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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

June 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

First ever Spanish Experience week: What a fantastic week it was. Our first ever event of this kind could not have gone any better. Our visitors here for the week were wonderful and in no time at all we saw two couples and two ladies on their own become very good friends. Martin their guide for the whole week was over the moon as he showed real Spain and the Park lifestyle to such a perfect group. So as not to fill up this newsletter we have put all the weeks experience with their feedback plus a video on the website and that can be seen by clicking here.

Second Spanish Experience week: Thanks in part to the wonderful feedback we received from all who came in May we have managed to talk Martin into doing a second Spanish Experience week with Steve In September. The dates will be Monday the 23rd of September until Monday the 30th of September. He will once again come down to Antequera and stay the week.

The week on offer will again include airport transfers, 7 nights accommodation in the hotel Castilla in the heart of Antequera, as well as all the day trips and lifestyle experiences that will be arranged throughout that week. Unlike those who came on the very first one you can this time take a look at their feedback, video and photos to see exactly what you will have to look forward to. Wow was heard on many an occasion. Especially when taken to the top of the world .

The cost of the Costa Difference unique 7 night Spanish lifestyle experience will remain the same at only 125 per person based on two people sharing a room in the hotel or 175 if anyone wishes to come on their own. Low cost flights, meals and drinks are not included but the day trips out as well as the airport transfers are included which is why it is such great value. Steve and Martin s services are also included and of course they will also be answering all your questions throughout the week.

Like the first one in May numbers will be limited due to transport requirements so it is very important to telephone Derick on 0117 318 2188 to reserve a place before booking any flights. Once places have been reserved flights can then be booked with confidence and a great week to look forward to. This offer is exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

Team news: This month sees Peter and Jean retiring as Park Reps for La Posada and from all the team members we wish them all the very best for the future. We have a lot to thank them for and they will be missed for sure. They have been with Costa Difference since day one and we know how much they have also enjoyed their roles.

Sandie who again has been on Park La Posada since day one (2005) will now take over the roll of Park Representative for Costa Difference on La Posada. She will be on hand to show the park to anyone who would like to make their own way to the park and have a look around. Coming to see the parks as part of a holiday has become very popular now which is why we are always happy to give full directions to either park. She will also support Malcolm and Sue whose role has now been expanded to cover the traditional three day inspection visits as well as being the Park La Vina representatives.

Cars: We have always said it is best to sell your car in the UK and buy one over here. Reason being is it is so much easier to deal with the paperwork on a Spanish registered car as well as being left hand drive of course. The car you buy here does not need to be an expensive one either. The better climate means rust is never an issue with older cars. Cars sell quite often locally for between 1000 and 3000 Euros and with the amount of mileage the residents do they will last for years. The roads are also fantastic with the airport at Malaga being motorway all the way.

MOT s in Spain are called ITV s and unlike in the UK the car is tested at a dedicated ITV station. There is one in Antequera. It is a great system because they do not fix cars. If a car fails you simply take it to a garage to be repaired. Once repaired it is re tested for the fault only and then passed. All they do every day is test cars and it is a while you wait service. If only the UK adopted that system.

Decking: The better weather means you are able to relax outside the home for most of the year so a good size and well designed decking is a bonus. Enclosed decking also allows you to use it no matter what the weather is like so two levels of decking can be one big advantage. Part could become a lounge area and part can become the dining room which means you have a great feeling of space around you. That said; when looking at homes we always suggest what changes can be made in order to make full use of the 40 sq metres decking area allowed. The other important thing to remember is that the decking is best treated with water based preservative rather than varnish. Varnish tends to crack when it gets warm which it will do in the summer.

For anyone who fancies having their decking built from scratch however we can offer a fantastic mobile home that currently has no decking at all. It is on an end plot which is a big bonus and the home is quite new. It is a 2008 Willerby Winchester and is priced to sell at only 19,000. With 5,000 spent on designing and building the decking (the park will do that for you) you could end up with the perfect home.

For more information visit: .The home can be bought and then have the decking built over a period of time. Great for those who plan to retire next year because the home can be purchased using the three month completion contract and their choice of decking can then be built later.

Mobile home parks: The Alternative : As you know we as a company look after resale mobile home sales on the best two dedicated residential retirement parks in the area of Antequera on the Costa del Sol and the reason why we only represent the two parks is simple. There are no other parks in Spain that we know of that can offer 100% residential style parks without camping plus offer the same facilities or lifestyle that Park La Vina and Park La Posada offers. So with that in mind we have listed a small selection of the mobile homes for sale on in order to promote the fact mobile homes can be a good alternative to bricks and mortar when thinking about retiring to Spain.

One major advantage of a mobile home is the cost of the home itself which means the capital saved can enhance the retirement in Spain lifestyle or as many of the residents will tell you it enables them to enjoy spending the kid s inheritance a lot longer. We have enjoyed answering questions from people who had no idea that dedicated residential retirement mobile home parks even existed, and being able to settle in Spain for as little as 20,000 seems unreal to them after they had looked at what they would have had to spend.

Finally: May was a month to remember in more ways than one and we have no doubt next September when we do the second Spanish Experience week it will be just as exciting. In the meantime however June is a great month to grab a holiday on the Costa del Sol before the schools break up and we see an increase the holidays and air fares.

If you manage to find a great holiday package why not take advantage of our coastal collection service from (50 for resorts near Malaga) and come and check out the Parks and area for a day. Seeing the lifestyle whilst on holiday is a great idea. For visitors it will be a way to enjoy a fact finding trip to the parks and area plus holiday at the same time.