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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

Jan 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

We will take this opportunity to wish all newsletter readers a Happy New Year of course but for the lucky few who are retired and able to move to Spain we are on hand to make them happier for sure by helping them get away from such crazy weather and move to Spain. We have homes sited on top quality residential retirement parks starting at only 25,000. That is the big advantage of resale mobile homes.

Why consider a resale mobile home: We have been asked many times why is a mobile home in Spain the perfect way to be able to live abroad ? The answer is that by living on an established community you are living in a safe environment with lots of support. What can be better than that? The answer is buying a mobile home that is already in Spain complete with decking, shed and a lot more. The residential style park it is on is also fully established and with a settled community.

Resale mobile homes save more than money: Resale mobile homes also save you time. The homes are ready to enjoy straight away. Relaxing on the decking is possible from day one. That does not mean there is not some work to be done of course because in most cases clients come with their own ideas and can see how with a few changes they can have exactly the home and decking they would like. A classic example is one client on La Posada bought a resale mobile home at a fantastic price with the idea that she was going to paint the walls inside and change the seating in the lounge. Having done what she had planned she then added a roof onto the decking and now has the home of her dreams. The home is now worth more than she bought it for which is a big bonus.

How does it all start: Using the same client as an example she came on two dedicated inspection visits in order to make sure she was doing the right thing. In her words it was better for her to invest a few hundred pounds in making sure she was not making a big mistake in the beginning rather than it cost her thousands of pounds trying to put right a wrong decision later on. The park the home was on was just as important as the home itself. A year later she is very happy, settled and now has the home she loves and is worth every penny she has spent.

Special offer for February: Once again we have teamed up with the Hotel Castilla in Antequera and are now able to offer newsletter subscribers a special offer of a three night Inspection Visit for the price of two (based on two people sharing a room) for the month of February. That means newsletter subscribers can take a three night stay in Spain for only 59 per person plus a low cost flight. February is a great month to find low cost flight bargains. This offer is only available to newsletter subscribers and will not be advertised on the website. To claim your extra free night you will need to confirm your e-mail address when making the booking with Derick on 0117 318 2188

Dedicated visits: They always start at Malaga or Granada airports. The team members are there to welcome you to Spain and of course to apologise should it be raining when you arrive. Fortunately that does not happen very often and almost never between the end of May and the end of September. They then take you to the hotel in Antequera to check in and relax. The hotel is smack in the middle of the town which is famous for many things including an abundance of Tappas bars. We like to think of the dedicated visits as a time to enjoy as well as time to get to see what it is all about.

Question asked this month: How often do the park fees rise? The correct answer would be every January in line with inflation. However that was not the case in 2010 on all the parks because Park La Posada for example did not increase the fees at all in Jan 2010. What is more is that they have just informed the residents that they will not be increasing the park fees in 2011 either.

Useful lifestyle information: It might sound very daft but living in Spain does not mean you can not or will not want to enjoy a holiday every now and again. Because Antequera is so perfectly placed quite a few residents have bought either a motor home or caravan so that they can explore and enjoy cost effective holidays. A good example is Portugal. three hours down the motorway and you are there.

Bowling green: The bowling green on park La Posada is now complete and the bowls club formed by the residents is making the most of the new facility. 2011 looks like being a very interesting year as bowls clubs from around the region will come and play matches. They will be very impressed with the new facility for sure.

Residents from other parks in the Antequera area are able to join the bowls club and use the facility as well by becoming paid up members. We can also report that the management have also asked us to let them know if there are any other facilities they could provide that would improve the experience of the residents.

Mobile home of the month: This month it is an Atlas Ovation 2 bedroom home on Park La Posada

This home is in a great position on the park and being at the end of a row it enjoys a bigger plot than most. It also enjoys great views. The decking is very extensive and the home is a quality home. Ideal for those who want gardens as well as plenty of living space as the previous owner had done a lot to the plot. It has lots of wow factors.

Finally: We would like to wish everyone again a happy and prosperous New Year and for those who are lucky enough to be able to come and visit us we look forward to welcoming you to Spain soon. For those who have visited us in 2010 and are now trying to sell their homes in the UK in order to move to Spain we wish them every success in the coming months.