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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2010

Sept 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Spain Paradise Lost: No doubt nearly everyone has seen these series of programs on ITV as the one on Spain has been repeated many times. Now ITV have transmitted Florida Paradise Lost and it shows the same sad stories over there. In truth the programs only go to prove what we have been saying all along that it is best to look at living in Spain using a magnifying glass rather than rose tinted glasses. It does not suit everybody. It does however suit those who plan to retire and live in Spain in much the same way as they would do in the UK except with much better weather and a lower cost of living.

Impressions of long sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages can and do change into something like ants hills and car parks in the summer as people drive around and around in an attempt to add themselves somehow onto the beach.

Fortunately, with the dedicated retirement parks we welcome visitors armed with magnifying glasses. What you see is what you get. Visitors can and do visit any time of the year and yes we sold mobile homes this August during the hottest month of the year mainly because the parks they chose were no different in August when they re-visited than they were during their first visits to the parks earlier this year, only warmer.

In short, with rose tinted glasses things can look very different on a flying visit and of course the result could easily be Spain Paradise Lost if the wrong park is chosen for retirement in the end, however if a magnifying glass is used and lots of questions are asked then you just might see the care free lifestyle that so many people are enjoying right now.

The Lawns show: Next weekend as everyone already knows is the big mobile home show at The Lawns near Hull.

Steve, Martin and Derick from Costa Difference Ltd will be helping John and the team at the Carefree Lifestyle stand. Although the show is all about new mobile homes it was felt that they should be there to answer questions regarding living in Spain in general. We think that being able to ask questions directly to those on the ground here in Spain will be very useful. Please feel free to ask them anything you like as they are not there to sell mobile homes. They are only there to answer questions.

Bank holidays: Having had wall to wall sunshine here in Spain all summer it was as far as we can tell on satellite TV the same old story during the August Bank Holiday back in the UK. Some people were lucky with the weather whilst others got soaked. Many were stuck in long traffic jams as they tried to get away.

It is events like Bank Holidays that helps us promote what living in Spain is all about.

Quality Of Life.

It is a concept that boils down to one thing, the weather. A good example, you wish to invite friends over for a barbeque and so you fix a date for next Saturday. Quality of life means you know it is going to be a wonderful evening, your friends will enjoy your barbeque and you will be sat outside under a star filled sky until 2am in a very comfortable temperature of 20 degs. Forget rose tinted glasses or a magnifying glass now, a telescope is much more useful.

Question asked this month: A very good one. What happens to the deposit paid to secure a mobile home if the sellers pull out. This has never happened before and to be fair unlikely to happen, however if that was ever to happen the deposit is refunded in full from the client account that the deposit is held in until the sale goes through.

Useful lifestyle information: Everyone having been on holiday on the coast would have seen Menu del Dia advertised. These are quite often cheap meals aimed at the tourist. However, the Menu del Dia in the Candida restaurant in Alameda for example is nothing like them. They offer a great choice of starters and main courses along with a sweet at the end guaranteed to allow you to spend a few hours doing what the Spanish love to do enjoying a long lunch . Add to that a bottle of wine is also included and you are in for a treat. Now the best bit, the whole meal including the wine is only 8 Euros per person. You will see the restaurant full every day with Spanish workers and families. Not a tourist in site.

The ladies on Park La Posada quite often arrange a lunch out once a month and the Candida is one of the places they go. No men allowed on these occasions and besides it would take a very brave man to go anywhere near them once they are out on their girls lunch out. They are enjoying their quality of life. Everyone agrees that they would never have done that back in the UK.

Buyorsell website: We do have quite a few enquiries from people who are either selling a mobile home in the UK or France in order to relocate onto one of our residential style retirement parks in Spain or from people who own a mobile home already in Spain on a non retirement park who wish to sell up so that they can then buy one on one of our parks. Although we can not help them directly using Costa Difference Ltd as the website is quite clearly promoting top end retirement parks we however have set up for those clients to list their homes for sale free of charge. It also allows people who are looking for a mobile home in Europe not on a residential style retirement park to see what is on offer. It also allows non sited mobile homes to be advertised. Why is this important? On Park Las Vistas for example they allow you to bring onto the park pre owned mobile homes.

Finally: October being one of the cheapest months of the year is fast arriving as far as the low cost airlines is concerned and at the time of writing this we see that Ryan Air are offering Leeds Bradford to Malaga flying out on the 12th Oct returning on the 14th October for only 46.98 return with no taxes, it is fares like these that which makes a quick 3 day 2 night visit worthwhile just to see if the residential style retirement parks are as good as we say they are. It also means you get to speak to other residents who have already made Spain their home. So, for those who are seriously considering popping over for a few days to see for themselves we say happy hunting and hope you find some flights just as cheap.