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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

June 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Team in Spain news:

From the first of June the team will no longer have Martin here on the Costa del Sol. He leaves to take up a new short term post in Holland dealing with website marketing there until the 1st of September when he will then be moving to Alicante to live. Steve takes over the day to day running of the business here on the Costa del Sol.

Peter and Jean will now take over his responsibilities for conducting dedicated visits to the parks and area with Roz on hand to look after any visitors who come on their own to take a look at the parks if Peter & Jean are busy. What is great is that all of them live on the park so they have all the answers to any questions.


Steve has been very busy during May and has project managed the relocation of three homes from different parks in Spain and one mobile home relocated from the UK. Relocations are now an important part of the business as more and more people realise that they should really be living on a dedicated residential park offering a park community lifestyle as well as first class facilities. Our relocation service also includes taking down any decking and preparing the home for transport if required which was perfect for the clients already back in the UK.

This is what one of the clients kindly wrote in an e-mail to Steve after their home was relocated from a joint camping-mobile home site onto Park La Posada one of the three parks that we can relocate mobile homes onto.

It was a huge decision and you were all very patient – I have absolutely made the right decision. The site is amazing, the people so friendly and the maintenance is astounding. I had a small leak in the toilet and before I could walk from the reception to my home, the guys were there to fix it! At my last site I had major issues for the whole time I was there .

By spending a day with Steve looking at the parks in the area that allow you to bring your own mobile home on to their parks will soon show you why he is so busy. If you own a mobile home in Spain or the UK and would like to consider relocating to a different park on the Costa del Sol you can either e-mail or telephone him on (+34) 670203495

New website feature:

If you have been onto our website recently you will have noticed that we now have an audio introduction to welcome visitors. The idea behind the introduction is simple, there is now so much information on the website that it was thought best to have an audio introduction that points out the most important features of our service and to point out the benefits of buying the very latest resale mobile homes on dedicated residential parks. To turn it off during future visits simply right click on the player itself and click stop.

How good are the parks?

Simply put there is no substitute to coming to seeing for yourself. June is a great month because you get the better flight deals before the school holidays. A holiday on the Costa del Sol or a dedicated 3 day visit enables you to come and take a look. Even if you are thinking of possibly buying a very cheap mobile home it is always best to have something to compare the park that it is on with. A day visit to the park is all it will take and if you are thinking of living in Spain anyway then making your own way to visit the parks is a great way to see what living in Spain is really all about. A lot of residents on the two dedicated residential parks have been living here full time for the past 5 years and are very happy.

If you need help in arranging a visit you are welcome to call us in the UK on 0117 318 2188 or in Spain on 670203495

Feature mobile home of the month:

This month s feature home is very different. It is a one bedroom Atlas Mayfair Super. This is a very well designed home that has a utility room rather than a second bedroom. This makes the home perfect for the couple who want to make the most out of their living space. The decking on this home has the WOW factor as a lot of extra living space has been added outside. The home is priced at 32,000 and a video can be seen on

Question asked last month:

What does being registered for the NIE mean? In Spain the NIE number is similar to having an identity number. It is an extension of a social security number. You need it to buy a car for example or insure the mobile home. Registering is a very easy process and the park deals with it completely by providing a translator who with you completes the formality at the National Police Station in Antequera. Once done you can deal with anything in Spain. It is that easy.

Useful lifestyle information:

With summer on its way a lot of residents are doing what the British do best and have lots of flower baskets and plants around the homes. There are some great garden centers in the area. Surprisingly water is a lot cheaper here than in the UK so many of them have installed automatic watering systems. It allows for fantastic displays of flowers and plants around the home with no effort whatsoever. A few residents even have their own grape vines and fruit trees.