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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Oct 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Rain in Spain: Newsletter subscribers still living in the UK (we have newsletter subscribers living all over the world) know all about rain, they have seen nothing but all over the so called British summer. What makes it interesting though is the complete contrast here in Spain.

The other day it rained for the very first time in months on the Costa del Sol, the difference? It was welcomed to begin with. Everything became fresh again and what was even funnier was to watch the local children in the village playing in the pouring rain and really enjoying themselves. They thought it was fantastic.

However, as seen in the news in some parts of Malaga it was too much rain in one go and flooding was a problem. Spain as a whole is not prepared for such a heavy downpour. The park however is, thanks to the way the roads have been constructed to direct all surface water to a huge rain soak away.

Flooding will never be a problem the residents have to worry about.

Weather or whether? The question is a very good example of the fact that the English language is as crazy as the Spanish language. How about the question whether you should move to Spain just because of the better weather?

As daft as it may seem that is the main reason why many people like the idea of living in Spain in the first place. It is not however the main reason why so many people actually get to own a home in Spain. It is much more complex than that. After talking to some of the residents you will soon see that for yourselves. There are many reasons for living in Spain.

The weather is of course the main reason some own a home in Spain so that they can enjoy long winter breaks and holidays. As soon as they are fed up with the weather back home they start looking for cheap flights. A few hours later and bingo, things are much brighter.

Homes from as little as 17,000 means that it is very possible to own a home in Spain well in advance of actually retiring, meaning that everything is in place for when retirement does happen.

Happy birthday Google: Google was 14 years old on the 27th of September and we can honestly say it is thanks to them so many people have found out all about Park La Posada and of course the mobile home retirement park lifestyle. One would think that because of the internet with its search engines and video presentations it has meant that most visitors arrive on the park with a very good idea already what to expect. At least you would have thought so.

Not so in reality. Wow is heard on many occasions along with I had no idea it was as good as this . The internet is restricted in that it is impossible to present a feel for the park. That is created by the residents themselves and there is no way we can bottle it. It has to be felt in situ. It is the main reason why visits to the park itself can never be replaced by anything like Google.

So, again, Happy Birthday Google and thanks for telling surfers that there is an alternative to retiring in the UK that is worth going to take a look at.

Council tax: There is no separate council tax to pay on the park unlike in the UK. The park fees are simply that. To cover all the facilities the park has to offer as well as maintaining the park to such a high standard. It is the main reason why the facilities on the park increase year on year yet the park fees have remained the same.

The park itself is owned by a local Spanish family who like nothing more than to see their residents enjoy their new homes and of course retirement location. Residents become part of their family every Christmas when the Brothers invite all the residents to their Christmas party in the social centre. Spanish food, wine and beer are presented along with true Spanish hospitality.

There are several people right now completing their purchases who will have the Christmas Party to look forward to. Before that however they have one of the best months to enjoy, October. As good as May in that it is not too hot and yet very pleasant to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

Relocation: Moving mobile homes from the UK to Spain is not a cheap exercise. It costs thousands of pounds depending on the size of the home. New homes or relocated homes all have to pay the same costs in transportation.

Gone are the days when lots of mobile homes are transported over the English channel. Not so however if the home is already in Spain. Homes that are already in Spain or better still on the Costa del Sol have been moved onto Park La Posada cheaply and easily.

It is for that reason relocated homes have replaced new mobile homes as reasons to prepare for a home arriving on the park. Better run and managed parks are becoming a magnet for Ex-Pats who are disillusioned with their present retirement location. It is the real advantage in owning a mobile home . It is just that, mobile.

Admittedly you do not simply just attach it to a 4×4, it is after all 40 foot long and weighs up to six tons in some cases. But it is mobile and with the right equipment and trained staff it can be moved onto a better location. We at Costa Difference have both access to the right equipment and of course very experienced staff.

What about the resale mobile homes? OK, so we do not bang on about the homes themselves or all the extras that are in place, guilty as charged. However in our defence we do not need to. The homes themselves are not the reason why so many people come and take a look at the park. They are here to see the park first and foremost. It is the park and lifestyle that visitors have to fall in love with first.

It is for that reason any kind of hard sell is pointless. Steve, along with Peter and Jean, act more as tour guides rather than time share salespersons. Showing homes only adds to the visit experience. In many cases it is when the second wow is heard as they are telling visitors what is included. So, for newsletter subscribers who would like more information about any particular home please reply to this newsletter with the ref numbers of any homes they are interested in. That is the best way to get more home specific information.

Finally: Tongue in cheek time for the author of this month s newsletter, one of the perks attached to the task. Most of us who are living in Spain have enjoyed watching a top member of the coalition government squirm because he was supposed to have called a policeman a pleb . At the same time we have seen week in and week out on the UK news real criminals getting away with murder and only getting a slap on the wrist. Some even fought with the Police during their arrest let alone calling them plebs.

So, if anyone living in Spain or is planing to live in Spain thinks they would like to call a Policeman a pleb over here, we have two things to say should you try it on with a Spanish Policeman, 1), he will not understand you and 2), he is the one with the gun.

A crime of pleb calling does not exist in Spain.

For those who are coming to visit us in October we look forward to welcoming you soon, and for those looking for flights and holidays right now please give Derick a ring first on 0117 318 2188 to give him some heads up on any dates that are being considered. He is our visitor traffic control operator. That is when he can drag himself away from watching all the Party Political Conferences on television these days.

We know for sure that following this newsletter he will soon protest that a) he does not have any interest in politics whatsoever and b) he does not have time to watch the television. He will also moan that he is the only one who does not get work in the sunshine. He should not really moan about that though because the company does give him a “fake sun tan cream” allowance every month.