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Posted on December 30, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

Happy New Year everyone: 2018 looks like it is going to be a great year for many who visited the parks in 2017 with their retirement due in the coming year. There are already quite a few second viewing trips booked taking advantage of the low-cost flights that can be found in March and April. Some will now be looking to make offers on certain resale mobile homes that are of interest. They will be keeping a very close eye on the website to see what is still available.

When coming on a visit you are met at the airport by a resident who will then be the one showing you around over the next few days. We use residents to welcome visitors and show them around because they have been through the whole system themselves which means they have all the answers to all your questions. It also means the visit should be both informative and enjoyable. For second visits we try and arrange it, so that the same resident looks after you the second time around.

>>> Park visits are the only way to get to experience the lifestyle <<

Regal Leisure Homes: In December Martin & Derick paid a visit to the Regal Leisure Homes factory in Wareham in Dorset and were very impressed with what they saw. The Regal range of homes are perfect for Spain. It was decided there and then that Costa Difference Ltd would become distributors for their range of mobile homes for Park La Posada and Paradise Park in Spain.

Quality homes that are perfectly priced. The range is already on our website along with the certain Willerby models that are still considered suitable for Spain after changes in their production methods. No such worries with Regal homes from what we saw which makes their addition to our range of UK manufactured homes great news.

With Wareham being so close to Yeovil, Derick will be able to arrange factory visits should anyone want to see for themselves the build quality. UK manufactured homes are often favoured because of the interior designs. Regal Homes are no exception. Their range is perfect for anyone wanting a home that looks so “English”. Take a look at the Elegance model and you will see what we mean. Great value with quality built in.

>>> Regal Leisure homes can be adapted for Spain easily <<<

Life in Spain: In the news recently was a list of drinks that the Spanish enjoy lots of over the Christmas period and the list contained several surprises.

The first was Cider which topped the list. It must be said that the table was drawn up from people’s choices all over Spain and not just the “Costas”. In northern Spain Cider is a specialty which makes it surprising that it is not a drink that is enjoyed all over Spain as a whole. With Cider topping the list thanks to all the drinkers in Northern Spain the second was not such a surprise, Cava. This classic Spanish drink is brought out for both Christmas and New Year, this was then followed closely by Sherry and of course Rioja red wine.

Next on the list was one more surprise, Sweet Malaga Wine to go on Christmas Eve with the favourite Christmas shortbread cookies, such as Mantecados and Polvorones.  Sweet Malaga Wine is the Malaga region’s export product and is enjoyed all over Spain, especially on the evening of the 24th of December.

Now for the final two and both come with winter in mind and yes Spain does have a winter. The first is Warm Spiced Sangria which is regular Summer Sangria with spices such as cinnamon & cloves added, along with some fresh apple juice. The drink is then heated to piping hot and once hot local honey is added. Any winter chill is soon taken care of once a splash of brandy is added at the end to intensify the warm feeling when being drunk.

The final drink on the list is Hot Chocolate which is drunk in the afternoons with Churros (long donut to be dipped in the Chocolate) A steaming hot cup of chocolate is served almost pudding thick in Spain in most cafes, and surprisingly it is not too sweet. Real chocolate is melted down with the milk and sugar, providing a cup of warmth and a kick of caffeine to keep you going until dinner. Cafes serving the best Chocolate and Churros can be seen packed out around 4pm in the afternoons during the festive period.

>>> Enjoying the Spanish lifestyle is what life is all about <<<

Park News: Park La Posada has had the last remaining plot for a new home reserved just before Christmas. 2017 was a fantastic year for the park with Park Lodge Homes being the most popular homes ordered to go onto phase three. In fact, the latest Windsor show home being built for Posada has been snapped up before it has even got to the park. Still in production in Alicante a client paid a deposit and changed the design to how they want it during the production stage. Their new Windsor will now have a bath in the main bathroom plus a full walk in shower in the en-suite bathroom.

The clients also changed the colours of the kitchen units as well as all the furniture in the bedrooms. They even changed where the fire in the lounge was to go as well as the type of fire. It will now have a gas fire and chimney instead of an electric one. The street this home is going on has five Park Lodges installed already and the street does look impressive as a result.

>>> Park Lodge Homes are custom built one at a time <<<

Paradise Park on the Costa Blanca has 10 plots available at present and so it has been decided to put a brand-new Windsor show home on that park now. Windsor show homes already on the park saves clients a lot of money as the transport from the factory to the park is not charged on show homes. The client buying the one destined for Park La Posada saved £1800 in the process. The new Windsor show home should be on Paradise Park in March and as always, a 10% deposit will secure the home.

The latest park, Corrales Retirement Park will also be ready for double unit homes in March as well.

The first person to order the new Compton Park Lodge on either Paradise Park or Corrales Park will be given the chance to order one as a show home. That will save them a lot of money. Visiting the park in March will be the first step for anyone who fancies a double unit in Spain. This will be followed by a visit to the factory in Alicante.

Saydo Park: In the village of Mollina near Antequera joins Corrales Park as a perfect location for a Willerby Clearwater Lodge. We are now able to show that park as well by teaming up with Caravans in the Sun making a visit to Spain with a Clearwater Lodge in mind well worthwhile. Seeing all the options available for double unit mobile homes in the same area during a visit makes sense, and only happens when companies representing different parks are happy to work together to enable clients see all the options.

>>> Two 100% residential parks. Live in Spain like the Spanish <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park decided that as the weather was so good on Christmas Day he would have a BBQ instead of joining the others for a traditional UK Christmas dinner. He was never one for Christmas and so out of the freezer came a nice juicy steak to defrost whilst he called the family back home in the UK.

2pm soon came and Ex-Pat was seen to be enjoying himself sat on his decking in the sunshine savouring his well-cooked steak, accompanied by veg, gravy and a jacket potato, washed down with a nice bottle of Faustino VII red wine. At 4pm tradition then took over and he sat down inside the home to watch the Queens speech on TV, something he has never missed in years. Spain is of course one hour ahead which is why it was 4pm and not 3pm.

Not long after that he fell asleep in the chair only to be woken up at 6pm by Eric knocking on his door. “Come on Ex-Pat, we are all at Colin and Pat’s tonight for an evening of cards”, “grab some drinks and come along, no need to bring food as there is plenty left over” shouted Eric.

To be honest Ex-Pat was hoping for a quiet night in as he was never one for celebrating Christmas. However, once the fun started and the jokes (mainly on him being a miserable old git) started flowing he soon began to enjoy himself along with all the others. He was very surprised that it was 2am by the time he got to say goodnight to everyone and returned home.

Not a bad Christmas at all he thought as he settled down for the night, saw all the family on Skype, enjoyed a wonderful steak in the afternoon sunshine and had a great evening with friends. Best of all worlds.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him? <<<

Finally: 2017 was a very special year for us. It was the year we became mobile home designers and working with two factories here in Spain we have gone out of the box as it were designing homes for Spain.

Take the Reading model for example. That model home was designed with a single person in mind. The second bedroom is a waste of space when living on your own for most of the time, so it was important that the master bedroom made full use of the size of home. To have a Park Lodge Home that converted into a two-bedroom home in an instant was for us a great idea.

The Reading design was the result of some clever design choices (sliding doors built into the walls) and the show home on Park La Posada will be the only one on that park until 2019 when more plots become available. That is the reason we have already installed aircon and a 42-inch TV, so any new owner can move in straight away.

2017 was also a record year for visitors and so we have decided to freeze the £79 per person for the four-day three-night visits to see the parks during 2018. As usual it will include airport transfers and hotel accommodation.

Park La Posada with their free installation offer meant that all the available plots for new homes on that park were reserved in 2017 which means visits to that park will now concentrate on the two remaining brand new show homes on phase three and the resale homes on offer around the park. There is for example a nearly new Linear mobile home up for sale on that park that is great value so well worth seeing. With quality decking built and remote-controlled window blinds this home is special.

With all resale homes you can see straight away what you are getting for your money and the ages of the homes can vary quite a lot, from 12 years old to less than 2 years old. There is always a resale home for everyone.

>>> The Park Lifestyle is what makes it work. Living in Spain with new friends <<<

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

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