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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2010

July 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

First: People who have bought a mobile home on a joint camping-mobile home park since last September are about to get their first experience of a Spanish holiday season lasting two months. Busy will be one word that springs to mind and we are sure they will think of a few more by the time they get to the middle of September. Of course most joint camping parks are down by the coast and so the mobile home residents must now expect busy swimming pools and to have to compete with the many holiday makers when it comes to using local bars, restaurants and facilities.

On the residential style retirement parks near Antequera not that much changes during July and August. Yes a few sons and daughters come and visit mum and dad with the grandchildren but that is it and of course they do not bring their pets with them. That is the beauty of living on such a park. The neighbours are the same and life continues in the same relaxed manner. Visitors to Park La Vi?a and Park La Posada this month will see exactly what we mean as they walk round in peace and quiet with not a camper to be seen.

Why have the website listings changed?: One of the retirement residential style parks we represent took the decision recently to only allow one company to operate on the park as agents in the interests of promoting the retirement park concept separately and correctly. We were of course happy to be chosen as the preferred agent although it was not going to alter the way we show all the parks in the area that we represent because we have for some time now specialised in retirement parks only. Carefree Lifestyle Ltd were the chosen agents for new mobile homes on the park as well.

We have and will continue to concentrate on showing the lifestyle first and foremost. Selling the right home on the right park that suits our clients best is what the most important factor is. The choice of park is always down to the visitor and only then is the choice of homes available on that park important. It is important to us that we have no input into which park is preferred by our visitors so we have changed the website in order to promote the concept of owning a mobile home in Spain first and then promote what great value modern mobile homes there are on the chosen park.

Questions we have been asked this month: What about all the Spanish paperwork and registering with the doctors? A very good question and now we have an easy answer. All the paperwork will be done for you free of charge. It is now as easy as that. We will also open Spanish bank accounts with you and introduce you to English speaking bank clerks so that you know you can walk in and sort anything out once the account has been opened.

New homes: On Park La Posada Carefree Lifestyle Ltd are now responsible for assisting clients who want to own a new home on that park. The staff from our sister company Park Homes Spain SL are on hand to help with the viewing stage. As many will know the big mobile home exhibition in Hull in September is when most people get to see the latest model mobile homes on offer and Posada have confirmed that the new plots will be ready for homes that are ordered at the Hull show. As usual John and his team expect to be very busy which is why we are sending Steve, Martin & Derick to Hull to assist them. For us it is a great idea because you will be able to ask a lot of questions regarding the lifestyle here in Spain and of course they can answer any questions related to resale as well. The Caravan Extravaganza (The Lawns) is held at The Lawns, Harland Way, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 5SQ and the dates are the 4th and 5th of September. More details will be given in next months newsletter.

The Pound: At long last the Pound is heading in the right direction and it has been predicted to be at a rate of 1.29 Euros to the Pound by the end of the year. That is good news for Pensioners as it means in effect that in Spain their pensions could be regarded as 29% higher than they were this time last year. Add to that the fact that VAT (IVA) is also cheaper here means that the pension will go further as well. Downsizing from bricks and mortar to a mobile home has been done by many over the years in the UK but it is only now that doing the same in Spain has many more advantages, especially if a resale mobile home is purchased with everything already in place.

Finally: A Mr Trimble asked recently why we put our clients into a hotel in Antequera when they are on inspection visits instead of the village of Mollina. The reason is a very practical one. The town of Antequera is very cosmopolitan with many types of bars and restaurants. It also has a large typical shopping zone with many different types of shops and businesses. It is very easy for our clients to spend a whole evening enjoying themselves just walking around and taking in the very Spanish atmosphere. Clients who feel fit can also walk up to the castle. It adds to the Inspection Visit experience being in the town and everything is within a few moments walk from the hotel. Mollina is a great village and has everything for the residents needs living on the local parks but in no way can it match the town of Antequera for entertainment on offer. We feel that if you are here for a short stay it is important you get to enjoy every moment and staying in a Spanish owned hotel also means you do not experience any pressure whatsoever. You get to see real Spain.