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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2009

July 2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Spain: Paradise Lost or Paradise Found?

After watching the ITV program Paradise Lost we could not believe the way some people have gone and moved to Spain without doing the home work first. Buying a bar without ever having run a bar in their lives? Incredible.

Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to retirement. Better weather of course as well as better cost of living. The program itself highlighted the plight of quite a few people who having spent well in excess of 150,000.00 on villas and apartments found themselves on the wrong side of the planning authorities years later. It also highlighted many who had bought bricks & mortar off plan and now own a home in Spain on an unfinished park with no sign of it ever being finished.

With respect to the program makers the horror stories they portrayed have been around for years and will remain so as more people desperate for a better quality of life dive head first without doing the homework.

So how much does doing the homework cost . The best way is to plan a holiday in the area and during your stay let us take time out and show you the parks and villages. We suggest you plan a visit near Antequera or better still in the town itself where you can experience real Spain rather than the costas which unfortunately having changed so much over the years they no longer represent the real Spain that so many people here have come to love. For those who do not have time to take a holiday at the moment we also offer 3 day 2 night dedicated visit for only 49 per person. A short trip at least allows you to keep looking at the idea having had a good look at what the concept is all about at least.

Why is doing the homework so important? The TV program showed that even those who did some homework as far as buying bricks and mortar went still caught a cold. They bought off plan and took it as read that the complex would be completed in 2 years. That is one major horror story that applies to mobile homes as well. Parks that are not started and are taking deposits or worse still the parks that are not completed after 3 years means that the residents are or will in the future be paying full rents without all the facilities that should go along side. Needless to say the parks we represent are all completed and the residents are extremely happy with the end results. No horror stories there. You are welcome to ask the residents themselves what they think.

Camping and mobile homes:

There are quite a few camp sites now that are also allowing mobile homes on the pitches. The reason we are pointing this out is that there are some major considerations to take into account and having taken them on board you will then understand why the camp sites are being disguised using fancy names and being called residential style parks over the internet, even though the sign on the gate states camping and there are campers all over the place.

Firstly the plots tend to be smaller than the standard 200 sq mtrs. In a lot of cases they are only 110 sq mtrs. Secondly the rents seem to be linked to what was being charged for the day to day camping pitches and so rents as high as 650 Euros a month are now being recorded compared to 310 Euros a month for a 200 sq mtr plot on a mobile home only park. Thirdly they are primarily camp sites which means you will always have strangers on the park who are there for a good time. Do not expect peace and quiet or well behaved kids. Not so with dedicated parks because firstly there is no camping, secondly there is no children living on them (grandchildren are welcome to come and visit) and above all there is no sub letting allowed so no holiday makers. You soon get to know everyone who is living on the park. Making new friends is also easy.

Costa Difference Ltd was named as such because living in a mobile home in Spain IS different. Many people love it and a few do not. However, all of them did their homework and bought knowing the full situation first in a frank and honest way. We do not promote Spain as Paradise. It clearly is not. If you are planning on buying a new mobile home you could be loosing up to 10,000 straight away in it s resale value, as you had to pay transport costs as well as entrance fees for the home itself. Many people have discovered that now to their cost where as buying a resale now for between 35,000 and 50,000 means that the write off value when bought new has been taken care off and you can now live in Spain without tying up a lot of capital. Great value and of course risk free. Why not take a fresh look at the website and see what is on offer now. There are some quality homes completely decked out and ready to move into without any hassle what so ever.

TV programs like Spain: Paradise Lost are great because they encourage people to consider all the angles and to take on board that Spain is not Paradise but simply Different: Better weather, lower cost of living and of course a very different culture.