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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2010

Mar 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

We begin this newsletter with an item that affects only the new mobile home sales here in Spain and not the resale market. The age old tactic of conducting a price war against competitors has emerged this year. Price wars are nothing new and Sir Freddie Laker tried to succeed with just that approach with Laker Airways Sky Train in the seventies and eighties. When conducting a price war inevitably profit margins are squeezed and it is essential that turnover increases in order to survive in most cases. The result is history in Laker Airways case and many passengers were left stranded when they went under in March 1982. Most of the airlines he went up against using the price war tactic are still here today.

Clients wanting new mobile homes understand that when ordering a new mobile home from the dealership company a large deposit has to be paid well in advance of the home arriving in Spain and being installed satisfactory. It is at that point the client has to be satisfied with the integrity of any mobile home dealership before handing over such a large sum. One interesting answer to address that concern however might be found on

Two companies (one Spanish registered and one UK Ltd company) working in partnership on a fully established park (Park La Posada) The old saying safety in numbers applies here as clients are dealing with two established companies and the fact that the mobile home park itself is complete with established residents also gives a sense of security. Peace of mind guaranteed, however there are only 18 new plots left on the park.

The problem of having to pay a large deposit well in advance does not apply to resale mobile homes. A 5% deposit secures the home and the only thing that needs to be agreed is when the home is to become yours. Prior to that date you pay the balance into a specified client account and the seller is only paid once the home has been handed over in good order and is 100% yours. The money in the client account is yours up to that point.

One should also feel sorry for anyone who now sees that the a company that they bought their mobile home from recently is now offering the same home a lot cheaper than they paid for it as part of the price war. Again that is not possible with resale mobile homes. It remains the same value no matter what and in some cases more than what was paid for it because of all the extras that comes with the purchase.

So what else is new? In short rain again. Spain has had a year s rain already, warm rain we grant you but still rain. We say this in order to show that life can sometimes be a little strange here as well. It is not all about sun, sea and sangria. The residents live here in exactly the same manor as if they were retired in the UK. They go shopping, walk the dog or visit friends and rain affects them in exactly the same way. The big difference here is that once the crazy weather goes away the residents know that for most of the remaining months at least there will be wall to wall sunshine. Something which cannot be said by those who are retired and living in the UK.

Lastly, we realise that for many newsletter readers a weeks holiday in Spain is preferred to the dedicated 3 day 2 night inspection visit. For that reason we now offer a dedicated one day Inspection Visit. 1) We can either collect you from the bus station in Antequera if you fancy travelling by bus from Malaga, or 2) meet you just off the A45 at Antequera if you have a hire car or 3) we can collect you from your hotel in either Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Nerja and take you inland to real Spain to visit the mobile home parks for the day. All 3 options you get to see the lifestyle as well as the parks in one informative day.

For further details either call 0117 318 2188 or e-mail With the one day Inspection Visit you can choose when to visit during your holiday. It will need to be booked up in advance though as it is proving very popular since its launch this month. There is a small charge with option 3 to cover costs but it does allow for up to 4 people.