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Posted on April 3, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2017

** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

It is all happening: In February, the second custom built 38×14 Park Lodge Home designed by the owner and custom built in Alicante arrived on Park La Posada and because it is custom built it is not the same as the one that arrived on the park in January. We also had the brand-new Willerby Linear show home arrive as well from the UK. That means we now have a brand new UK manufactured mobile home on Park la Posada and a Spanish manufactured Park Lodge show home on Paradise Park.

With two new show homes available we need to thank team members Hilary & Wendy on Paradise Park and Lorraine and David on Park La Posada for turning them into show homes. They have added their special touches to the homes that gives visitors plenty of ideas as to what they could look like as full time homes. Both show homes are available for purchase at reduced prices because there are no transport costs added to show homes. You can also order a brand new home to be built and transported to either park as well.

>>> We will be expanding the show home concept during the year <<<

Facebook: Our PRICE ALERT email service is perfect for anyone wanting to get rapid information about mobile homes being added to the website or homes for sale being reduced. You can sign up for that service at the bottom of our website front page. The service is perfect for anyone hoping for a certain model home going on sale or hoping that a certain home they have already seen on a visit is reduced.
However, in these days of social media it is also a good idea to follow us on Facebook as well. We put all the news on that page including details of the shows we are attending.

Special offers on new homes or ex-demo homes are first published onto our Facebook page. It is the only page on Facebook that offers information about homes going onto Park La Posada and Paradise Park only. No other park or campsite is mentioned which means you will always get information in respect of a five-star residential retirement park only.

We do not use our Facebook page to get millions of followers. We use it to publish pictures and videos that are relevant in real time. All our followers like the idea of the residential lifestyle here in Spain and our Facebook page is a great place to try and get a feel for park life.

>>> “I want one” is a common comment we get on Facebook <<<

Ex-Pat: Patrick: otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park was in the bar one night (Saturday 04/02/2017) feeling sorry for himself. “What’s the matter?” asked Jim. Ex-Pat then told him that had just found out that his son, daughter in law and two grandchildren could not come and stay with him for Easter this year because it was too expensive for them. “Is that all” said Jim, “why don’t you go and see them instead?”. It is the cost of the flights said Ex-Pat because it is Easter. “Easy” said Jim, “you just choose obscure dates”.

To prove a point, they went straight away back to Jim’s house and fired up the laptop. Jim always uses for checking out flights as it seems to favour flights to and from Spain. To Ex-Pats utter amazement Jim typed in Malaga to Gatwick flying out on the 11th of April and returning on the 18th of April. Within seconds he was offered a return journey for only 70 Euros in total. “How can that be?” asked Ex-Pat. “Simple” said Jim, “I chose dates that are going the opposite way to people wanting to get away for Easter in the UK”

The flights on offer to Ex-Pat were British Airways Malaga to Gatwick and Monarch Airways Gatwick to Malaga and yes for a total sum of 70 Euros return. They booked Ex-Pats flights there and then and now everyone knows that he will be in the UK for Easter this year instead, and it only cost him 70 Euros.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him?<<<

Park La Posada NEWS: The park owners told us recently that work will start on a new indoor pool this year. This will be great news for the residents as many like the idea of swimming all year round. The location of the new pool will be between the existing outdoor pool and the four lane outdoor bowls green. Work will start after the summer so as not to disturb the residents enjoying the outdoor pool.

The other good news is that work will also commence this year on an open-air gymnasium. They are becoming very popular in many towns and villages in Spain and soon the residents will have their very own right on their doorstep.

There is more. Work will also start this year on extending the community centre and bar. This is because many events are now attended by more and more people and of course many are inviting friends as well now.

Facilities are what makes residential parks special. It is also worth pointing out that the park fees on Park La Posada have not gone up since 2008. They are also the only park in Spain to offer free installation on the park for people buying a brand-new home.

>>> Relocating a home to Park La Posada from the UK is possible <<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life), so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain, which as you already know begins as soon as they leave the park.

The phrase this month is one you would use because you are polite. You use it when you want to squeeze past somebody. As you approach you would say “Con permiso”. OR “Perdóname” pronounced (kohn pehr-MEE-soh) OR (pehr-DOH-nah-meh). You will hear waiters and waitresses saying it all the time as they squeeze past with plates of food.

>>> The lifestyle is great so why not try and say a few words in Spanish? <<<

Finally: No BREXIT news this month because by now everyone is fed up hearing about it. Instead we will focus on the positives. In 2016 Paradise Park spent a lot of money on providing new facilities for their residents and their new outdoor pool is without doubt fantastic. In 2017 it is the turn of Park La Posada.
Both parks are owned and run by two different Spanish families that are passionate about their parks and what they can offer their residents.

Costa Difference Ltd share their visions and of course are committed to offering the same level of service. We have a very important job to do. We must make it easy for people to come and visit either park and see for themselves what the lifestyle is all about. By us offering clients a £79 per person four day three-night visit (that includes airport transfers and three nights hotel accommodation) we are doing just that.

Booking low costs flights is easy because apart from Easter week clients can book flights that are four days apart and go with the best prices. It can also include weekends as well. Being flexible means we can fit in with the best flight deals around.

Better still is that if you fancy staying a day or two longer that is also not a problem. The extra nights are paid by you direct to the hotel and the extra days are regarded by us as free days to do as you wish in either Antequera (visiting La Posada) or Elche (visiting Paradise Park). We do not need to be involved at all during the extra days unless you want to see the park again.

The inspection visit format will always be run over four days and three nights. The return airport transfer will be in line with the flights booked so again not a problem staying a little longer. Fancy checking to see if you can find some cheap flights? Go to

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read all this. We hope you have found some information worthwhile and our take on life here in Spain interesting.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

The Costa Difference team in Spain

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