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Park Homes in Spain: Custom built quality park homes

Residential Park Homes in Spain: Park Homes are very different from production line UK manufactured mobile homes.  The quality starts with the chassis. On a park home the chassis is welded box steel and is one complete unit. Each chassis built can take a home up to 15 tons.

The internal walls are also different, they are 60 mm thick and insulated. Thump any internal wall and you will see and hear the difference.

Show home models:

We have the Solero, Sandia, Sandringham and Windsor models on display at Park La Posada.

The Solero park home

The new Solero:

Is a residential Park Home 37.5 x 13.5 two bedroom model with a Suite Efect® bathroom. The show home on display costs £52,500 installed on the park.

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The Sandringham park home

The new Sandringham:

Park Home model is a large 39.5  x 13.5 two bedroom model with two bathrooms. This is a sister to the Windsor model with a huge master bedroom with full en-suite bathroom + walk in wardrobe. The show home on display costs £59,600 installed on the park.

The Windsor park home image one

The Windsor:

At 41 x 13.5 the Windsor is our top selling park home. It has become a classic. Two bedrooms plus two full size bathrooms. Fully fitted kitchen and real slate finish. The BIG brother to the Sandringham. The price is £62,400 installed on the park.


More park home information:

In addition to owning a park home in Spain should anyone want to order a Park Home built here in Spain to go to the UK we will ship it to the UK for FREE as it will then be an export model. You only pay for the transport from the docks in the UK to the final destination. We arrange all that. Depending where it is going in the UK it will be between £800 and £1100 plus VAT.

Show ground:

Custom built Park Homes are also constructed in a very different way to that of UK Mobile Homes. The factory custom builds Park Home Lodges to order, including show homes. You can change colours and style at no extra cost. You can also buy a Park Home unfurnished.

Homes on the show ground are offered with FREE installation on Park La Posada. saving 1500€. Park Corrales charges 1500€ for installation.

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