New park homes in Spain

BRAND NEW: 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom: 41′ x 13.5′ Alhambra Windsor Park Home in Spain on residential Park La Posada. This is a custom-built park home to residential quality. Just thump any internal wall. It is a million miles away from being a mobile home. The master bedroom is 4 metres wide with walk […]

553 sq ft 2 beds 2 baths
553 sq ft 2 beds 2 baths

As soon as you enter a new park home you just know it is not a mobile home. It looks and feels so different.

The park homes are all custom-built here in Spain. It takes nine weeks to build each one to order. The GBP guide price is based on the exchange rate at the end of the previous week. The Euro price is always correct and that will be the price of the home. Transport from the factory to the park costs 1800€

The park homes above have all been designed by Costa Difference Spain Ltd for residential use. They come fully insulated with quality double glazing and real doors. They are in fact a million miles away from being mobile homes.

Far less “bling” than a mobile home but much more solid that one. Thump any wall inside or out and you will see straight away.

In the video below Moira explains the build process. You will need to turn the volume on/up to hear what she has to say.

The park homes designed by us can be fully customised. You can choose colours and materials. You can even move things around as well based on the floor plan

We also appreciate that not everyone will want a new custom-built park home here in Spain which is where our working relationship with Caravans in the Sun comes in.

They are the biggest exporters of UK mobile homes to Europe. Clients wanting a new UK mobile home rather than a park home are now put in touch with their customer care team direct once they have reserved a plot.

They have the logistics in place plus show grounds in the UK to help anyone who wants a mobile home over a park home.

To know more about the new UK mobile homes on offer before visiting Park La Posada or Corrales Park you can find all the information on

Alhambra park homes in Alicante work along side Costa Difference Spain Ltd to produce homes that are very different.

To do that we use a different website, This website will be the first to announce any new models being planned. The latest one is the Eton which is a centre lounge park home.

The Eton park home in Spain

Why it is worth going on a factory visit in Alicante? Seeing for yourself how the park homes are made, what materials are used and how to change designs to suit you will make you realise just how far removed the custom-built park homes are from being mobile homes.

For the cost of flights and a few nights in a hotel in Alicante you could be starting a whole new way of life. Designing your own home with the factories help. They have no end of floor plans to get you started. They can also suggest things to suit the budget you have in mind.

No other company has combined with a manufacturer in the way we have. We design homes, we assist others in designing their’s and of course we can design homes to suit specific parks or plots.

If you fancy visiting the factory why not give us a call on 0800 772 3980 in the UK or contact us through the website.

Front page slider the ETON model

Our park home designs are made with Spain in mind. The insulation keeps the home cool in the summer and warmer during the short winters. They are designed in the classic residential UK park home style.

The build quality is seen as soon as you enter the home. It has what we call the “BMW” thud as you close the door. Roof, walls and floor are insulated adding to the solid feel of the home. The tiles are real, the doors wooden and the windows are fully double glazed. You can have plain or Georgian.

The artist for the Eton got carried away. He got the home spot on but clearly thinks we are going to sell them on a golf course in the UK. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at the models below. One is anAscot and one is a Windsor. The decking makes them huge.

Park homes with decking built

Inside the homes they are very different in design but not different in terms of quality. You will notice that built in furniture is confined to fitted kitchens and bedroom furniture. This is because a park home can easily take normal furniture.

With that in mind you can even order a park home unfurnished if you have some good furniture to bring with you. Transport from the UK costs around £80 M3.