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July 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

July is here: Moving to Spain is not just about getting away from the rotten unpredictable UK weather, the higher cost of living or the talk of doom and gloom on the high street . It is all about taking on a completely different lifestyle as well.

Driving on the right hand side for example is something that very few people have any real concerns about and quite rightly so. It is very easy to drive on the right hand side if you have a left hand drive car.

However, what a lot of people do express a concern with is the month of July. How will I cope with the heat? Well, to quote the obvious, now is the time to find out.

Lots of people did just that and have quickly found that coping with the Spanish summer simply requires a little common sense. The big advantage however is that sitting outside until midnight in shorts and tee shirt under a star filled sky is one of the major rewards for being here at this time of year.

Why not book a holiday? If you are retired and not a fan of the Olympics then jetting off to the Costa del Sol in Spain must be a great idea. Hire a car for a week or two because after all if you are really thinking of coming to Spain to live the quicker you find out how easy it is to drive here the better. The roads are fantastic with motorway access to any part of Spain right on the doorstep.

Once you have booked a holiday and a hire car simply make contact with us and we will make arrangements for you to visit us and provide you with all the directions necessary. You will be in for a great day out. You are also in for a great surprise as you talk to residents during the hottest month of the year and see just how much they love it.

Is the really Euro safe? A question we hear quite often simply because news organisations do not let the subject drop for some reason. The real answer is however who cares? Spain is in the Euro as we know and the Spanish people are dealing with the recession in their country right now but to the man in the street nothing has changed.

Fuel tax is still the lowest in Europe and the day to day costs are still a lot lower than in the UK. In short the living costs would not alter if Spain was in or out of the Euro. The currency in use (Euro or Peseta) will still enable residents in the park to live in Spain and enjoy the fantastic lifestyle. Only the colour of the notes would be different.

More good news: What a lot of people might not have noticed is that resale mobile homes on Park La Posada are bought and sold in GBP and so once again the Euro-Pound conversion is not a problem. The homes are bought from the owners direct and under the terms of the legal sales agreement the payment is made to a UK bank account and is protected by the Costadifference Ltd/Park La Posada purchase protection scheme. In other words the home is guaranteed yours the moment the payment is made and only you will have a licence to live there.

Savings, pensions and money: Nothing needs to change. You can keep your money in exactly the same place you have it at the moment, with Internet banking enabling you to keep an eye on everything. Opening a Spanish bank account in the village to use for the day to day things is also very easy and transferring enough over as and when you need it is also very easy and free. Being able to do this in any currency only reinforces our statement as to who really cares what happens with the Euro? If Politicians adopted the same attitude then a solution to the cash shortage in Europe would soon be found without the moneymen trying to squeeze a profit out of any solution.

What s more, is that if experts in the UK are right it also means the recession will not go away until the end of 2014 which means leaving everything in place financially is not going to do any harm whatsoever. Living in the UK is now a double edged sword where the interest rates remain low and the cost of living continues to be high. Living in Spain however is now ideal because you will have the advantage of a lower cost of living to cushion the blow on savings until interest rates one day return to normal.

For the rest of the world speculating on what the Euro is doing or not doing we suggest you just switch the news off and get on with enjoying life. The residents find that far more interesting and more important.

Resale mobile homes: The perfect solution to anyone who is disillusioned with the UK, looking for a brand new lifestyle and of course living somewhere that takes care of you rather than the other way round.

Why perfect? With prices starting from only 18,000 GBP it means giving Spain a try is not the end of the world any more. Imagine owning a home in Spain for the same amount a lot of people are paying for a car. It is as easy as buying a car as well.

Even better is that enjoying the lifestyle starts on day one of owning the mobile home because everything is in place: Wooden decking already built so that you can sit out on at night enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cool San Miguel. A swimming pool to either enjoy a cool dip every now and again or to simply relax sunbathing with new friends who are also in Spain for the same reasons you are. Only resale mobile homes enable the transition from existing in the UK to living in Spain and enjoying life to be such a smooth one.

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