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Mobile homes in Spain videos

Mobile homes in Spain videos

Mobile home in Spain a Willerby Linear110LP This home was built in 2017 and was sold as a Willerby Linear show home. The first Willerby show home to go onto Park La Posada in Spain. A large mobile home ideal for residential use. We have a selection of brand new Willerby mobile homes for sale. Mobile home in Spain video 110LP


62 La Posada mobile home video62LP This Atlas Sherwood mobile home arrived in 2005. It was sold in 2017 because it looked so good. Mobile homes adapt very well to the warmer/dryer climate here in Spain. Why not come and see for yourself? We offer short inspection visits. Mobile homes in Spain videos 62LP


Mobile home in Spain video 91 La Posada91LP Willerby Vogues are wonderful mobile homes for Spain and this home is a great example. It allows for the decking area to be an expansion of the mobile  home itself. We sometimes have Willerby Vogues sold as resale mobile homes. Mobile home in Spain videos 91LP


Mobile homes in Spain videos 4LP4LP French doors opening out onto the decking makes this home special. It is also on an outside plot. Decking plays a big part when living in Spain because you spend most of the year outside. Why not check out our frequently asked questions? Mobile homes in Spain videos 4LP


Mobile homes in Spain video 50 La Posada50LP Is the only mobile home on the park like it. Established since 2005 the home is a good example of how mobile homes do not age over in Spain. The weather is very kind to them. Mobile home in Spain video 50LP


Mobile home in Spain video 90 La Posada90LP This mobile home was one of the first park homes to go onto Park la Posada in 2008. It is a two bedroom home and each has a full size bathroom. Mobile homes in Spain videos 90LP



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