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Posted on March 31, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2015

** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Beaulieu Mobile Home Show: The reason this newsletter is being sent out a week early is because once again we are attending the Beaulieu mobile home show in the New Forest. For the benefit of newsletter subscribers, the show dates are this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 25th, 26th and 27th of September.

Martin & Steve will be there for us and once again they can be found at the Willerby new mobile homesdisplay. They will once again be offering the “FREE TRANSPORT” offer on a brand new Linear

They already know that quite a few people are going to the show and they will look forward to meeting them in person.

>>>The show is all about new mobile homes<<<

The lifestyle in the area: Following Park La Vina’s sudden decision in July not to allow us to show clients their park anymore because we were also showing them Park La Posada, we had to remove all the publicity and dedicated website material that we had for Park La Vina. A lot of publicity all about the park was then taken off the internet.

The result of us removing all that publicity means that we are now directing all website visitors to Park La Posada only in the Malaga/Antequera area, using our network of information websites.

However, what we were forced to do has had a knock on effect. It has highlighted and drawn a lot of attention to Park La Posada itself. As a result, we had a record number of visitors come to see La Posada during the month of August. It was the busiest August for showing visitors the park lifestyle since Costa Difference Ltd was formed nearly 10 years ago.

One of the main reasons for the increase in visitors is the fact that our dedicated full time website development team switched from the joint mobile home park projects they were working on at the time, to working with Posada Park management to update their website

The new up-to-date website was launched in the summer and is a huge success. Many visitors have said it was most helpful in their deciding to come with Costa Difference Ltd to visit the park and area.

Clients who came on a visit with us were also pleased to see that we have continued with our “residential park lifestyle visit” format and continued to show the location of Park La Vina in relation to all the other parks in the area. We also continued to show the local village of Mollina as well as the village of Alameda.

We will always show our clients the lifestyle, area and the locations of all the parks in the Antequera area. It is only a pity that inside Park La Vina itself cannot be shown by us at this time.

That said, everyone who visited the area with us during August were well impressed with what we did show them. The local area and villages is very Spanish and Park La Posada is indeed a 5* residential park.

>>>Come and see the lifestyle and the area<<<

Paradise Park: This wonderful park is at a disadvantage, in that it was all on its own as a dedicated residential park in the area. However, there is now something very special on offer which will make visiting the park very easy.

Just down the road from Paradise residential park is the luxury holiday resort complex of Marjal. It is a holiday paradise in both summer and winter. Costa Difference Ltd as part of us promoting Paradise Park, have now teamed up with a Spanish company and a German company to offer short and long stay holidays within the Marjal Holiday Resort. Two people can now enjoy a self-catering holiday for as little as 55€ per night. Ideal for short breaks to see the park and area. It is also possible to book discounted winter long stays.

For people wanting to make the very most of their visit to Paradise Park, this will be wonderful news. They can enjoy a wonderful holiday experience, as well as get to see Paradise Park and what that park offers in terms of location and lifestyle.

Take a look at the new website, once again created by our in-house website design team at the request of the Spanish and German companies, If what you see interests you, why not check out what the flights are going to cost you to Alicante?

Very soon, we will also have a dedicated website offering short and long stay holidays on the Costa del Sol. We are in negotiations now with a resort near Marbella. Malaga will be the nearest airport.

>>>Paradise Park has plots ready for new mobile homes<<<

Home of interest: We are starting a new feature this month. Trying to offer newsletter subscribers something special to look at. With all our “price alert” subscribers also on the newsletter list, it means for this month only we can combine the two. A price alert within the newsletter. After this it will be that special home.

So for this month, it is a special home and price alert. Soon to be added to the website is an Atlas Topaz 2 bedroom home. What makes this home special is that it has been modified and made open plan inside. The lounge and kitchen area now feels very spacious. Out has gone the bulky cooker and fireplace. The two in the original design were back to back. Out has also gone, the small and unpractical breakfast bar.

The changes made means there is no other home like it. It is now very light inside and offers a feeling of space normally reserved for larger and more expensive homes. This home with decking, leisure areas and much more will be going on sale for only £23,950


Take a look at the video and see what you think. If no picture is showing above, please copy and paste this link into your browser.

Being a quality resale mobile home, it is sited on Park la Posada and on a 200 sq mtr landscaped plot.

>>>You do not need spend a fortune living in Spain<<<

Health care in Spain: We get a lot of questions on the subject. To be fair we are not experts but we can offer some guidance.

If you are retired (or at least one is if a couple) or on long term sickness benefit, then the answer is easy. You can be registered with the local doctors and you are covered for Spanish State health care under the Form S1 from the UK.

If you are not eligible for state-run healthcare through any other means, the Spanish regional health authorities now offer a special pay-in scheme (convenio especial). This is a public health insurance scheme available nation-wide, where you pay a monthly fee to access the state-run healthcare. The scheme is managed by each autonomous region.

Policy holders pay on an individual basis for access to public healthcare, regardless of any pre-existing conditions, and the cover is for anywhere in Spain.

The basic monthly fee is 60€ for the under 65s. However, prescriptions are not subsidised at this rate so you would have to pay 100% of prescription costs.

For those wanting a higher level of health care with no pre medical conditions, we rely on a company called ASSSA here in Spain. Their representative in the Benalmadena office is Susanne, and she will be the person who will advise anyone who would like some idea as to private health care costs here in Spain.

For more information or to get a quote from Susanne, go to the article about the company on  There is a contact form on the article page as well to get your confidential quote.

>>>Europe is changing the way health care is paid for<<<

Forward planning: With us attending the Beaulieu New Mobile Homes Show this weekend, it means that for us autumn is on the doorstep and winter fast approaching. Why is that significant? Autumn is always a busy time for us. We have lots of visits booked in October already. Flights are reasonable and the weather still very good. The first 2 weeks of November are also great for finding low cost flights.

For us however, it does not matter when you visit. We only charge £69 per person for a 4 day 3 night visit including airport transfers and hotel accommodation no matter what time of year you come. That is why, it is even more satisfying when low cost flights fit in perfectly for a 4 day break in Spain.

Why not try it yourself? See what can you find in early November? If you are due to retire sometime next year, then that is exactly what you should do. See Spain when wall to wall sunshine is not guaranteed. You will be getting a true impression then.

>>>Winter sunshine is great for Arthritis<<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle, it is not all about life on the park. For that reason, why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain.

For this month, we are using two Spanish words you will hear all the time. “Hasta luego” , pronounced ASTA (the H is never pronounced in Spanish) LU-WAY-GO.

The luego is pronounced all together as if saying three words at the same time.

Why will you hear it all the time? The Spanish use it for “see you later”. Or “see you” as in leaving. You will also use it a lot when living here.

>>> The lifestyle is great, so why not try a few words in Spanish <<<

Finally: A funny thing happened only last week. Martin was with two very nice clients on a one day visit to see Park La Posada, whilst they were in Spain on holiday. He had collected them from their hotel in Fuengirola.

During the visit seeing the park and area, he was thenb asked how easy it would be to get from Fuengirola to Antequera Santa Ana station by train on the Sunday. Reason for the journey he was told was so that they could come back and see Park Saydo mobile home park.

Martin told them that a bus might be easier except that not many buses run on a Sunday. It was then that he had a bright idea. They were going to be passing Park Saydo anyway on the way back to their hotel in Fuengirola.

What he did next was phone Steve in the office to see if he could make some calls and try and set something up, that afternoon, so that the clients could visit Park Saydo on their way back and not have to struggle getting there by train on the Sunday.

Steve did what Steve does best. He arranged it. At 3pm Martin and the clients were met outside Park Saydo main gate by the park representatives. Martin then disappeared on his own for an hour. He popped into Antequera just down the road. After refuelling the car (Antequera has the cheapest fuel in the area) and enjoying a cup of coffee, he went back to Park Saydo and collected his clients. They were over the moon at having seen the park and no longer had to try and catch a train on the Sunday.

So you can see. Not every visit to the park and area is the same. It also means Steve now knows who to call should anyone else ever want to do the same. Park Saydo, of course, has nothing to do with Costa Difference but the location of the park has always been shown as part of our park lifestyle visit. That is what is most important for us as a company. Showing exactly what there is in the area.

To plan your lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read all this. We hope you have found the information worthwhile.

Kind regards,

The Costa Difference team in Spain