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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2009

Oct2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

As we are composing this newsletter it is raining for the first time in many months and as strange as it may seem everyone here living in Spain is welcoming it. Unusually it is set to last for 3 days and then it is back again to wall to wall sunshine. We have put this information into the newsletter to show the difference in lifestyle we have here in Spain because we could never imagine anyone in the UK being glad that it is raining for a few days. For us here without doubt in a few days time everything will have a fresher feel to it.

On the subject of lifestyle we have also seen a rise in the number of residents owning motor homes and caravans as well as their mobile homes. Because there are so many interesting places only a few hours drive from Antequera (including Portugal) it does make a lot of sense, and the freedom caravans and motor homes gives them means that short breaks can easily be arranged at short notice.

Moving on, we have been asked a few times in September what does many extras really mean when we are advertising resale mobile homes. To answer this we are now going to list the extras that are included in the sale of an Atlas Heritage mobile home on Park La Posada and next month we will do the same with a home on sale on Park La Vi a.

Just take a look at the following:



Microwave Toaster, 2 Saucepans- 2 Frying pans 1 Wok 2 cake tins -1 Tin opener 1 set kitchen tools

6 each of Dinner plates, tea plates, soup dishes, 1 meat plate, 1 vegetable dish , 6 glass fruit dishes and large bowl

6 each knives, forks, dessert spoons, teaspoons, 1 bread knife, 1 vegetable knife, 1 cheese knife

4 Kitchen jars (for rice etc) 7 mugs, cream coffee set of cups, saucers, sugar and milk jug and Coffee pot

2 Trays and holder for foil, cling film etc. 4 Tea towels, 1 table cloth and napkins


1 TV (27 HD ready) 1 Digi box and card for UK TV, Also connected to Spanish TV – 1 DVD player – 1 CD player

1 Rug, 4 white and 1 green table lamp, 1 pot plant(artificial) 1 small 3 drawer chest

1 Panasonic radio telephone 6 Wine glasses 6 water glasses 1 bottle opener

I air Conditioning unit hot/cold


1 computer desk and chair, 2 bookcases, Internet D Link equipment 1 oil filled radiator. 1 off 3 drawer chest – small desk fan.


1 flat wall heater


2 Small 3 drawer chests 1 flat wall heater

1 set of double bed linen in cream 1 top and bottom sheet, 4 pillows and pillowcases, 1 duvet and cover.


Garden Shed, washing machine and fridge/freezer within

IN GAZEBO – 1 wooden table, 2 wooden carver type chairs and 4 wooden folding chairs.

Next to gazebo – 1 tall grey plastic storage cupboard inc garden waste vacuum cleaner.

On decking – 1 green plastic table and 6 chairs. 2 wooden armchairs and settee with cushions, wooden coffee table

1 dark green plastic chest. 2 TODO blinds in yellow. One each end of decking to keep out rain and wind

Assorted pot plants including 1 orange and 1 lemon tree, grape vine and plants in front garden.

1 rotary washing line.


All the above is included in the sale which means that resale mobile homes really are great value for money. Tom on Park La Vi a and Peter on Park La Posada will be happy to e-mail the list of extras for any homes that are on their parks. Simply e-mail the request and give them the home reference number.

Finally, now that October is upon us and the school holidays are well and truly over we look forward to meeting everyone who have already booked their short sight seeing visits this month taking advantage of the low cost flights that are once again available. We would like to remind everyone that our meeting point at Malaga airport is at the entrance of the Golf Cafe which is on the left of the main arrivals hall.