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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2008

Mar2008 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

February has been a very interesting month for the Antequera region weather wise. The first 2 weeks were wonderful with lots of sunshine which was great for those who were out on Inspection Visits during that period. The 3rd and 4th week were a bit hit and miss with some days having rain at times with very low clouds. For one of our customers we went on a sight seeing tour up the Malaga Mountains and I think it was fair to say that having been driving in the clouds for a while the warm sunshine that greeted us as we drove down the other side was very welcome.

Why are we mentioning the weather? Well because generally we have only 20 days rain a year here it is very easy to forget that there are times we do have rain. What is more important is that if you are one of the very few people who come out for an Inspection Visit and it is raining you are actually lucky because you get to see Spain at its worst. I know that is small consolation if as most people you were hoping for a couple of days wall to wall sunshine but at least you have a bright side to look at.

Interesting questions asked this month by customers on their fact finding visits. First question, will I get bored? The answer was very easy, for those who are retired in the UK you have to imagine what you would be doing in the UK all day and ask yourself would I be bored? Add to that now living in Spain, you would be doing all the things that you would be doing in the UK plus seeing different friends everyday, going on walks to the local village or surrounding countryside, April to October going swimming, going on several coach outings every month to places like Gibraltar and Granada, going into Antequera shopping and relaxing for a coffee outside in the sunshine afterwards and of course going out with friends for a day out around the reservoirs taking a 3 course lunch for only 8 Euros overlooking the lakes. If following all that you still want something to do there is fishing, golf, cycling, hiking and if non of that hits the spot you can find a bar and relax with a beer until they throw you out.

Next good question. I need about six months to sort out everything in the UK before moving to Spain and I do not want to loose the home or plot? Again very easy to answer, for re-sale show homes all that is need is a 1000 + VAT deposit to secure the home and take it off sale. A month later a 10% deposit to commence the actual purchase process and then within 6 months from the initial deposit the purchase is completed with both deposits coming off the purchase price. With new mobile homes on La Posada it works more or less the same way. After the initial 1000 + Vat deposit to reserve the plot of your choice you only have to pay 350 every 2 months to keep your plot reserved up to 6 months, after that the rent will fall due. This gives you a chance to choose your new mobile home from our main dealer in Blackpool. You will then buy your home from the dealership and we arrange for it to be taken to Spain and installed on the plot of your choice. We are offering a weekend in Blackpool completely free for all those who have reserved their plot so that they can take a good look at all the mobile homes on offer at our approved dealership. You can even snap up a bargain ex-demo from the dealer and save even more money.
For customers looking for a new mobile home instantly we also have some good news. We are now selling 2 new show homes already sited on Park La Posada. The first is the Alucasa Camelot which has 2 bedrooms and a large open plan living room and kitchen. This home is special as it is on plot number 1 which is one of the best plots on the park. The other home is the Aitana Prestige (similar to the IBIZA) which is also 2 bedroom and very Spanish. It is to Park Home quality and design. The good news is that they are being sold off for only 37,500 in total (that is each by the way in case you thought we had gone completely crazy) and that includes the 950 Euro security deposit required by the park. The deposit is refunded should you ever decide to sell the home in the future so it is like having a grand in the bank for the future. No one else can offer homes of that quality sited on a Park as good as Park La Posada for that price.
More good news, for customers wishing to talk to a human regarding planning a possible future Inspection Visit to view any of the homes we have mentioned or others advertised on the website we have introduced a Call Back form on the website (the link is on the Fact Finding/Inspection Visit Page) where you can request someone to call you back to help you through the process. This means that even the phone call is free and you can ask as many questions as you would like at our expense
That is all for now. For customers coming to Spain in March we look forward to seeing you soon and if you find you love the life style and what we show you then you will return to the UK with a lot to think about. If after seeing what is on offer you find that you do not fancy the life style than we are just as pleased that the Inspection Visit was a success in helping you make an informed decision. Either way it will be nice to see you and show you around.