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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2009

Sept 2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

The month of August is not only one of the hottest months (and driest) but it is also the month of Feria s in Malaga and Antequera with the Alameda Feria in between. The Malaga Feria is by far the biggest and it kicks off with the Virgin de la Caridad procession through the city. A very Spanish spectacle with a lot of colourful costumes on display. The ladies especially wore some quite exquisite flamenco dresses.

After the procession the fun then begins around 10pm in the Feria proper with a concert, lots of rides, stalls and of course bars and food stands. The fun then continues until dawn. The big difference? Firstly because we are in Spain the concert is totally free which would be unheard of back in the UK, secondly even though it is late into the night you see young children and their parents and grandparents walking around enjoying themselves as drunken behavior is never a problem at these events. Everyone is there to simply enjoy themselves.

It is hard for the British to understand that at 3 am children as young as 3 or 4 years old are still running around. In truth, at that time of the morning the temperature is perfect and as we say it only ends when everyone has had enough fun, and that goes for all the family.

So for the fun loving residents on the parks there was a Feria running from the 14th Aug (Malaga) until the 26th of August (Antequera) with the Alameda Feria in-between.

The other news this month is the formation of a bowls club on Park La Posada and we are proud to say that Costa Difference are the sponsors. The new bowling green plans for the park are well under way and it is hoped that once built the club will then join the bowling league that already exists on the Costa Del Sol. There are also plans for a second swimming pool. The idea is that the second pool will be used mainly for exercise and the first pool for sunbathing and fun swimming.

On the subject of recreation it is also worth pointing out that on La Vina they offer free allotments as well as an established fishing club. In short there is always plenty to see and do. The social club and pool bar on La Vina is very well supported with many events organised by the residents themselves.

Web Changes:

Regular newsletter subscribers might have noticed that on we are now only promoting Park La Vina and Park La Posada. The reason being is that we have tailor made our short inspection visits to residential style parks only that have established communities, exclusive swimming pools as well as on site social club and bar. It makes for a very easy visit as you get to compare two very different parks and two very different villages yet the concept is the same on both parks, residential style with established communities. The homes on Flamingo Park in the town of Fuente de Piedra can now be found on and arrangements to view those homes can be made separately by clicking on the listing itself.

And finally, as we have always been saying it is very difficult to show what the parks are like on the internet so for this month we are going to try an experiment. As you might know we have Tom & Sheila living on La Vina and Peter & Jean living on La Posada and so we have opened up the way so that you can ask questions directly to them as well as request the very latest pictures that they have of the park itself. For La Vina it is and for La Posada it is it is fair to say that as residents themselves they will have all the answers from costs to lifestyle. If it is mobile home prices you are looking for then they can be found on the website.