a single bedroom freeing up space for a computer desk for example. It also has the wall door system to the bathroom the same as in the Ascot. In the kitchen it has a wonderful kitchen island giving more work space.

The Solero is very similar to the Langport except it uses our trade marked “Suite EFECT™” bathroom/en-suite system. Like the Langport it also has a kitchen island. In both models we have left a blank wall so you can add anything you like from shelving and a desk to a complete wall unit.

The Reading Park Lodge show home

Park homes are all special. The outside of the Reading has a real slate tile finish as well as double glazed Georgian windows and doors. It also has guttering that is special for Spain. Black PVC guttering on UK homes distort in the heat, not so the metal guttering installed on Park Lodge Homes.

The white walls are also on purpose as they reflect the heat. The homes are solid wooden structures and if maintained will last a lifetime looking brand new. They are an ageless design.

The Reading and Langport also come with full internal window and door blinds to keep out the summer sun. The Solero, Sandringham, Windsor and Ascot have blinds on all the windows but solar tinting on the doors making them special as well.

So what about prices? Park Home show homes start from only 56,575€ plus 1800€ transport. If you are going to have one on Park La Posada you will also get FREE installation.

The Windsor Park Lodge Home

Up to now the Windsor has been the best selling Park Home with its amazing master bedroom with walk in wardrobe and full bathroom en-suite. Clients have customised their models by pre-ordering them with some design changes.

One for example had a breakfast bar built in to the unit that separates the kitchen and the lounge. You can do that with any show home model, let us know what you want changed and then we build the home to order.

The price difference will be either way based on what has changed.

That means every Park Home is different because no show home will ever be the same. We furnish them once they get to the show ground.

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