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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2008

June 2008 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

We are going to begin with words that until recently had not been used very much at all in the English language but now being used every day by every news channel there is. The now used every day words? Credit Crunch .

So what has Credit Crunch got to do with mobile homes in Spain we hear you ask? Well like every business in the UK operating in Europe as well we have to deal with something always connected to the good old US of A problems being the exchange rates and yes you have guessed it the Pound verses the Euro is all part of the Credit Crunch factor.

Now to the good news as far as resale mobile homes and new UK manufactured mobile homes are concerned because they are all priced in pounds they are immune from the daily exchange rate changes. We here is Spain know that the exchange rates are at an all time low at this moment in time and all the signs here in Europe are that once No10 and the White House get their acts together the Euro should settle at around 1.35 to the pound.

More good news, the prices here in Spain are also not connected to the exchange rate factor, at the time of writing petrol is 97p per litre, cigarettes are 2.20 per pack, a good bottle of quality wine (Rioja) is 2.80 and a bottle of plonk is only 80p a bottle. Need more convincing? Electric is 12p a KW including VAT, water is 8 every 2 months with 10 cubic metres of water included and only 1.20 per cubic metre over the 10 allowed.

On Inspection Visits we are always asked can I afford to live here? and as always our answer is can you afford not to? The good news is that if doing the sums at 1.25 Euros to the Pound makes living in Spain the best option for you then imagine how much you will have to spend when you are getting 1.35 to the Pound. The exchange rates would have to be very low indeed to match the high cost of living in the UK.

Back to mobile homes. A great home being added this month is a 2 bedroom BK Bluebird Senator on a fantastic plot with tons of extras for the crazy price of 45,000. This home is as new and those who know their mobile home models will know that this 41 foot x 12,5 foot is a top of the range home costing 57,220 new without any decking or extras making this a real bargain. The pictures will tell all and it will be added to the site the week after the 6th of June. Those subscribers who wish to receive a sneak preview can do so by contacting Steve ( who will be pleased to send you pictures and full details.