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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Jan 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Happy New Year: Steve, Derick, Martin, Peter, Jean, Malcolm and Sue would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Being a small and dedicated company means we have made many new friends during 2012 as we showed visitors the parks and lifestyle. 2013 already looks like a busy year as well with bookings already made in advance up to April.

The weather: The Costa del Sol is a great winter location and of course residents who live here full time appreciate the sunshine during the day. Lunch can still be enjoyed on the decking although some days there is also a chill in the air. The good news however is that there is still very little rain and for newsletter subscribers living with perpetual rain and the threat of flooding that must make the Costa del Sol seem perfect. When it rains in Spain it rains, a lot and in a short time but then life returns to normal.

Mobile homes: Resale mobile homes unlike new mobile homes are all unique as the current owners have made many changes to their homes after they bought them. A good example of what we mean is an Atlas Heritage which has been redecorated throughout in bright pastel colours and with free standing top spec leather furniture inside. It is nothing like the home that was sent out from the UK from the Atlas factory. The same can be said for many of the homes. They have all been adapted to life in Spain by their owners.

Decking: When one thinks of a decking area it is easy to simply imagine decking boards as part of a garden feature. Not so in Spain. The decking becomes part of the home. It is lived in or on most of the year. 40 sq mtrs is common and many have different levels designed into the decking area giving them twice as much living space as the home itself. Some have cost as much as 10,000 to erect and without doubt there are some fantastic designs to see. It is very easy to imagine being sat on the decking enjoying a glass of wine or a beer in the evenings when taking a look at the home for sale.

Lifestyle: After a resident has lived on the park for over a year they become acclimatised to the Spanish weather. That means in the winter on go coats and jumpers. Funny thing is however is that the visitors from the UK still find the weather during the day nice and warm and so down by the beaches you will see many people still walking around in shorts and tee shirts.

Being acclimatised works very well because in the summer residents get quite used to the heat. They know when to go inside and enjoy the cool air from the aircon yet are able to spend most of the day outside as well in glorious sunshine. It is the evenings however that makes Spain so different. In the winter they are chilly and so inside in front of the fire is perfect. In the summer they are cool and so outside with a drink on the decking is then the ideal place to be.

Flights: Coming to take a look is all about finding cheap flights and regarding the whole experience as simply getting away for a few days. 59 per person is all it takes to see the parks and area as far as we are concerned and you will feel at home as soon as you come out of the arrivals hall at Malaga airport and see the person waiting for you exactly where we said they would be. After that you are then free to ask all the questions you want as you are then taken to the hotel. We are very used to answering questions as soon as people have arrived.

Finally: Three homes will have new owners in January as their sales process comes to completion. The process is much the same as in the UK. Offers are made and accepted, completion dates agreed, deposits made and the sale process secured with a legal sales contract. We look forward to handing over the keys and welcoming them to Spain and their new lifestyle.