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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Nov 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

What a difference in the weather: First we would like to say that our hearts go out to everyone affected by the terrible storms that have hit the UK this week. Seeing the devastation on TV (all homes have satellite connected) meant many residents logged into Skype to speak to relatives in the hardest hit areas. Minds were soon put at rest and of course they had plenty to talk about.

This time of year normally the weather makes a difference to the residents on Park La Posada and Park La Vina for a totally different reason. Shorts are usually replaced by trousers and the swimming pool becomes the community winter sun bathing area rather than the residents fun and leisure pool as the temperatures drop. However this October has been very special with temperatures well into the higher 20s all month which means it is still shorts and tee shirt weather. It is also worth knowing that throughout the whole year residents can still get their daily dose of Vitamin D from the sunshine. Sunshine does not just lift the spirits it also has health benefits as well.

The health benefits of an extended summer are also felt by those who suffer with arthritis. Once the cold weather arrives in the UK arthritis sufferers there tend to stay in doors which cuts down the amount of exercise they take as well as ratcheting up the fuel bills. Not so on the parks, it can still feel quite warm during the day in the sunshine and only gets chilly at night. Walking around during the day means arthritis sufferers are still getting some exercise as well as maintaining their social life. Talking about exercise, it can take some residents up to an hour to take their rubbish from their home to the bin situated outside the park some mornings, not because they have difficulty in walking but down to the fact they get chat to everyone they meet if they want to.

Best of all worlds: One visitor recently who has been living on his own in the UK for the past two years wondered if he could arrange it so he can be living in Spain yet still keeps his house in the UK. He saw that if he was able to buy a home on the park with everything already in place (he was looking at one costing 19,000) he only had to find 346 a month in order to be able to live here with the park taking care of him as it was going to be the first time in his life he would be living abroad. During his visit he had already seen that he would enjoy the park lifestyle after chatting to some residents in the bar and of course the better weather.

After returning to the UK he got in touch with his local letting agents and was surprised to learn that his home could be easily and safely rented out for 550 per month which is equal to 630 a month. After adding his pension to that amount he saw that he could easily live here. He also realised that there was also one other big advantage to coming to Spain, he would no longer be living on his own. That is because one thing is guaranteed once living on a dedicated retirement park like La Posada and La Vina everyone would soon have lots of new friends to keep them company.

New mobile homes: Park La Posada is the place to have one and Willerby UK is the company that has been chosen for the free entry and free connection offer they are currently running. The new Villa Deluxe model is particularly exciting as it is a centre lounge model which is perfect if you intend to have visitors staying (everyone has some privacy) as well as being priced at only 27,873.58 excluding transport. BCT transporters will quote separately for transportation at the time in order to get the best price.

The Willerby web site also includes homes made under the BK Bluebird banner and a BK Bluebird Sheraton was the last home to be installed on the park. Willerby are based in Hull and for all new homes ordered after October 31st Costa Difference Ltd will arrange for clients to visit Hull and inspect their new homes at the factory after manufacture and prior to the new mobile home being transported to Spain.

This initiative is a new idea following feedback we have received and is arranged so that the client can see that the home is perfect for them in every way before it leaves the factory. We will also give the clients 200 at that stage to cover costs in going to inspect their new home. We say their new home because with us our clients own the new mobile home the moment it is made and ready to be shipped to Spain.

Working with Willerby Homes, BCT transport and Park La Posada means our clients never have to pay in full up front. They pay for each element as it becomes due. First payment is the deposit on the home to book the manufacturing slot. After that the balance of the home is paid in full once the home has been manufactured and is ready to leave the factory. The transport element is then paid once YOUR home is booked to travel. There is nothing else to pay after that and the home is then fully installed free of charge here in Spain.

Lifestyle: Each month we try and give readers a little lifestyle information from pets to cars and a lot more besides. This month it is the all about the receptions provided by each park and the wonderful staff who run them. They are not only there for the admin and overall management of each park but they are also there to assist the residents with anything and everything.

That service being provided in a different country with a different language is priceless. Well managed parks are of course essential as far as maintaining the community spirit on each park goes but helping to solve any kind of problem one way or another makes living in Spain so much easier. The system only works with dedicated retirement parks because all the residents are there to enjoy life first and foremost and of course the management want to keep it that way. That is why the park reception is so important.

The receptions on the joint camping/mobile home parks along the coast however have to look after the camp site element of the park with campers coming and going on a daily basis as well as residents who happen to live there all the time. Clearly there are different rules and services for each aspect of the park whereas on a dedicated retirement park the rules and level of service is the same for every resident. The overall aim of a dedicated residential park is to have a settled community of like minded residents who are living in Spain to enjoy the better weather and the more relaxed lifestyle that comes with it.

Park La Posada and Park La Vina: Having sold quite a few homes on both parks this year we can say that it is always down to the visitor as to which park they prefer. Many clients of course just visit to see the parks but all leave with one park in mind if returning one day to seriously look at the homes for sale is on the agenda.

Costa Difference Ltd is the only company in Spain that can show you both these wonderful parks at the same time which means you get to compare the parks in real time. This is very useful because being the only two dedicated* retirement mobile home parks on the Costa del Sol it is important that both parks and their villages are not only seen during the same visit but the differences between the parks and villages are given full consideration.
(*residents only facilities plus an established expat retired community)

Team news: Martin having spent the last two years (in semi retirement) living near Alicante and only coming back for the two Spanish Experience weeks this year has decided that not only are the winters simply colder where he is living but following what happened during the May Spanish Experience week this year he saw that he was needed back here on the Costa del Sol taking a more active role once again.

Now that he is back he will be looking after our OPTION THREE (enjoy a holiday in Torremolinos or Benalmadena) clients. He will be in and out of Malaga airport so many times we might have to get him an annual parking ticket. He will also soon get to know backwards the way to every hotel in the two resorts as visitors escape the British winter weather and spend some quality time in Spain. Full details on all the different ways we can help visitors to come and see the parks and area can be found on the web site.

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life) so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain which as you already know begins as soon as they exit the park. There is of course no waiting to board a plane or have their hand luggage checked to see if it is 1cm too big or 1 gram too heavy so that the airlines can charge extra.

For this month the chosen words are De Nada . Literally translated it means Of Nothing . However, the Spanish use it all the time to mean you are welcome or as no trouble . The cafe owner bringing your coffee to your table and you saying gracias will almost certainly result in a smile and de nada . To the Spanish the English are so polite.

Finally: Nearly every visitor on a first visit to the parks and area is told by us in the beginning that the mobile homes themselves are not the important factor when first thinking about retiring to Spain. It is the park they are sited on that needs proper consideration more than the homes themselves at that stage. The parks are offering facilities, security and a lifestyle rather than just homes to live in. The villages near both parks offer totally different Spanish ways of life, modern and traditional. The only thing the parks and villages have 100% in common is the sunshine and the relaxed way of life.

So, a visit is always simply a visit. A time to ask us and residents lots of questions. A chance to see if the two retirement parks are as good as we say they are. More to the point, if you are able to do just that whilst enjoying a holiday in Spain at the same time then you will have the best of both worlds and of course we are here to assist you in any way.