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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

May 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

May, wonderful May: Seen by many residents as the best month of the year. Planting of hanging baskets on the decking are the first signs that BBQs will soon be dusted off ready to be used throughout the summer. Warmer weather for certain but not hot and by the end of May the swimming pool will be in full swing as well. Not just the pool itself. For many just sitting quietly by the pool enjoying a cold beer or a nice glass of Rioja wine is enough.

Get well soon Peter: Peter who is the team member for Park La Posada has just experienced for the first time a stay in a Spanish hospital undergoing a routine operation. Routine it might have been but he has reported back that it was very painful.

The event itself deserves to go into this newsletter not just because we want to wish him a speedy recovery, but because once again it showed just how the community spirit that exists on the parks works. Friends and neighbours did all the running around, staying at the hospital with him in the beginning as well as making sure Jean (wife and fellow team member) did not need anything. Care in the community actually exists here.

The fellow residents were wonderful in their support role and knowing them it will not stop when he gets home because like all operations he will need time to recover.

Lifestyle & Real Spain Experience: For the lucky few the Week in Spain experience is only a few days away. They are in for a wonderful time and if anyone thinks they are in for a week of hard sell, nothing could be further from the truth.

The first visit to the parks and villages will be what we call a drive by just to give a flavour of what the lifestyle is all about. Walking around the villages in glorious sunshine will feel great and for those who fancy it they can also enjoy a menu del dia at lunchtime costing just 9 each for a 3 course lunch which also includes a drink. We will be translating the menu.

The day afterwards they will enjoy the Malaga Lake District and not a mobile home in sight. The lakes are spectacular and very popular and taking their cameras will be the only thing they will have to worry about. The King of Spain has a complex right on the water s edge. If the weather is perfect they will also visit Flamingo Lake as well.

By mid week it will be time to take a relaxed closer look at the parks. It will also be possible to see inside some of the homes should anyone want to see what the owners have changed inside. However, the day will be more about strolling around the parks, chatting to people they meet and of course being able to ask as many questions as they like. Going back fully informed is exactly what the week is all about.

The following day weather permitting it will be off to the coast for the day. Something all the residents take for granted. We will visit two resorts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The day will be the one and only tourist day so any John Smiths beer drinkers will have to get their fix that day.

Towards the end of the week we will have a visitors choice day. We will be going to the parks for the day and anyone wishing to take a third look is welcome to do so. Having seen both parks already by then it will be ideal to spend a day on the park that stood out as being the favourite. Menu del Dia that day will be on us as a treat. For those who have seen enough by then however it will allow time for them to enjoy the town of Antequera for the day and look forward to the evening when Steve will escort those who would like to experience the famous tapas trail . Drinking and eating is what the trail is all about which is why Steve is the expert. He knows exactly where to go for the best tapas .

The weekend will also be special and all about Inland Spain and why it is so different to the Costas . They will be taken to traditional Spanish villages, shown 5 different Spanish counties all at the same time, and if everyone is up for it a trip to Granada as well which could be the highlight of the week. The Sierra Nevada at Granada means they could see snow as well as brilliant sunshine. That is what makes Spain so wonderful as far as we are concerned.

On the Monday it will be back to the airport and back to normal except we hope everyone will know exactly what we mean by the park lifestyle and of course we hope everyone enjoyed the experience.

Unemployment: As seen on the news unemployment is at record levels here in Spain and never more so than in the big cities. In more rural communities life seems to continue. In the Antequera area new businesses have opened up thanks to its location and motorway links to all the major cities in southern Spain.

Unemployment is also helped by the fact that it is also a major olive growing area. That said, Costa Difference Ltd has said for many years now that anyone thinking of buying a mobile home and then look for work should not do so. The Spanish have a hard enough time finding work and for someone who has just arrived and can not speak the language they do not have a cat in hells chance of finding anything.

Retirement: Having a pension coming in every month and being woken up every morning by the brilliant sunshine might seem to most people to be heaven. Indeed it can be. However, it is worth remembering that life is never one long holiday. Decking needs to be treated. You promised Joe to go fishing with him. You have to go to Antequera to do the weekly shop. The chiropodist is coming round in the afternoon. You are due a hair cut. In other words retirement in Spain is much the same as retirement in the UK except in far nicer circumstances and of course cheaper.

We had a phone call from someone last month who was living in a mobile home in the South West of England, during the conversation it turned out that he was paying more per month to be there, it was raining when they called and they asked Derick the pale one if they would be better off in Spain. His reply was everyone would be better off in Spain including him if he could only talk one of the Spanish team members to swap jobs with him. No chance of that of course.

Banking: UK Banks these days seem to be getting everyone s backs up and it seems they are no help at all now when things are not quite going to plan. Telephone banking for one client did not work recently and no matter how the situation was explained over the phone the bank were not at all helpful. The answer it seems is to set up Internet Banking whilst in the UK rather than rely on telephone banking.

We are sure the telephone banking service will one day disappear as banks lay off staff and expect their clients to do everything themselves. Imagine, clients doing all the work themselves and paying more for the privilege.

Here is a good point. I wonder how many newsletter subscribers know the name of their local bank manager.

Twitter: We were also asked by someone in April why do you not use twitter in business? They were a little surprised when we replied that we prefer to deal with the real world. Tweeting this home has been reduced or it is raining today might seem to some a good idea. To us however we think that the old fashioned way of being able to call the Pale One in the UK or Sun tan man in Spain is a much better way of getting informed. The answer to any question is personal and honest and no end of tweets can match that level of service.

New mobile homes: Although our website is all about resale mobile homes we can and do supply new mobile homes sited in Spain ready to move into. We always recommend to all visitors to take a good look at resale homes first because they do represent great value for money and it does no harm to consider all options.

However, if after looking at the resale homes on the park you still have your heart set on a new mobile home then we can supply one at a very good price thanks in part to the fact that the park does not charge the earth to have it installed and connected and part to the fact that we as a company are independent mobile home dealers with contacts with all the major manufacturer dealerships and so are to negotiate the best price for our clients.
We also have our own transport agents who carry out relocations as well as new mobile home transport.

Finally: Apart from all those booked on the Spanish Experience week we also have quite a few regular three day visits booked. They will enjoy the experience for sure as many visitors have done so in the past. Intensive three day visits are ideal for those who are very serious about moving to Spain because at the end of the three days they will know for sure if it is right for them.

That reason alone makes the visits so successful. It is far more important to know where you want to live rather than in which type of home you would like to live in. The decision as to where will be the most important one because the parks are very different in style and location even though they are both first class residential retirement parks.