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Posted on October 31, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2017

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Brexit put in its place: Britons living in Spain will not have their lives “disrupted” after Brexit – even if there is no UK-EU deal, the Spanish foreign minister said on the 22nd of October.

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis went out of his way on UK TV to reassure the 300,000 Britons already living in Spain. In his words “If there is no deal we will make sure that the lives of British citizens who are living in Spain is not disrupted”. He also added “the relationship between the UK and Spain is a very close one in terms of economic relations and social exchanges”.

He also went on to say that there are over 17 million British people coming to Spain every year and many go on to live or retire in Spain as well. As a result, the Spanish Government want to keep it that way as much as possible in the future. He clearly went out of his way to keep Spain as the top holiday/retirement destination for British citizens in Europe.

He has also confirmed what we have been saying since Brexit began. It is why Spain is issuing “Residencia” permits to all the new residents coming to live on the parks right now. They just do not see why that system should change in any way before or after Brexit.

That is not only good news for everyone still living in the UK wanting to retire to the sunshine in the future. It is also good news for the 1000’s of businesses that are benefiting from having lots of retired British citizens living in their villages. The villages of Alameda and Albatera love having the British living in their communities and they will be reassured most of all. The British residents on both parks have taken to the Spanish culture and lifestyle with enthusiasm and that is what has made the difference.

>>> If only a Spaniard was in charge of the Brexit negotiations <<<

Downsizing works a treat: With house prices on the rise again in the UK now is a very good time to downsize and move to Spain to live in a Mobile or Park home on a residential park. In doing so you will enjoy a relaxed quality of life both socially and weather wise plus have money in the bank to enjoy your retirement. Downsizing also works for those who have yet to reach retirement age because it simply means they can retire early. Mobile and Park homes are great value and of course it does not matter if you buy a new or resale.

So, what is involved? The obvious first step is to get the house valued and ask the agent what time frame they think it would take from marketing the home to selling the home. If they say it will sell quickly then hold fire putting it on the market giving you time to book a park visit first. You will need to know if moving to Spain is for you before selling your home. If they think it would take months, then you can get the ball rolling and simply plan a visit at a time to suit you 100%.

The advantage of having a park visit under your belt means you can put more in place over the phone or by e-mail should your sale suddenly become a reality. Reserve a plot for a new home in the future for example, or get us to hold a resale home that you are interested in until you can get back out to see the home itself. We can only do all that for someone who has already been out on a visit.

Downsizing for retirement is not a unique concept but it will always be a lot easier if done in a way that allows you to stay in control every step of the way. Only having to put down a 10% deposit on a home is the key. That makes it very easy to time both the sale in the UK and the purchase here in Spain to perfection. Resales and show homes allow you to do just that.

>>> Residents enjoy the community spirit and social life <<<

More news from Spain: The biggest news from Spain is all about the Catalan push for independence from Spain. What makes this very different from the Scottish politicians push for independence is that any referendum attempt does not have the backing of the state. Spain is very much against it and will block any attempt. The referendum held recently holds no significance in law it seems.

That said nothing about the internal dispute between Catalan and Spain will affect the autonomous regions that the parks are in. They are well removed from any attempt at independence. Park La Posada is in the region of Andalucia in the south of the country and Paradise Park is in the south of the Valencia region. Park La Posada is 828 kms (514 miles) from the nearest town in the Catalan region and Paradise Park is 439 kms (272 miles) from the Catalan region as well and so both will be firmly in Spain no matter what happens.

For anyone wishing to have a better idea of the distances involved here is an interesting fact, London is 326 miles from Scotland. That shows just how big Spain is.

>>> Spain has some interesting news sometimes <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park was in town at the big Carrefour shopping centre one day doing his weekly shop. Ex-Pat has never really liked shopping in the past but now it is very different. He can enjoy a Tapas lunch upstairs in one of the restaurants as soon as he had finished. So, as soon as he had loaded his car he went back inside to choose which restaurant he will enjoy lunch on this visit. He always uses a cool box in the back of his car for the items that need to go into the fridge once he gets home which meant there was no rush as usual.

What made this trip so different was that he heard the two-people sat on the table next to him speaking English. Being a social person, he said, “good afternoon” to them thinking that perhaps they were tourists due to the lack of a sun tan. It turned out however after a few minutes chatting that they were in fact new residents on a different mobile home park in the area. They had only been on their park for a week and were still very unsure of themselves. Ex-Pat then set about putting their minds at ease telling them how much support he had enjoyed when he first arrived on his park and that he was happy to assist them in any way he could.

In no time at all Ex-Pat was enjoying their company and clearly, they were enjoying his, so much so they asked him to join them at their table. Lunch was then spent with them asking lots of questions and Ex-Pat answering what he could. How to test a car in Spain was one easy question as he had done it himself recently. At the end of the meal they shared the bill and swapped phone numbers, although they still had a UK one.

The following week they met again at the shopping centre and he helped them get a Spanish sim card for their mobile phone which was unlocked. They could do so now because they now had their NIE number. They had used the translator that Ex-Pat had suggested who lives in the village that their park is in. By now Tom, his wife Barbara and Ex-Pat had become friends and once again they enjoyed a nice lunch together. He told them that was next looking forward to taking them out for the day and showing them all the lakes in the area once they had settled in fully.

What happened next however took the wind right out of Ex-Pats sails.

During lunch he had finally got around to asking them where they had lived in the UK. It turned out they used to live no more than five streets away from where he used to live. They even used to use the same taxi driver who was Ex-Pats neighbour. The discussion then switched from what to look forward to in Spain to what they had enjoyed in the past whilst living in the same town.

Lunch seemed to last forever that day because everyone was enjoying themselves. By the end of the afternoon Ex-Pat could not wait to get back to the park to tell all his friends what had happened. His circle of friends had now increased by two and he knew for sure that his new friends would meet everyone else on his park for sure one day. Perhaps it was time for one of his famous BBQ’s.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him? <<<

Park News: Park La Posada acting as the Park Lodge Home show ground for the Costa del Sol region has worked a treat. Visitors could see the quality of the Park Lodge Home build themselves prior to visiting the factory in Alicante if they went on and decided to order one to be custom built. It also meant that they also had the option to buy the show home itself saving money as the show homes come with free transportation. Indeed, the Windsor Park Lodge Home show home was sold in October. The new owners were able to request certain design changes to the kitchen units free of charge plus order a dishwasher to be installed which of course was very easy for us to arrange.

On Paradise Park however there is no need to have a Park Lodge Home show ground because it is so close to the factory in Alicante. However, they do have one on show as a show home. It is a Spanish show home designed by the factory themselves for the Spanish market. Their show home is again perfect for us to show visitors to Paradise Park, so they can see the build quality. The home is not a Windsor or a Thatcham in design, but it is a quality built home. Combining a Paradise Park visit with a factory visit at the same time is perfect and both can be done during the four-day three-night visit costing £79 per person. Remember it will be Alicante that you fly in and out of.

>>> Remember you need to fly to Alicante for factory visits <<<

Factory news: The factory in Burgos have now completed their first Production Lodge Home for us “The Reading” and it is already on show on Park La Posada. The reaction to the one-bedroom convertible to two bedroom concept design has been along two lines. For people who require a second bedroom for regular visitors the home is not suitable. For people who only need a second bedroom only now and again love the idea. It is also the perfect home for single residents.

So, what is the difference between a Production lodge and a Park Home Lodge? Park Home Lodges are custom built in Alicante and clients can have the home designed and built exactly as they want it in terms of design and layout as well as colours and materials. It also means that there is a problem with the home after installation on the park the factory is able to send a team to carry out any repairs/adjustments.

Production Lodges are different as they are built in the factory in Burgos and are built to a set design and quality that is fixed. The Reading design is of course one of our designs with the colours and materials chosen in advance between the factory design team and our design team.

The Windsor model for example is a great example of a Custom-Built Park Lodge Home and the Reading model is the first ever Production Lodge Home. Both types of Lodge homes can be seen on park La Posada. We have now ordered a 2018 model Windsor and that will be on the park in early next year.

>>> Park Lodge means your home built as you want it. <<<

Finally: Following the two mobile home shows in September in Hull and Beaulieu we can report that the most popular Willerby Homes model being considered for Spain was the Avonmore. With French Doors to the front it allows for a great decking area to be built as an extension to the lounge. The open plan design also made the home feel very spacious.

Following the two shows, we now have two park visits booked to see the parks with the Avonmore home in mind. This is great because when looking at new plots it will be easy to get a plot with the best aspect for the home.

With the design changes made by Willerby for 2018 we are recommending that all the homes are bought with Canexel cladding on the outside which does not react to the heat in the summer. On Park La Posada the Avonmore is just over £40,000 fully installed with the Canexel upgrade. On Paradise Park there is a 4000 Euro entrance and installation fee on top of the £40,000.

The iconic Willerby Vogue on the other hand has now been removed by us as an option to buy for Spain. This is because the recent design changes now make the Vogue unsuitable for Spain unfortunately. Black window frames and doors absorb the heat in the summer and causes expansion. The Willerby Linear on the other hand is now more suitable following the small design changes made to that model.

Our inside knowledge about what features are best in a home for Spain makes the UK shows we attend well worth doing. We can explain the pros and cons of all the Willerby models as well as pass on all the lifestyle information.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

**free when using UK landlines**

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