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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Sept 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Summer is over: With July and August over a few residents who return to the UK during those months will be returning and looking forward to some well deserved sunshine even though the Spanish summer is over as far as the Spanish are concerned. In the UK summer came and went with rain and showers but there is still plenty of wall to wall sunshine to be enjoyed here until the end of October at least. The residents will also be looking forward to a much lower cost of living.

Most of the Costa Difference Team had to return to the UK at some point during the summer for family commitments and everyone was surprised to see how much prices had gone up in the last 12 months. The price of petrol was the biggest shock. Poor Martin even had to endure yet another August Bank Holiday in the UK and true to form it rained all day cancelling the planned family party outside. He was so pleased to be able to return to Spain a few days later knowing that he does not have to return to the UK again until next year.

Derick on the other hand, the only team member who is based in the UK, is really looking forward to his annual visit to Spain this month and we all know that he will once again be asking everyone why we cannot move the office to Spain as well. It happens every year. His new found suntan will be gone by the time we send the next newsletter.

A very new experience: Clients looking to buy a mobile home in Spain are always encouraged to make sure they love the idea of living in Spain first for obvious reasons. Holidays in Spain soon show just how good it is living here and then it is simply a matter of getting the choice of park right. However, recently we have sold several mobile homes to clients who were already living in Spain and the numbers of visitors to the park who are also already living here has increased. To us it is testament to the fact that a mobile home park is considered to be ideal in order to be able to live in Spain comfortably thanks to the support and services that the park offers

As daft as it may sound however, having clients who live in Spain does make things a little more interesting for us. First of all we have to convert the price of the home into Euros (as they are advertised in GBP) so that any offers made for the home in Euros can be considered by the sellers. The sales contracts are also converted.

One small step: With the passing of Neil Armstrong in August it is worth remembering that it took him landing on the moon to make “one small step” really significant. Moving to Spain to retire however is wrongly seen by many as the “giant leap for mankind” at the other end of the scale.

Taking that one small step on the moon cost billions of dollars as we all know, so surely it is reasonable to expect one small step to Spain to be costly as well. The answer of course is not really. That small step and can be taken with confidence in a short period of time and for less than 500 Pounds to start with, plus the most it will cost when everything has been done is a few thousand pounds. That includes relocating as well as coming out on the initial visit to decide if living in Spain has the perfect retirement at the end of it.

Speaking to people who have already made the decision to move to Spain during a visit to the park is always a good idea. It will be a real eye opener and goes a long way to explain why moving to Spain to retire is such a good idea.

Pets: The question “are pets allowed?” is one that we are always being asked. The answer is of course yes but we do ask for pet owners to keep their pets under control and of course respect the fact that the park as a whole is a “poop scoop” area. There are some fantastic walks the moment you leave the park and of course rain coats and Wellington boots are not required. Pet owners as well as pets lead very healthy lives here. There is also a very good English speaking Vet in the village.

Lifestyle: Some important facts regarding the lifestyle. First health, retired persons of course have access to the wonderful Spanish health care system in exactly the same way as if they were living in the UK and had to visit a doctor s surgery. The only difference is that here in Spain prescriptions are no longer totally free. A contribution is now made with the contributions being capped. Health care is one of Spain s success stories. It is fantastic. There are no waiting days to see a doctor. No waiting months for an operation. Consultants are on hand and there is one for any type of illness.

Banking is also going through change. With the Pound doing so well against the Euro residents are now making the most of their money and pensions. Moving money from their UK accounts as and when they need some and thanks to stiff competition between money exchange companies money can now be transferred to Spain without using banks and completely free. Oh happy days, moving money to Spain, getting a great rate and not paying any bank commission.

UK verses Spain for retirement: Everyone knows what it is like to live in the UK. Most people know what it is like to have a holiday in Spain. So the question has to be why so few people come to Spain not for a holiday but to see if they could live here.

We think the biggest reason is concern. Concern on hearing stories about the Euro on TV (except when Prince Harry takes over of course), as well as concern that it means going to a new country to live. All very understandable of course and it is now that we would like to put those two concerns into perspective.

First the Euro, we have said before that the Euro is more about politics rather than day to day living. If anything the residents are better off with a Euro problem. The value of their pensions has risen by 14% in recent years thanks to the Pound verses the Euro. What is more, if one day the Euro goes completely then for sure the Pound will be strong against all the returning currencies because that will be seen as a stable situation. So, only good news as far as the Euro is concerned.

Secondly: the moving to a new country aspect. Park La Posada has been described by many as “a British Colony” in Spain. On the park everything is in English. Everyone in reception speaks English, the residents all speak English and all the signs are in English. There is English TV and in the homes have three pin UK plug sockets.

So, imagine if you are living on Park La Posada and you fancy a trip to Spain? Simple, drive 200 metres outside the park entrance and you will be in real Spain. Perfect.

The mobile homes: The first thing to remember about the homes for sale on La Posada is that they are NOT holiday caravans. They are top of the range mobile homes. They have been adapted to be lived in all year round and come with decking that allows residents to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the much better weather.


By adapted we mean storage space under the decking, furniture changed inside in some cases, sun blinds fitted, wooden flooring instead of carpet as well as sheds with washing machines plumbed in. Extra leisure areas built outside to include garden furniture and BBQ s makes the living space well over 80 sq mts.