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Nov 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

New arrivals: October was a busy month with homes relocating from both the UK as well as from parks in Spain. Four have now been sited onto phase 2B which is where the last 14 plots were planned. For the park it meant they had to step up a gear and get the phase finished sooner than they had expected. True to tradition they soon got cracking and all the homes were installed with all the facilities. Their ability to get things done is why La Posada is such a fantastic park.

Old tax returns: After suspending the wealth tax a few years ago the Spanish government reintroduced it again this year. It means once again property owners have to declare the value of their property and pay a wealth tax if it is over a certain value. The good news is that owners of mobile homes are not affected in any way and owners do not have to employ anyone to complete a wealth tax return. Owning a mobile home in Spain remains to this day very uncomplicated.

Winter in Spain: With the weather in the UK so unpredictable more and more people are now looking at the idea of having a winter home in Spain. Once again mobile homes are perfect. There are no security issues at all when the home is unoccupied. Having a home with everything in place means that in many cases it is simply a matter of booking some cheap flights and arriving here with just hand luggage. What is more amazing is that even in the UK it is almost impossible to find a mobile home on a first class park for sale for 20,000. To be able to buy one in Spain for that amount is perfect.

Sub letting explained: As with all top residential parks there is a no subletting rule. This is so that owners are comfortable knowing who their neighbours are and that they will not have holiday makers next door every two weeks. This is another reason why your home is more secure whilst you are away. The same can not be said for camp sites of course where there are always people coming and going.

The good news however is that owners are allowed to offer the use of their home to friends and family. This is again perfect for those who want to use their mobile home as a winter home because during the rest of the year friends and family can come and enjoy the park, facilities and of course Andalucia and the Costa del Sol.

Nearly new resales: The headline resale mobile homes on the park will always be the homes for sale around the 25,000 mark. However, it is also worth pointing out that there are also a few top of the range nearly new mobile homes for sale. These include a Cambrian Millbrook which is a large modern mobile home and of course the very stylish Willerby Vogue.

As with all our Inspection Visits there is no pressure and no obligation whatsoever so it is always nice when a visitor arrives with some reference numbers in hand of the homes they would like to see inside. The owners do not mind showing their homes at all. It makes our job so much easier because we can then show the homes that are of some interest and then spend most of our time showing the park and area as well as answering the questions as usual. As most visits are not about buying a mobile home but rather a visit to gather all the facts we think that being able to see different value homes is ideal because it shows what you can get for your money.

Community centre: If only every town and village in the UK had one. It is the heart of the community. The residents have a very big say in what is arranged and what facilities are provided there. In the summer its main function is a pool bar and caf and in the winter it is the place where it is all happening. Residents can take part in as much or as little as they like. Birthday parties and anniversaries are also celebrated there. It is one of the main reasons we say that making new friends on La Posada is so easy.

Being such a well designed place it offers everything, a quiet place for a chat and a drink, a chance to sit outside and enjoy a meal in the sunshine or watch a live big match on the big screen if that is what you enjoy. Whatever is going on it can do so without stopping anyone wanting to do something else. It is one of the reasons it is such a success. More solutions to small problems are found in the community centre than any where else and of course Sandy (one of the very first residents) who looks after the bar knows everyone and soon makes new residents very welcome.

Question asked this month: Will my television work in Spain? Yes is the answer if it comes with a satellite receiver and NOT a set top freeview box. You can buy satellite receivers here if you do not have one. If however you can not find the remote control or you have broken it getting it here do not worry because there is a great website that supplies new remote controls here in Spain as well

Finally: A pre Christmas visit in November is a sure way to ensure there is a very interesting topic to talk about over dinner Christmas day. If anyone would like any help in arranging one please call the UK office on 0117 318 2188 and ask for Derick. He has helped arrange many visits and he is also the one who books the team member in Spain for any visit and of course the hotel.

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