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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Mar 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Lifestyle and real Spain: We start with some great news for our newsletter subscribers who would love to find out all about the mobile home park lifestyle and how to enjoy real Spain with an inspection visit that also has a holiday feel.

To do this Steve and Martin have put together a week s Spanish experience package that is packed with lifestyle events plus seeing real Spain first hand. The weeks experience offer is exclusive to newsletter subscribers. To take part you will need to arrive at Malaga airport on Monday the 18th of May and fly out again on Monday the 20th of May.

The week on offer will include airport transfers, 7 nights accommodation in the hotel Castilla in the heart of Antequera, as well as all the trips and lifestyle experiences that will be arranged for you throughout that week. They will be your guides during the days as well as some evenings if you fancy joining in with the residents regular functions such as quiz nights.

The experiences will begin on the Tuesday with a visit to the mobile home parks and their local villages. You will also experience the Antequera street market one morning. On one of the days you will be taken to see the breathtaking Lakes at Guadalhorce and see why so many residents go there so often. The King of Spain also goes there to relax and you will appreciate why when you get there. He has a fantastic lake side complex. The day out will also include the famous Flamingo Lagoon at Fuente de Piedra.

On one of the evenings you can experience the Antequera Tapas trail with Steve if trying many different Spanish tapas excites you. Antequera is very well known for its Tapas bars and they are great value. You also get to see the real Antequera as well with its narrow streets and traditional Andalucian style.

The week will continue with days out to see the White Village of Iznajar which is spectacular with its reservoir and man made beach, to the natural beaches of Torremolinos and Benalmadana , and of course to the various events being held by the residents on the parks themselves during the evenings if you should wish to join in. If not you can simply stay in Antequera and relax and enjoy the cosmopolitan way of life that the locals take for granted.

So much to see and do and at the end of the week you will not only know all about real Spain and the lifestyle but you will have enjoyed many different experiences as well. The experiences will include the opportunity to enjoy a 3 course Menu del Dia lunch costing only 9 Euros that includes a wine or beer. Steve or Martin will be your translators when it comes to making the choices from the menu. You will also be able to try various Spanish breakfasts with fresh orange juice every morning as well as being shown some great restaurants for you to make the most of the evenings. Whatever you fancy there is a restaurant nearby.

The cost of this unique 7 night Spanish lifestyle experience is only 125 per person based on two people sharing a room in the hotel. Low cost flights, meals and drinks are not included but the day trips out as well as the airport transfers are included which is why it is such great value. Steve and Martin s services are also included and of course they will also be answering all your questions throughout the week.

To come is simple to arrange. First check that you can book your flights to arrive in Malaga on Monday 13th of May and return on Monday 20th May. Next telephone Derick on 0117 318 2188 to see if there are any places left and hopefully reserve your place.

After that you can go ahead and book your flights and confirm the details with Derick.
Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. You will then have a fantastic week to look forward to. Full details with pictures on what you will see and do can be found on our website.

Wow! On our books we only have one bespoke custom built Cambrian Millbrook which is one of the biggest designer mobile home single units ever shipped to Spain from the Cambrian factory. A new basic unit from the UK costs well over 69,000.

Why WOW? We can now offer you this top of the range home 42 x 14 model with French doors leading onto a well designed decking plus lots of extras for only 42,500. Better still it is only a few years old and is in pristine condition.

Fantastic value and a must see if dreaming of owning a home in a million at a price you do not see very often. For more details on the home for sale, click here.

VAT: Everyone must by know by now that the VAT on NEW mobile homes has been increased. It was fought all the way once news of the increase got out but alas for the new mobile home exporters it was still increased. The good news however is the resale market is NOT affected whatsoever as they are bought direct from the owner selling and so there is no VAT involved whatsoever. In fact the VAT change means that before buying a new mobile home it is well worth taking a very good look at resale homes first. You will save 1000 s of Pounds and in many cases like the Cambrian it can be as much as 27,000 off the new list price. Just imagine what a great time you can have here in Spain with 27,000 more in the bank than you were expecting.

Is buying a new mobile home such a good idea now? Come and see for yourself and decide. You will be shown two of the very best dedicated residential open all year mobile home parks in the whole of Spain that have top quality resale mobile homes on huge plots already established. You will also see empty plots waiting for new mobile homes to be purchased and transported, decking to be built, aircon to be installed and sheds built and plumbed in. Once you have seen for yourself you will then and only then, know the answer and if it helps we can tell you that over the last two years most of the plots free for new mobile homes have been reserved by people wishing to transfer their existing mobile home onto the residential park from a joint camping/mobile home park situated in a holiday resort either already in Spain or in the UK.

Pets: Bringing pets to Spain now is so much easier thanks to the pet passport. Better news is that all pets owned by the residents already comply with the new Spanish laws that require all pets to be chipped . Pet passports require a chip and so nothing at all needs to be done.

The other good news for pet owners is that the local Vet speaks perfect English and reports from pet owners who have used his services are extremely positive. For dog owners it is even better that they live in Spain. Walking the dog in the rain is almost a thing of the past and of course within the parks communities there are quite a few who take their dogs out for nice long walks and so you can also have company if you so wish.

A low cost flight trick: This has worked for Martin on quite a few occasions. If you want to fly on the 4th of April for example he suggests you put into the search for flights that you are looking for a flight on the 6th of April with the 3 day view selected. Nine times out of ten the cost of flying on the 4th is cheaper than flying on the 6th, the day selected. This will not work if the weekend is involved however. He reasons that by putting in a specific date the airline is hoping you have to fly on that day and so it is first displayed at a premium rate. Not the case of course if there are lots of empty seats on the flight offered on the 6th in which case the price will be just as competitive as they try and fill the planes.

For those who are thinking of coming in May give it a try. Search for the Wednesday first and then choose the Monday flight. Do not book the Wednesday flight however as you will miss two days of your Spanish experience. Good luck.

Finally: More good news. When on a visit make sure you ask Martin to show you his new pre-paid Mastercard. It is the best deal he has found for use in Spain. It works better than cash. He just loads it in the UK with GBP and when he uses it here in Spain he gets the full bank to bank to exchange rate without the usual minus 2.5% that the banks deduct from the day s exchange rate when they do the conversion PLUS there is no transaction charge whatsoever. In his words he is getting top Dollar for his UK money and the service is exactly the same. Better still is that if it is lost there is no huge credit limit to worry about. He can cancel it and save his money at the same time. Not so easy if a wallet is lost with ready cash inside.