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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2010

Nov 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Busy month in October for the team: October was as expected a very busy month for the team, especially Steve who not only looked after visitors who were on their fact finding visits but also a relocation of a mobile home onto Park La Posada at the same time. Although the park that the home came from was not far from Park La Posada he still had to make sure that everything slotted into place. The transport company soon had the home moved and the staff on La Posada were on hand to oversee the installation. Steve is now an expert on relocating mobile homes and being able to speak Spanish means that he can solve almost any problem. He can also get the best quotes out of the Spanish transporters.

Relocating mobile homes from one park to another used to be almost impossible as most parks tended to only want new homes on them. With phase 2B on Posada now ready it has been agreed that up to 6 homes can now be relocated from either different parks in Spain or from the UK. Great for those who already own a home and wish it was on a park as good as La Posada.

Buyorsellmobilehomes: is a website maintained by us for people who wish to sell their mobile homes without using the services of a company such as ourselves. Having our own company website designer means we can offer facilities such as to help people sell their mobile homes in the UK, Spain, France or Portugal.

We have done this because our service here in Spain is all about dedicated retirement parks and as there are only two retirement parks that are good enough for us to offer clients it means that there are a lot of mobile homes for sale in the Antequera region that can never be added to our main company website. Clients lucky enough to have a home for sale on Park La Vina or Park La Posada know that their parks are being shown by us to many visitors as top examples of what a retirement mobile home park should be like.

New bowling green: The new bowling green on La Posada is almost ready. The residents have already formed a Bowls Club and are already playing as visitors on other bowling greens on the Costa del Sol. It will be a very good asset on the park once it is completed. Like everything else on the park it will be top quality.

Park La Vina: Being the more established of the two parks as far as trees and plants go is now looking very colourful. The park is also the more relaxed as far as rules and regulations are concerned and many of the residents will tell you how good the community spirit is on the park. La Vina is ideal for those who do not intend to drive in Spain as everything is in easy walking distance of the park itself.

What will 2011 bring?: With the increase in VAT and all the cutbacks that have been announced so far many people are coming to the conclusion that owning a mobile home in Spain is a very safe alternative to living in the UK. In the past it used to be the far better weather that made people want to live in Spain. Now it is the economic situation and the levels of crime that are being seen in many areas in the UK.

By living on a dedicated mobile home park in Spain new residents soon settle in and realise how easy it was to change their lifestyle completely. All the paperwork required to live in Spain is done automatically. We do not need to give that part of our service a fancy name as it has been part of our service as standard for many years now. The big difference is that all costs involved are now taken care of by the parks.

What is also useful for new residents is that the language barrier is taken down straight away and so not knowing one single word of Spanish is not a problem. The park office deals with everything Spanish and with all the other residents being British it means that only English is spoken on the parks themselves. It takes moments to leave the UK atmosphere of the park behind as the main gate closes and to be in real Spain. Many residents enjoy doing just that. If it was possible to go from the centre of Reading in the UK to real Spain in the same length of time we would soon be out of business.

Holidays and viewing the parks: There are now quite a few people who have booked a holiday in Torremolinos and Benalmadena during January and February next year and have booked their one day viewing trip to see the parks and of course get a better understanding of what it is all about. The beauty of doing it this way is that as part of a well deserved winter break it makes sense to take a day out and get a much clearer picture in the mind as to what the parks are really like. Fortunately we are able to conduct 3 visits to the parks at the same time so arranging a day out is very easy to do. On your chosen day you are collected from your hotel in either Torremolinos or Benalmadena at 10.30 am and taken inland to real Spain. The countryside around Antequera is so very different to that on the coast. Many visitors remark on how green everything looks and that is down to the micro climate that exists there.

Resale homes: Visitors on their day trips out are also shown one or two of the empty resale mobile homes just so that they get some idea as to what good value they are. By using the empty homes it means that those who have never seen inside a modern mobile home will get a better idea as to what they would want to see if in the future a dedicated Inspection Visit was to be taken. We find that if visitors have some ideas before they arrive on their 3 day 2 night visits we are able to focus the visit in such a way that they get to see exactly what they were hoping to see. For more information on the day trips or 3 day planned visits Derick is on hand on 0117 318 2188

Question asked this month: What are the vets like? The answer is they are great. They speak English and the pet owners know that the vet is as good as any in the UK. The parks welcome pet owners although there are rules as to how they are kept on the park itself. Both parks have great dog walking areas around the parks.

Useful lifestyle information: The village markets are unlike any found down by the coast. They are there for the locals. Fresh food and very cheap clothing is what most Spanish people go to them for. For market lovers it is possible to visit a market in the local area three days a week.

Finally: With the onset of winter in the UK it is very easy to forget just how different the two climates are. We have quite a few visitors arrive in Spain forgetting to bring their sun glasses. The facts as far as visiting is concerned is that you will need to bring sunglasses and long sleeved shirts because it is very sunny during the day and can get a bit chilly in the evenings.