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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2008

July 2008 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

As we now slip into one of the hottest months of the year life changes for the residents already living here all year round. Family and friends arrive in droves and of course pool duty is a must for those who are grandparents leaving the parents free to go off and enjoy themselves.

You can imagine that although we are so used to sunshine here inSpain we do have to change our lifestyle during the months of July and August. Ask any resident how they cope with these two months and they will all say the same. Do everything you have to do before 1 pm and then plan a very long lunch followed by a kip in the afternoon in the comfort of the home and air conditioning. At around 5.30 you can enjoy afternoon tea on the decking and look forward to a nice long evening with the temperatures still ideal to sit outside as late as two in the morning. A star filled sky adds to the magic

What about inspection trips during those 2 months? Well it is fair to say that August is normally a quiet month as far as trips are concerned but not because of the weather here in Spain. The main reason is that most people are either on holiday themselves or the price of the flights is putting them off. Our advice is for customers to check out flights for the last two weeks in September and all of October. That 6 week period is a great time to visit and you will see the area at its best. You will of course also have plenty to think about for next year which is just around the corner by then. That is what Inspection Visits are all about.

Whilst on the subject of Inspection Visits, it is best to plan some time on your own when on one in order to get a real taste of life in Spain. We do of course collect you from the airport and take you to the hotel in Antequera but once there you are free to settle in and of course explore the wonderful town in the evening. The hotel is right in the center of the town so you have everything you need in the way of bars and restaurants. Our job is to show you the parks and homes and we do that the following day starting at 10.30 am. Once you have enjoyed your Inspection day with us we take you back to the hotel to once again enjoy yourself. We then collect you the next day to take you to the airport.

It is worth pointing out that we do not allow anyone to simply buy a mobile home during an inspection visit even if they wanted to. For those who see a home that they really want (and they planned to buy a home in the first place) they pay 200 Euros to take the home off sale for up to 7 days and then pay the deposit once they are back in the UK. We will not accept a deposit until the customer is back in the UK and back in the real world. It is for that reason we say leave your cheque book behind .

Why do we do that? We know how wonderful the parks are but we also know that there is a lot of information to take in. It is for that reason we allow plenty of time for you to consider what we have shown you, is this park better than that park? Is a mobile home in Spain perfect for you? Only once you have had plenty of time to think can you proceed and purchase a mobile home. The flight back is always a good time to discuss what we have shown you in full.

Anyway, enough about our Inspection Visits, more news, we have this month had 2 Willerby Vogues arrive on Park La Posada and we have to say they look fantastic. They are both the Outlook versions with French Doors in the front. Being large mobile homes 42 x 13 foot once they have their decking s built the new owners will be enjoying life to the full outside as well as inside. In September they will be joined by the first Ibiza Dublin mobile home 39 x 13 which is being built at the moment. As there are now only 6 plots left I think it is fair to say that the manufactures Willerby in the UK and Ibiza in Spain seem to be the manufactures of choice so far although all makes and models are on offer. We have a dedicated site for new homes at