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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

Sept 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

First: We were asked recently if the TV programs shown and repeated often in the UK, showing Spain in a bad light had affected the mobile home parks here on the Costa del Sol. Our answer was quite suppressing once we gave it some thought. Because buying a mobile home in Spain is completely risk free and because living as part of a retired English speaking community here in Spain, is also stress free, the television programs actually help the park and the lifestyle it offers.

Many estate agents in Spain have closed over the last few years as the economic crisis caused sales of new and resale houses and apartments in Spain to plummet. People had realised that spending over 100,000 on a property only to be left to fend for themselves once they had bought it was no longer a sensible thing to do when it came to retiring to Spain. Trying to sell their home afterwards was an equally daunting prospect when it comes to the Spanish legal system.

Retiring to live on a dedicated licenced mobile home park has become the alternative and all the publicity surrounding purchases of bricks and mortar in Spain does not change the fact that from only 22,500 (Aitana mobile home on Park La Posada) it is possible to live in Spain, have all the support you need, and be part of community dedicated to enjoying life. There are no lawyers required the park takes care of all the paperwork.

Is retiring to Spain easy? Yes is the answer. Because Spain is part of the EU so much has changed over the last 10 years. People now can buy a mobile home in Spain in Sterling from the UK, easily open a Spanish bank account in the local village and be registered with the local council only once you are living in Spain full time. It is that easy. Things like registering with the doctors and obtaining your NIE (National Identity Number) are done for you as well once you are here.

More exciting news: The latest phase for new and relocated mobile homes is now ready and the first relocation has been completed. The home was transported from the park that it was on in the UK to Park La Posada. Again a stress free operation as we took care of everything. Having our own transport company based in the UK as well as one based here in Spain means we can move homes very easily and cost effectively.

Another question asked this month: Can we buy a new mobile home over six months so we have time to plan everything? Answer, we can do even better than that. Month one you reserve your chosen plot with a refundable fee of 500 Euros (refundable against the first contract payment) following a visit to the park. On month two you pay 10% of your chosen home. On month three you pay a further 20%. On month four you pay nothing. On month five you pay a further 20% and the new mobile home is then shipped to Spain a month later. On month six you will pay the balance of the home after it has been installed on the park. Buying a new mobile home has now been made stress free as well.

Transport only: Because we have our own transport service we are finding that we are getting many requests to supply transportation for homes to be moved from Portugal, Spain and France as well as from the UK and not necessarily to and from Park La Posada. Our transport division is separate from our role as retirement specialists on Park La Posada and so we are happy to quote for any transport requirements. We have this year already transported homes from Portugal to France as well as quite a few homes from different locations in Spain. The transport side of the business enables us to offer Posada to owners of mobile homes almost anywhere in Europe but it is not restricted to that.

Martin having spent the last three months in Holland now has that part of Europe covered as well with regards to transporting mobile homes. He now moves to Alicante in Spain and in his words thank goodness as he has had nothing but rain all summer in Holland.