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Jan 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Happy New Year: First the team both in Spain and in the UK would like to wish all our newsletter subscribers a Happy New Year. 2012 will be very exciting for sure for the newsletter subscribers who are thinking of retiring to Spain this year.

2011: Park La Posada enjoyed a very successful year. The competition 4 lane all weather bowls green was completed early on in the year and as a result the residents have formed their own bowls club and enjoyed many days playing bowls against other clubs situated on the Costa del Sol. Membership is open to any resident who likes the idea of playing bowls.

2011 was also a good year as far as people wanting to relocate their existing mobile home onto the park. Phase 2B was bought forward and was completed by the end of the year. There are already quite a few homes relocated and congratulations go to Steve and Peter for the way they dealt with everything from initial visits to the park through to the safe transportation of the homes from other parks in Spain and the UK. Enquiries for relocations continue to grow as more and more people see the benefits of living on a dedicated residential retirement park.

Good news for the residents: The park already has a solid reputation for looking after all aspects of living on a residential mobile home park in Spain by maintaining their park to a 5 star standard as well as adding to the parks facilities and services. One decision that deserves a special mention however is that for the third year running the park management have decided to keep the park fees the same as they were back in 2008. Good news for the residents of course as the rates could have been increased by the rate of inflation under the terms of the park contract.

Choice of resale homes: The mobile homes for sale on the park allows visitors to see quite a few different model homes from all the major UK manufacturers. This is ideal for those who are on fact finding visits because as always there is no attempt to sell this home or that home during their visit. For people who have already been out to see the park however and are in the process of making all the arrangements to get ready to retire to Spain we recommend signing up for our price alert service.

This service will alert you if a home is added to the website or a price is altered. Ideal for those who are in a position to put in an offer more or less straight away. An example recently was a Pemberton Lucerne that was placed under offer within two weeks of going up for sale. The new owners were onto the home like a shot and loved what they saw. A 10% deposit secures the home for up to three months.

Resale homes of interest: This month we are highlighting an Atlas Oakwood Super. This is indeed a quality home and this home is as good as new. It has substantial decking and a lot of extras. The price of the home is only 37,950 and that is for a top range residential mobile home. For someone wanting a blank canvas to build their own decking and to make the home their own we can offer an Aitana Prestige for only 22,500. This home can be placed on any vacant plot on the park if preferred to the one it is currently on.

New mobile homes : In 2012 new mobile homes will be competing with some very well established resale mobile homes. More and more people are now looking at resale mobile homes on offer first and then checking out the new mobile homes if they did not see a resale mobile home they were interested in. As a result sales of resale mobile homes in 2011 remained steady whilst the sales of new mobile homes in Spain slowed down as a whole. Many new parks in Spain still have empty plots despite huge discounts being offered on new mobile homes. The bottom line is that new mobile homes can not offerthe same deals as the top quality resale mobile homes which come with everything already in place.

The other problem with new mobile homes is that the parks in Spain no longer have show homes anymore due to the costs involved in shipping and diplaying them. This means that the sales of new mobile homes have to be done in two stages. The solution of course is quite easy. We recommend visiting the park without a resale or a new mobile home in mind and then see what you think once you are on the park. If as a result of a visit you think that perhaps buying a resale mobile home is the best option then it is simply a matter of keeping an eye on the Costa Difference website. If however owning a new home is preferred then we are more than happy to put you in touch with Carefree Lifestyle Ltd who are the main dealers on Park La Posada for all the major UK manufacturers.

Posada El Tempranillo Hotel: Right next door to the park is a sixteenth century hotel called the Posada El Tempranillo. This hotel is very Spanish and the residents often enjoy a typical menu del dia there as well as popping into the bar to mix it with the locals. On many a Saturday night Wedding Celebrations can be heard and of course during the summer most of it takes place outside. We have always pointed out that the park offers the best of both worlds in that residents live within an English speaking community on the park itself yet have real Spain just outside the entrance to the park. What we have never pointed out is that real Spain can be enjoyed just 100 mtrs away and there is no better place to enjoy it than the Hotel Posada El Tempranillo.

Question asked this month: Why can we not sublet our homes so that we can earn money from them? The answer is very straight forward. Being a residential retirement park the success or failure of the park is down to the quality of the park itself and of course the quality of the homes that are on the park. By not having different holiday-makers living next door every week or fortnight the residents can enjoy living in a community alongside their like minded neighbours. The other bonus is that the homes are always well looked after by their owners and that also helps maintain the standard of the park itself. Friends and family are of course welcome to stay even when the owners are not in residence because for the park they represent the extended family.

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