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Posted on March 1, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

And now there are THREE. From the 1st of March 2018 Costa Difference are now showing THREE residential parks in Spain to clients and all three are totally different. Park Corrales in the village of Los Corrales is the latest park to be represented by us. So very different to Park la Posada and Paradise Park. That is what makes the park perfect for us as a specialist company.

Park La Posada is the jewel in the crown on the Costa del Sol with its 5* approach and attention to detail when offering the perfect retirement lifestyle. It has the facilities in place to build a wonderful park community based on a lively social life.

Paradise Park is run on very different lines. It is 100% residential and does not have a bar or restaurant on site. It has been designed to be the most relaxing park in Spain with palm and fruit trees surrounding every plot. The village just down the road, has everything you need social wise.

Corrales Park however is right out of the box. It is owned and run by a popular Spanish flamenco singer (Ana Reverte) with a small rural hotel, bar and restaurant as part of the whole complex. What makes this park so special is that it is SO Spanish like her music. Like Paradise Park, Corrales park also has plots ready that will take custom built Park Lodge homes up to 40 x 20 in size.

>>> Malaga airport for La Posada and Corrales, Alicante airport for Paradise <<<

Picture competition: We know there are many people subscribing to the newsletter who have either already visited the parks or who are now living on one of the parks, and so this newsletter item we hope will be of interest to them.

We are looking to add a “snapshot photos” section on each of the three park websites. Photos taken by residents or visitors to the parks that reflect what they saw and felt at the time of taking them. We are looking for photos taken within the park itself, the surrounding area, or perhaps a function that took place within the park itself.

The idea is to give visitors to the parks’ websites a better idea as to what is going on in a genuine way using pictures taken by residents and visitors rather than marketing people. To make life interesting (and worth sending your pictures into us to be included) we are going to give a £100 prize to one lucky person sending in a photo. Every photo submitted that qualifies under the rules below will be given a number as we receive it and a draw will take place on the 30th of March to produce a winning number.

To take part all you need to do is send your photos to making sure you add your name, when (approx. will do) and where the photo was taken, plus let us know if you are a resident on one of the parks or was a visitor to one of the parks when the photo was taken. Each e-mail will get a reply with the number allocated to the photo that has been sent.

Basic rules are these, you can send us as many photos as you want but one at a time please, so we can allocate a different random number every time we receive one and let you know. Sending your photos to us will be on the understanding that any photo sent can be used within the “snapshot photos section”. Poor quality photos or photos sent that are not related to the parks, lifestyle or area will not count.

The winning number will be drawn online on the 30th of March using True Random Number Generator by Eduardo of Alhambra homes in Alicante with a screenshot showing the winning number.

The person with the lucky winning number in the draw will be told by e-mail that they have won the £100 and the winning number will also be announced in next month’s newsletter.

In the unlikely event that we receive less than 50 photos in total the competition and the snapshot photos section will be cancelled.

>>> Let your snapshots show others the parks and lifestyle <<<

Park Lodge Homes: This coming month Paradise Park will take delivery of a 41 x 13 two-bedroom, two-bathroom custom built Windsor Park Lodge show home. The building of show homes to go onto the parks was a huge success for us in 2017 as we were able to show the build quality without the need for factory visits.

On Park La Posada we sold two Windsor Park Lodge homes in the last 6 months. During a park visit clients were able to see what makes Park Lodge Homes so different and of course have explained to them what they could have changed if they want to.

A great example of what we mean by “what makes Park Lodge Homes so different” is the chassis. Built as one solid unit welded together rather than sections bolted together means it can easily take all the extra weight that comes with a Park Lodge Home. Solid insulated floor, roof and walls plus real wooden doors all add to the weight of the home.

Add to that real ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms and it is easy to see why Park Lodge homes weigh between 10 and 14 tons compared to UK mobile homes weighing 5 to 7 tons. Park Lodge Homes are built using standard building materials. They are built to be transported and installed one time only unlike a UK mobile home which is easily transportable.

>>> UK mobile home or a Spanish Park Lodge?  <<<

Relocate your own home: 2018 has also seen a big rise in people thinking of moving their existing mobile home off the park it is on in the UK and onto a park in Spain. Even more so if the home is on a park that is not open all year round unlike the parks in Spain.

There are very few parks in Spain (or companies for that matter) willing to arrange and accept a relocated mobile home these days. Fortunately, we can still offer clients Paradise Park near Alicante on the Costa Blanca and Corrales Park in Andalucia on the Costa del Sol to clients wishing to relocate their existing home.

There are some conditions to relocating a home to Spain however. Firstly, the home must not be more than 5 years old and a quality home in terms of size and model. Next up is that the home must be disconnected and moved to a location on or near the park it is on in the UK, so it can be easily loaded. The park in the UK usually deals with this.

Costs involved after that depends on several factors, the size of the home, the location of the home in the UK plus which park the home is to go on. On Corrales Park they charge 2500 Euros entrance and installation and on Paradise Park it is 4000 Euros. A rough guide to transport a home from the UK to the park in Spain (until all the facts are known) is between £7500 and £9000 for homes that do not exceed 13 foot in width and between £9000 and £17,000 for wider homes and twin units.

>>> Park Lodge Homes are custom built one at a time <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park was walking his dog along the track that runs just outside the park. This walk is interesting because it is surrounded by olive groves yet has wonderful countryside views as well.  He had been walking for almost 20 mins when he came across a large brown crumpled envelope lying in the middle of the road. Thinking it was rubbish his first thoughts were to throttle the idiot who threw it on the ground in such a lovely location instead of keeping hold of it until they found a bin. Not being prepared to leave it there he picked it up and as he did so he had the feeling that there was perhaps something inside.

When he unfolded the crumpled envelope and looked to see, he was in for a real shock. Inside was 10 brand new crisp (although now slightly crumpled) 500? notes. He had never seen a 500 Euro note before but had heard that there was such a note. Now the emotions started. First panic, he had just picked up rubbish in his eyes with 5000 Euros in it and as far as he could tell he was on his own in the area. Next dread, what was he going to do now?

Without delay he called his dog to come, put him on the lead, and hightailed it back as fast as he could to the park, and once there went straight into the reception in a panic to tell them what he had discovered. No worries they said having taken the money out of the envelope to see what all the fuss was about, and to ease Ex-Pats mind they took it off him. A quick phone call to the Guardia Civil soon followed and straight afterwards Rosa went with Ex-Pat to their office in the village to hand the money in.

Ex-Pat by now was much more relaxed, he had Rosa by his side dealing with everything, and all he had to do was sign the statement afterwards and shake the grinning Policeman’s hand. Rosa explained the grin by telling Ex-Pat that she had been asked if there had been any temptation to keep the money found? She had told the Policeman that as far as she was concerned everyone living on the park would have handed in the money straight away.

Several days followed and the reception soon got used to saying NO every time Ex-Pat walked in knowing he was going to ask if the Guardia Civil had found the owner of the money. On the third day however, he walked in to reception expecting the usual NO from the girls straight away but was met instead with a huge grin and a big box on the counter. “This is for you Ex-Pat” Rosa said, and on opening it he found that it contained lots of 500ml bottles of organic olive oil and two huge jars of olives.

It turned out that the money had been claimed that morning by a local farmer who had drawn it from the bank to give to the Notaria as part of a land deal. It had fallen out of his back pocket whilst riding his quad bike along the track back to his farm five kilometres away.

The farmer it seems had spent two days looking for it before going to the Local Police in the village in the vain hope that someone had found it and was honest enough to hand it in. They said that they did not have it of course and suggested he checked with the Guardia Civil as well. He was said to be beside himself in the Guardia Civil office on learning that his money was safe and had indeed been handed in.

Ex-Pat still walks his dog every day in the olive groves only now he also knows what they taste like as well thanks to the present the farmer left for him. He had never tried organic olives before.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him? <<<

Finally: On the 22nd of February the BBC announced in the news that during the year up to the end of September 2017 as many as 73,000 British passport holders returned to the UK from countries within the EU, and 125,000 Britons left the UK to live in countries within the EU. Not surprising news to us of course and we think the next set of statistics will show an even bigger gap.

The news in the BBC however did not specify which country within the EU was chosen by most leaving the UK last year but we strongly suspect it was Spain and our view is formed by the number of people who are coming on park visits right now along with the number of resale homes we have sold so far this year. In one week alone in the past month three resale homes were sold on Park La Posada.

So, what has happened about fears over Brexit? Why are so many people leaving the UK? The answer it seems can be summed up using just two words “fed up”. People are now fed up with Brexit, fed up with all the false prophesises coming out from both sides of the argument and totally fed up hearing it in the news every day. People are doing their own research and finding reports on the internet that give them real facts and not second guesses.

Take a report in The Telegraph published online on the 30th of November 2017 which had this to say. “The cost of living in Spain is much lower than other western European countries. compares the cost of various essentials – and has found pretty much everything is cheaper in Spain than the UK. For example, utility bills average £100 a month in Spain compared with £142 in the UK. Fancy a pint? Beer is half the price than in your typical British pub.”

Brexit it seems has done many a favour. Given them a reason to get their future sorted and a deadline date to do so, March 2019. They have seen that all the prophets of doom have got things wrong. The £ is not lower than the Euro, Spain is still welcoming British citizens as residents, and health care has already been sorted as reported in the Guardian on the 31st of August last year with this report. “British pensioners who have retired to other EU countries will continue to have their healthcare paid for by the NHS post-Brexit, after a deal in principle was agreed by negotiators in Brussels.”

So, the facts it seems are these, the cost of living is expected to remain lower, the right to be a resident in Spain will be guaranteed provided their rules are met, and reciprocal health care cover is already in place. Spain is one of the very few countries in Europe that is geared up for retired people in terms of public services they provide, and many residents will tell you just how good the health care is here.

Planning a new life in Spain is not just about the better weather. It must also include a better quality of life as well. That is where the park visits come in. Residents already here will be the ones to answer all the questions. That is what makes the three parks so different and on Corrales Park you really can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Thanks for reading this newsletter as always.

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