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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

July 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Planning retirement: This is when the fun starts as there are many ways in which you can enjoy your retirement. A mobile home in Spain is just one of them. That is where a dedicated residential retirement park comes in and we can tell you that Park La Posada beats them all. Many people come and visit the park at least a year before they retire so they have plenty of time to think about it and of course make any plans. We are of course on hand to offer any advice and now is the perfect time to take a day out of a holiday in Spain and come and check out the concept of living on a retirement park in Spain.

Summer: July is the hottest month of the year and so if anyone is thinking of living in Spain now is a very good time to spend a week on holiday here on the Costa del Sol. If you enjoy spending a week in Spain now you will love living in Spain all year. You can easily take a day out from your holiday and visit the park. You will be able to ask the residents what they think about spending summer in Spain and they will all tell you how nice it is to plan a BBQ and KNOW that the rain will not spoil it. It is all about enjoying the great social life that exists here.

Customer care advisors: With so many residents now living on mobile home parks in the Antequera area we thought it would be a very good idea to get more residents already living on a mobile home park involved with helping people who are thinking of retiring to Spain by giving lots of first hand information.

We have always been keen on visitors meeting residents rather than salesmen which is why Peter and Jean meet most of our visitors. They both find the experience very rewarding as well as giving them plenty to look forward to. However, with more and more people coming to take a look at the lifestyle for themselves it would be nice if we had others on hand to help them out.

If any newsletter subscriber already living on a park in the Antequera area and would like to meet up with our visitors and show them around then we would love to hear from you, if anyone is interested just reply to this newsletter

Mobile home news: There are two homes to tell you about this month and both are quality homes that are designed to be lived in all year.

The first is an ABI Beverly which is situated on a perfect plot that enjoys quiet surroundings and wonderful views: The price is only 35,000.For more details visit

The other home is a Pemberton Lucerne which is one of the few homes that has a bath. The location on the park is also special as there is countryside behind the home and a large leisure area in front of the home with some great views. The price of this top quality home is only 42,000 and like the ABI Beverly it comes complete decking and many extras. For more details visit

Both homes are well worth taking a look at when on a day visit during your summer holiday here on the Costa del Sol.

Bringing your own home: In June Park La Posada welcomed a new resident who bought their own mobile home from the UK to the park. We arranged everything from collection and transporting to Spain as well as installation and now their Willerby Vogue is fully installed and ready to begin service as their new home in Spain. We are sure they will enjoy the home for many years to come and being a top quality home it will look fantastic once it has decking areas built. The park offers a decking design and build service for those who would rather someone else did it.

In June Steve also relocated two double units as well which included preparing the home for transporting in two halves and reassembly after it has arrived on the new park. There are very few parks licensed for double units and fortunately we are working with one of the best in Park Las Vistas. With Park La Posada for single homes and Park Las Vistas for double homes we now have two dedicated retirement parks to offer visitors. We also assist Park Homes Spain Ltd with their risk free new mobile home sales on both parks. More information

Sales park: We now have two homes on the sales park that can either be bought and placed on a chosen plot on Park La Posada or be bought and taken to either a different park or placed on a plot of land. The park has allocated four more plots on phase 2B for show homes which is great news for anyone trying to sell a home on a camping site that has lots of homes for sale because being up for sale on the show park instead means they can save 100 s of Euros every month in site fees even though their home is empty. Contact us if you would like more details.

Question asked last month: A question that keeps being asked and for good reason. Does the home need to come off the park after so many years and be replaced with a new one? The answer is definitely NO, if the home is kept in good condition and the terms and conditions of the park are met then the home is regarded as a permanent residential home and stays on as long as the clients wants it on the park.

Useful lifestyle information: With July and August residents have learnt to live the Spanish way. The hottest time of the day is around 2.30 and that is now the time to be indoors with the air-conditioning on enjoying a long lunch. This is then followed by a siesta. A true Spanish siesta should last only 40 minutes but many residents enjoy a lot longer than that, the evenings is then the time to be out and about enjoying life.