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Posted on April 3, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2016

** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Exciting times: Many people having reserved their plots on Park La Posada and Paradise Park this year have been waiting for September to arrive so they can go and see all the latest model mobile homes at the two biggest shows in the UK. The first one is at the Lawns in Cottingham near Hull. The second is at Beaulieu in the New Forest. Dates, times and prices can be found on

For the Lawns show we are sending Martin and Steve over from Spain. For the Beaulieu show we are sending Martin from Spain and Derick from the UK office. At both shows the Costa Difference team will be the only ones representing 100% residential parks only in Spain and nothing else. That is the main reason we are sending them there. They are there to help people who are simply thinking of retiring to Spain one day and want to find out a lot more about it.

So, if retiring to Spain is your idea simply make your way directly to the Willerby mobile homes display area and ask for Martin at the Willerby reception. The girls will then call him on the radio so that he can come over and meet you there. You can then get all your questions answered as well as receive all the information about what is required to easily retire to Spain. Not to mention of course lots of Park and lifestyle information as well.

Above all the team will be able to show you which aspects in the build quality in a mobile home will make it perfect for Spain. They will also show you what to avoid in a home that is to be taken to Spain. After meeting Martin, Steve or Derick you can then enjoy wandering around the rest of the show knowing what to look out for. This will be in terms of homes as well as parks. Great information if planning to retire soon.

>>> The shows are very informative in every way <<<

Plan your own visit: For people who want to find out if living in Spain is really for them our short visits (4 days 3 nights) for £79pp are perfect. We arrange airport transfers and hotel accommodation within the price. Full of information plus a sample of the lifestyle experience. They are not only great value but also essential in getting all the right information in a short space of time. Call 0800 772 3980 for more information.

For those who are adventurous (and residents can also save money come to that) we have created the perfect travel search engine platform that gets you the best prices for flights, car hire and hotels. Get in to Gear and FLY. This new booking platform is used by us all the time for booking flights, car hire and hotels. We have set the parameters to find the best deals for our clients to come and visit the parks. UK to Spain or Spain to the UK is where most will find some great bargains. Car hire in Spain prices will also feature well.

There is more. Starting in Jan 2017 we will also be offering a brand new inspection visit format that enables visitors to see both Park La Posada and Paradise Park during the one visit. We will have a team member dedicated to putting together custom inspection visits that cover both parks. Once he/she has put together a visit he will simply send all the links for payment. It is as easy as that. This service will be free of charge and a brand new webpage on our site will enable you to use this service. Everything is done via email first with phone line support.

We will be the only company offering this service thanks to our technical team putting together an online booking platform that makes planning visits this way so easy. You have lots of choice as well as freedom to enjoy the whole experience.

>>> Visiting the parks is the only way to see what life is about <<<

Park Entrance Fee: We were asked a question last week that we have never been asked before. The question was, when buying a resale home on the park does the buyer then have to pay the park an entrance fee on top of the cost of the home in order to be allowed to live on the park? It seems they have been told recently that they would also have to pay the park an entrance fee on top of the advertised purchase price on a home they were interested in down near the coast.

So to put the record straight here are the facts regarding buying a resale home on Park La Posada and Paradise Park. Firstly, there is no park entrance fee whatsoever when buying a resale mobile home. That practise does not exist because both parks are 100% only residential.

Secondly the buying process is very straight forward. It only requires a Legal Sales Agreement costing only 200€ and Costa Difference Ltd takes care of that. That means the total price you pay for any resale home on either park is the price agreed between you and the seller and 200€ for the legal sales agreement and handover check. You do not pay a single penny/cent more in respect to the purchase of the home itself.

>>> Entrance fees do not add value to any home so is a direct cost <<<.

Ex-Pat: Patrick was on his way to the pool recently when he bumped into a fellow resident called Jim with a small dog that he has never seen before. “Got a new dog he asked?”. “No” said Jim, “I found it outside the gate, it is wearing a collar so I guess it belongs to someone”. “Let’s find out” said Ex-Pat who was happy to take control of the situation.

Ex-Pat went and got his car and in got Jim and the dog. All three then went into the village to see the local vet. No translator needed as the vet speaks perfect English. In less than half an hour they were watching the vet about to scan the dog. In Spain all dogs must be chipped by law if they belong to someone.

However, in this case it was not really needed. “I think I know this dog” the vet said grinning. He scanned it anyway. On checking the scan, he said, “yes, it does belong to someone I know”. A quick phone call and Ex-Pat and Jim were told the owner was on their way to collect it. They thanked the vet and left.

That night both were in the bar telling their story when Emily the park receptionist came in. Without a word she went to the bar and bought two pints of beer. She then handed one to Jim and one to EX-Pat. “What is this for?” they both asked. Emily explained that a lovely Spanish lady from the village had come to the park reception that afternoon and had given Emily 5€ to buy the two nice men who found her dog a drink. On hearing this both of them were chuffed to bits that their trip to the vet was really appreciated.

Thanks to EX-Pat and Jim everyone knows what to do if they find a stray dog with a collar on. Not everyone will be rewarded with a pint of beer though if they do find one.

>>> The vets in Spain are very good and speak English <<<

Paradise then Paradise now: We had a call the other day from someone wanting to know if we had any other parks on the Costa Blanca that were 100% residential and adults only. It was the “any other parks in the area” bit that confused us. Paradise Park is after all without doubt one of the best residential only parks on the Costa Blanca. Why ask if we had any other.

“Have you been to Paradise Park we asked?”. “Yes, a few years ago with a different company” was the reply. It was then that the penny dropped. Although the location of the park is still the same everything else has changed. Paradise Park is not the park it was a few years ago. It is now a park that is represented by Costa Difference Ltd, a company that only represent quality residential parks and nothing else. “Please go back and take a second look” we asked. “We promise it will be well worth it”.

We were able to say that with complete confidence because Manuel and Trini the park owners have done a lot to the park this year thus enabling us to promote it to our clients as a genuine 100% residential retirement park. Paradise Park is one of only two parks that we represent in Spain for a reason. It has everything in place now to be regarded as a perfect retirement location.

So what is so different? Firstly, the park has tarmacked roads now with street lighting. Secondly there is a wonderful full sized swimming pool built on the park for residents to enjoy.  It complements the existing splash pool that visitors were shown previously. Now residents can enjoy both.

Fortunately, the caller took our advice and had a second look at the park. They were met by Roy and Wendy who are residents on the park. Hilary was on holiday. They saw for themselves first hand just how different the park is now and of course they are no longer looking for a different residential park in the area.

Starting from the 1st of October we will be offering a one-day VISIT PARADISE PARK from Benidorm service. This will be great value. It will only cost a base price of 25€ plus a supplement of 10€ per person up to 4 persons. For a couple it means you can enjoy a holiday in Benidorm over the winter PLUS add a day visit to Paradise Park for only 45€ more. For a single person the cost is only 35€. Fancy a winter holiday in Benidorm now?

Great way to exchange GBP to Euros: With the Pound up and down like a fiddler’s elbow it is nice to know there is a way to get the best exchange rates around when transferring money from the UK to Spain. We as a company are now using Transferwise and have been doing so for over six months. They offer the full exchange rate as shown on the BBC website and then make a small charge for doing the exchange. When compared to the banks or Exchange4free (we used before) we can see we are getting much better value now for the deposit transfers to Spain. This is all down to the much higher exchange rate being offered by Transferwise.

For people either living in Spain already or are thinking of moving to Spain setting up a Transferwise account is easy. Just click on this Transferwise link and open a FREE account with them. Once in Spainand with a Transferwise account all you will need is the IBAN number of the bank account you have or will have in Spain. Transferring money has never been easier. We use our company debit card to make the transfer. Simply enter the name and IBAN number of the bank account in Spain and choose the amount you want to send. Then click use Debit Card. Within hours the money will be in the chosen account in Spain. Great for those who receive their pensions in the UK and want to send small amounts to Spain as and when they need to.

>>> For a small amount the Transferwise system is perfect <<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life), so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain, which as you already know begins as soon as they leave the park.

The phrase this month is See you later “Hasta luego”. pronounced “AHS-ta looEH-go”. This is a very friendly way of actually saying goodbye. It simply implies you will see them again. Until later is a direct translation. Remember that in Spain the “H” is never pronounced.

>>> The lifestyle is great so why not try and say a few words in Spanish <<<

Finally: With all the UK manufacturers launching their full 2017 range of mobile homes at the Lawns Caravan extravaganza in Cottingham near Hull and The Beaulieu Mobile Home Show in the New Forest we are now having to point out which homes you must not to consider purchasing at the shows so as to avoid a repeat of what happened to us as a company and our clients last year.

At one of the September shows our clients came to see us and then went on to choose a model home made by the manufacturers Atlas. They had been inside nearly all the mobile homes on display at the show. They were at the show specifically to choose a new mobile home as they had already reserved their plot following a prior visit to the park.

Our request to Atlas to order the home that the clients had chosen was turned down by their export manager on the grounds they already had a dealership in Spain and they were not interested in supplying the home to us direct or allowing us to order the home through a UK dealership. This refusal stood even after they were told that their dealership in Spain did not and could not represent the clients or the park concerned. That still remains the case today.

So as far as Park La Posada and Paradise Park goes in Spain please do not look at buying an Atlas home to go onto either park at either show because we already know Atlas will not allow us to order one for you.

It has to be said that most UK Manufacturers and their EU dealerships are prepared to work with us in order that our clients can buy the home of their choice. For us the collaboration in place represents the future of the mobile home business in Spain as a whole. Us having to advise our clients not to choose an Atlas home via our newsletter, just prior to the two biggest shows in the UK seems very unreal and is something we would rather not have to do.

However, we feel it is important to make sure that all clients interested in Park La Posada or Paradise Park can make the most of the two shows in September by only considering models that we will be able to supply. That said, if the situation changes between us and Atlas Leisure at any time and they agree to supply us homes to go on either park, we will tell everyone straight away that the situation has changed and their homes can be considered.

UK manufacturers Willerby however went one step further to assist sales of their mobile homes in Europe. Their export manager came over to Spain to see for himself the quality of the parks that we are representing. Within seconds he saw that the parks were not only 5 star in style but ideal for Willerby Homes.

Following his visit, he made arrangements for Willerby Homes to assist us in promoting the two 5-star style residential parks in Spain at the mobile home exhibitions in the UK. In return for their support Park La Posada has offered to install all new Willerby Homes on their park for FREE. This is a saving of £1500.

Lots of clients have taken advantage of this offer over the last 12 months. 90% of all new homessold this year have been homes made by Willerby. The Linear and the Aspen models have been the most popular with the Winchester and Avonmore close behind. Martin also has some ideas for the Rio Premier Outlook home this year and they will be explained at the shows.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read all this. We hope you have found the information worthwhile.

The Costa Difference team in Spain

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