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Mar 2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Firstly as promised last month more details on what Suzanne the newest member of the Costa Difference team in Spain will be offering our clients. Suzanne (already nicknamed Lady Penelope with Eduardo the other new member of the team being taught how to say yes mi lady ), comes to us with 15 years experience in the letting industry and has helped many people rent out their properties.

Why did she join us? Well we have many clients who are trying to sell their homes in the UK so that they can begin to seriously look at moving to Spain. We have also had a few clients who have said that they would happily rent out their homes so that in effect following the purchase of the mobile home they could be living in Spain for nothing but did not like the idea of monthly agent s fees. Suzanne is the answer and more information can be found on

This month we are also dedicating the newsletter to our subscribers who are at the doing the homework stage. We would like to begin by pointing out the differences between residential style mobile home parks and camp sites that also have a mobile home section.

Residential style parks are just that. Dedicated to mobile homes and are run on similar lines to the parks that can be found in the UK. One very big difference between the parks in Spain and the ones in the UK is that the mobile homes can stay on the park for years and years provided they are kept in good order. Park La Posada is a very good example of a residential style park.

Camp sites are primarily for camping. The fact they allow mobile homes on as well counts for nothing in the long term. You will still be living on a camp site. Camping Humilladero is the latest camp site in the area to be developed for camping and a few mobile home plots and you will find that camp site advertised under a fancy name in order to try and disguise the fact that it is a camp site. The size of the plots give them away as well as most do not offer 200 sq mtr plots as standard. The owners also have to get used to the Hi De Hi feeling at weekends and holiday times.

Costa Difference Ltd do not advertise mobile homes that are sited on camp sites because no matter how good the camp site is, there will always be security issues along with the fact that the sites are dedicated to keeping the campers happy first and foremost.

More homework, having seen a park you just love is it a resale or a new mobile home for you? In short there are only two considerations.

Firstly do you like the idea of buying a home and moving in with everything done already? If so the answer is resale.

Secondly if you like the idea of having the decking built exactly as you want it to compliment your brand new mobile home and you are happy to see the home and plot develop over a few months then new is the answer. Especially if you intend to build the decking yourself, it can be a lot of fun from the design stage through to the first decking party . You can invite the team if you want; they all love a good party.

Why is doing the homework so important? In short if you are thinking of living in Spain in the future you must have lots of questions that need answering. This stage is very easy to address and by using e-mails we can deal with most of them whilst you are still in the UK. We welcome your questions so please do not think that asking them is a problem for us, feel free to reply to the newsletter should you have a question now. It is also worth pointing out that many people start the doing the home work stage up to 4 years before they are thinking of the possibility of moving to Spain. This is helped by the fact that you can have as many 2 or 3 night sight seeing visits as you would like. The jokes are always the same if you are unlucky enough to have Martin as your guide more than once.

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