Mobile homes in Spain FAQ

Mobile & park homes in Spain FAQ

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about buying a pre owned mobile or park home or a new park home

Can I come and take a look without any pressure to buy?

It is what we do best. We are here to show you the lifestyle and the local towns and villages. If after visiting you like the idea of living in Spain you are always welcome back on a second or third visit.

What will my resale home cost exactly?

The advertised price of the home is the guide price set by the owner for the home. Quite often sellers will also accept an offer if it is “in the region of”. This method makes buying a re-sale mobile home cost effective. This is because all the hard work is complete and you can enjoy the home straight away.

What does the resale mobile/park home price include? 

The homes are all furnished.The home will also have an inventory. There will be no hidden extras and of course you can see everything in place when you view the home.
Your team member on your inspection visit will make sure that you see the homes that might interest you. When making an offer you will be buying the whole package that the seller is offering for the price.

Who am I buying the home from?

If the home is a resale mobile/park home you will be buying the home direct from the owner. There are procedures in place to make the process very easy. The park contract and a Sale Agreement by Private Arrangement is used. More details:


What are the Annual Park Fees? 

The Park fees are 354 Euros a month paid every 6 months. When converted to GBP you will appreciate what you will be getting for your money. You are paying for 5 star facilities, bi-lingual staff, 24 hour security and the park. Nothing in Spain beats it for quality and what is on offer.

What are the legal requirements?

The park lease renews automatically every time you pay the park fees. You will always have a lease first before you buy the home. The seller and buyer sign a contract of sale.
The drawing up of the sales agreement and handover service costs 200 Euros. Costa Difference Spain Ltd takes care of all the paperwork required. The parks take care of you once you arrive.

How long can my mobile home remain on the Park? 

There is no limit on how long a home can stay on site. Provided you pay the fees and respect the contract the home can stay for its lifetime.
The park contract stipulates you must maintain the home in good order and for that reason it will never have to come off the park.


Are pets allowed on the mobile home parks?

The golden rule is up to two domestic pets per plot. In cases where there are three pets, the the parks consider things on a case by case basis. Contact us if in doubt.

Are the parks legal and established?

The parks are well established and legal. A copy of the license is on display in the reception. Residents are also registered with the local town hall. You also have a postal address and your own post box.

Can I rent a mobile home first on the park?

No is the answer. The parks are 5 star residential which means no subletting. It is what separates them from joint camping/mobile home parks. The no subletting rule is important. It ensures that the park is fit for purpose, a residential park.

Do you offer free inspection visits?

Free inspection visits were the tricks of the trade for selling timeshares. That as everyone knows leads to pressure selling. That is the last thing we want. What we offer are visits that are guaranteed to be pressure free. 
We do have special newsletter subscribers offers sometimes which are worth checking out. The latest one is £79 four-day, three-night visits to include airport transfers. Worth getting our newsletter. Join here.
We use the newsletter to give out news when we are offering the “airport transfers included” four day visits. We are limited in the number we can offer which is why newsletter subscribers only get to know when we are offering them.


Do you sell new mobile homes?

Yes we do. We work with Mobile Homes Abroad who are dealers in Europe for most of the UK manufacturers. New plots are very few in number now so check first.
Do you sell Park Lodge Homes? We not only sell them we also design them. We are one of the first companies in Spain to offer this service. Our Park lodge Homes are special. We have dedicated websites for them. is the first one to visit.
The latest design is “The Windsor” which is a 41 x 13 two bedroom two bathroom model that is out of this world. Designed by us and built by Alhambra Homes in Alicante. 

Where is the factory that builds the park homes?

The factory is in Alicante, and we can arrange visits so you can see for yourself the materials and options you have. If you are staying in theAlicante area the factory will come and collect you for the day.

What are the medical facilities like?

In a word, superb. 24 hour medical centres in the village as well as a very modern hospital in Antequera. If retired you register with the local doctors.
Park La Posada include all the registration process as part of their service so it is all free of charge. On other parks there is about a 200 Euro charge to cover the registration processes.

Can I buy without visiting the parks?

A BIG no to this question. Visits are an important way to see if living in Spain is ideal on an individual basis. During the visit we give lots and lots of information as well as showing the parks and area.

Can i design my own park home?

Yes you can and we can help you. Custom-built park homes range from 60,000€ to 75,000€. You get to choose everything and no two park homes will be the same.

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