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Park Lodge Homes: Custom built quality

Residential Park Lodge Homes in Spain: Offering a superior build quality home combined with a modern yet practical design. Exclusive residential homes made in Spain for Spain only from Costa Difference Ltd. Being manufactured in Spain means you spend less money transporting the home to the park which makes these homes great value considering the build quality and residential purpose.

Custom built Park Lodge Homes are not constructed in the same way as UK mobile homes, they are solid insulated structures built with real wooden doors and ceramic tiles inside. They are also specifically designed for residential use taking up to 9 weeks to build one home. That is why we now have a Park Lodge show ground on Park La Posada. Visitors to the park can now see the quality for themselves without a factory visit in Alicante.

Park Lodge show ground in Spain

For the Solero, Sandia, Sandringham, Windsor and Ascot models you can choose a version already designed by us or have one custom built after adding your design choices. This will only require a short visit to the Alhambra factory in Alicante. You have lots of materials to choose from.

When booking a four day three night £79 per person Posada Park inspection visit you will also be shown the Park Lodge Homes on display on their new show ground if you are interested in a new home. It is then that you will see the difference for yourselves.

The models below are our show home designs. You can of course design your home EXACTLY how you want it during a factory visit. Most of the models below will be placed onto the Park La Posada Park Lodge Home show ground

Homes with ** next to the name require a crane for installation due to the size and weight of the home.

The Solero Park Lodge Home in Spain

The new Solero residential Park Lodge model is going to be our popular 37.5 x 13.5 two bedroom model with a Suite Efect® bathroom. The show home costs 56,575€ which converts to 49,801 GBP at today’s exchange rate.
Factory price 58,575€

A saving of 2000€
Watch video with audio description

The Reading Park Lodge home in SpainThe 2018 Reading residential Park Lodge model is a 37.5 x 13.5 one bedroom “convertible”.  The master bedroom is very spacious with en-suite bathroom. The lounge also converts into a bedroom instantly with a hidden wardrobe. The show home costs 60,750€ which converts to 53,476 GBP at today’s rate. Factory price is 62,750€

A saving of 2000€ Watch a video with audio description

The Langport Park Lodge Home in SpainThe new Langport residential Park Lodge model is also a 37.5 x 13.5 two bedroom model with the twin room as MAXI space. This home is custom built in the solid state form. It is a very different build process.  The show home costs 62,315€ which converts to 54,854 GBP at today’s exchange rate. Factory price 64,315€

A saving of 2000€ Watch a video with audio description

The Sandia Park Lodge Home in SpainThe Sandia residential Park Lodge model is a 39 x 13.5 two bedroom home with a huge lounge. The kitchen will have the Windsor cupboards and worktops with the Sandringham hob and oven with fridge freezer alongside. Costing 64,800€ (factory price as no show home) which converts to 57,042 GBP at today’s exchange rate. Take a look at the floor plan

The Sandringham Park Lodge HomeThe new Sandringham residential Park Lodge model is a large 39.5  x 13.5 two bedroom model with two bathrooms. This is a sister to the Windsor model with a huge master bedroom with full en-suite bathroom + walk in wardrobe. The show home costs 65,582€ which converts to 57,730  GBP at today’s exchange rate. Factory price 67,582€

A saving of 2000€  Sandringham floor plan

The Windsor Park Lodge Home The 2018 Windsor** residential Custom Built 41 x 13.5 is our top selling lodge. It has become a classic. Two bedrooms plus two full size bathrooms. Fully fitted kitchen and real slate finish. The BIG brother to the Sandringham. The price is 69,155€ (factory price as no show home) which converts to 60,875 GBP at today’s rate.

Watch a video with audio description

The Ascot Park Lodge HomeThe 2018 Ascot** residential Custom Built 43 x 13.5 is the daddy of the two bedroom, two bathroom range. The twin room is fitted with a Suite Efect® bathroom. The Ascot comes in two versions, standard DG windows or Georgian DG windows. The price with standard windows is 74,540€ (factory price as no show home) which converts to 65,615 GBP at today’s rate.

Ascot floor plan

If anyone wants to order a Park Lodge Home built here in Spain to go to the UK we will ship it to the UK for FREE as it will then be an export model. You only pay for the transport from the docks in the UK to the final destination. We arrange that. Depending where it is going in the UK it will be between £800 and £1100 plus VAT.

Custom built Park Lodge Homes are constructed in a very different way to that of UK Mobile Homes. All Park Lodge Homes are custom built to order, even show homes. You can change colours and style at no extra cost. You can also buy a Park Lodge Home unfurnished.

Park Lodges in Spain are plus transport from the factory, between 900€ and 1800€ + IVA depending on which factory manufactures the home and where in Spain it is going to. The factories are in Alicante and Burgos.

Homes on the show ground are offered with FREE installation on Park La Posada. saving 1500€. Park Corrales charges 1500€ and Paradise Park charges 3000€ for installation. **Crane hire is 700€ + IVA loading and unloading

Interested in how a Park Lodge Home is custom built? The factory arrange dedicated visits. They can be short visits from the UK where they arrange the airport transfers and hotel accommodation for you, or they can collect you from your hotel or apartment whilst you are in the Alicante region.

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