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Posted on September 27, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2017

A true story: A resident on the park was suffering with pains in his chest and had put it down to trapped wind and indigestion. Despite taking something for indigestion (and having his back slapped a few times by his wife) the pain would not go away. In the end he decided to go to the local 24-hour medical centre to see if they could give him something stronger. He jumped into his car and drove to the centre to be met by the translator.

As soon as the translator saw him she pushed him ahead of the queue and insisted he saw the doctor straight away. It did not take the doctor long to realise that he was in fact having a heart attack. What happened next sums up the health service in Spain perfectly. They put him straight onto a stretcher and he was taken straight away to Antequera hospital by ambulance, with all lights flashing.

Once at the hospital a crash team were waiting and he went straight in for treatment. As soon as he was stable he was then transferred to a specialist hospital in Malaga where he was operated on in no time. Stents were inserted into the arteries using keyhole surgery. After surgery he was transferred to intensive care.

Now the good news. After a few days in intensive care he had recovered enough to go into a normal ward where he stayed for a week. Once back home he had to take it easy and rest so that he could get his strength back. Now a month on he is the picture of health and is once again enjoying life. Better still, because he does not drink or smoke, and is of a normal size, he did not have to give up anything after his operation.

>>> The operation/treatment was also free as he is retired <<<

Story part two: As with all heart attack stories the wife/husband/partner must also deal with the stress. In this case the park reception and park community were there for his wife. Friends and neighbours on the park were there to support her. The community spirit that we always talk about kicked in.

In many ways it also helped him recover as well because he knew she was in good hands whilst he was in hospital. She had company going to and from the hospital and of course all the support she needed on the park. In this case it is fitting that they experienced the support because they have supported many new residents to help them settle into the new lifestyle.

Living in a different country is all about having support when you need it. From the moment you arrive you are a fish out of water. In a matter of weeks however with the right support (from the park and new neighbours) you will be relaxed and living life to the full. Being registered with the doctors is a formality of course but it is nice to know that everything is in place should you ever need to use the Spanish health care system one day.

>>> Residents enjoy the community spirit and social life <<<

News from Spain: A new EUROPEAN regulation is to force Spanish pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate only in English.

The new rule has been put in place to improve air safety by reducing communication problems in European airports. However, Spanish pilots are now requesting that they are exempt from the rule so that they can continue to use Spanish only wherever possible.

The Ministry of Development in Spain is meeting with the pilots to discuss how it would be possible to incorporate both languages separately while still ensuring the highest levels of safety. The trade unions who represent the pilots and air traffic control workers have asked the government to put in a request to the EU so they can continue to use Spanish in certain circumstances and not just English.

In doing so the Spanish government has now been placed in a tricky position because Spain was one of the countries involved in drafting the new legislation. Officials pushing for these changes are also restricted as they must meet the deadlines set by the European Union for their proposal to be successful.

>>> Spain has some interesting news sometimes <<<

Ex-Pat: Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park bought himself a new pushbike recently. He bought it at the local big shopping centre for just 99 Euros. He had been watching his friend Eric cycle around the park for months now. Time to get some more exercise as well he thought, now that the weather was going to get cooler and he could exercise the dog at the same time.

So, the next day he joined Eric as he was getting on his bike and they set off. It had been years since Ex-Pat had ridden a bike but Eric was kind to him, he went at a leisurely pace. Ex-Pat was enjoying every moment as they cycled to the local village and back in the early morning sunshine. Once they were back on the park Ex-Pat suggested doing two laps around the park itself with the dog. He did no more than collect his dog, attach the lead to his handlebars and set off. It was quite a sight watching them going around the park with Eric on the left, Ex-Pat in the middle and the dog on the right. Lap one went without incident. The dog was by now also enjoying the experience.

Lap two however was a very different story. As they rounded Bill and Judith’s home their tom cat was startled and shot off the decking. Ex-Pat’s dog (who is as soppy as a sack) took that as a signal to race and so shot off to join him, just as Ex-Pat was applying the brakes.

The result of the dog shooting after the cat was that Ex-Pat’s handlebars went hard left, Ex-Pat went hard right and landed with a thump on the tarmac. His dog then carried on trying to catch up with the cat dragging the bike behind him. Now you must feel very sorry for Eric. He did not know whether to laugh, cry out or jump straight to Ex-Pat’s aid. However, upon seeing that Ex-Pat had in fact landed on his butt and was already cursing his dog his decision was made. He just stood astride his bike laughing his head off.

He was soon joined by Bill and Judith who had come out to see what all the commotion was all about. Ex-Pat upon seeing the three of them stood there with tears of laughter simply got up without saying a word and hobbled off home to apply a pack of frozen peas to his butt, knowing Eric would retrieve the dog and bike.

That night a slightly dented bike went up for sale on the notice board in the bar and Geoff got himself a bargain, he knocked Ex-Pat down to 50 Euros because it was scratched. Getting it for 50 Euros was probably helped by the fact that Ex-Pat never wanted to see the bike again.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him? <<<

Park News: Park La Posada have now completed their open-air Gym and it is a wonderful new addition to the park’s already 5-star facilities. Gentle exercise in the warm sunshine is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy at the same time. The next facility planned will be an indoor swimming pool which will then make the park the park to live on in Spain.

The other news is that visits to Paradise Park can also be combined to visits to the Park Lodge Factory in Alicante at the same time and for the same price of £79 per person to include airport transfers and hotel accommodation.

Park La Posada has also now become the show ground for the Park Lodge Home range on the Costa del Sol. The Reading and the San Jordi models are about to arrive on the park. That means we will have three show homes on the park soon.

>>> Use month view to select flights 4 days apart <<<

Factory news: The factory in Burgos have now almost completed their first Park Lodge Home for us “The Reading”. It is a very special home lovingly referred to by all involved in the design and build process as the “convertible”. It is a one-bedroom home that instantly converts into a two-bedroom home when the need arises.

Our in-house design team came up with the idea of incorporating a corner wardrobe into the lounge display unit. This is then matched with a corner unit in the kitchen in the opposite corner. The result is that the home looks and feels very spacious.

The office in the UK has now been issued with printed brochures for the Reading and if anyone would like to receive a printed brochure in the post simply reply to this newsletter giving us your name and postal address.

>>> Park Lodge means your home built as you want it. <<<

Finally: This newsletter has again gone out early so we can tell you about a brand-new Caravan/Mobile Home show in Exeter. The location is Crealy Adventure Park which is situated on the A3052 just a few minutes from Junction 30 on the M5. For your Sat-Nav, the postcode is EX5 1DR.

The show starts this Friday and finishes on Sunday the 1st of October. Entrance is free and there is also free parking.

Derick will be the one attending the show and there will be lots of homes on display. He will also be able to give details on how to visit the parks and of course suggest park is best to visit first. He can only do that once he meets you.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

**free when using UK landlines**

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