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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2010

Jan 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

2009 was to say an interesting year with the only two economies in Europe still in recession being the UK and Spain. What has been noticed is in 2009 within the mobile home industry is the use of what can only be described as discrete hard sell tactics between some dealers who are selling new mobile homes in Spain. Claims such as we will beat any price and can save you 1000 s with we are the largest and of course we can be trusted are now being plastered over certain websites. The result? Certain manufacturers are now going back to the old methods of appointing main dealers for certain areas and countries in order to stop the practice of selling their new mobile homes at all costs. When buying a new mobile home the reputation of the dealership is just as important as the price. Manufacturers of new UK mobile homes recognise that.

Fortunately that minefield does not exist as far as resale mobile homes are concerned. The owner who is selling the mobile home puts a price on it and of course those who wish to buy the home are of course putting in offers these days. 2009 was the first year that we have put offer accepted against a listing on our website.

We have during 2009 tried to make the newsletter more about information rather than just about promoting homes and we hope we have got the mix just about right. Useful information such as the differences between camp sites that allow mobile homes and dedicated mobile home parks only. Useful information regarding the area of Antequera and of course the concept of retiring to live in a mobile home has also been sent in the form of an electronic brochure to many people. We also welcome any questions from visitors to the website or newsletter subscribers.

Living in a mobile home on a park does not suit everybody. For many people it is their first time living in a community. The security of living in a community is priceless for those who do not understand a single word of Spanish or the Spanish culture. Living in a community makes speaking Spanish not important as the reception deal with all matters Spanish and of course everyone else living on the park speak English. It is also priceless that if a problem does occur because it is guaranteed that either the office has a solution or one of the residents have experienced the same problem and knows the solution.

So what is there to make it not suit everybody? The short first answer is finances. We have been amazed that the number of people who have bought mobile homes on parks/campsites charging in excess of 450 Euros per month for plots less than 200 sq metres. The idea seems to be OK in the beginning but normally after a year or so the amount they are paying each month over and above the standard industry rate of 300 to 346 Euros a month for a 200 sq metre plot sinks in.

A community works when everyone considers everyone else. Ideal if say you fall and break a leg as there will be many residents only to pleased to help you, go shopping for you and generally making sure you are OK. It is the community spirit that makes a residential style park work. The entertainment in the community centre is also arranged by the residents themselves just like in a traditional village hall. It does not suit the person however who resents being asked to slow down when driving around the park. It does not suit the resident who does not like to be told that they cannot use plastic decking as it will lower the standard of the park itself.

It is one of the main reasons why the parks themselves have quite a few rules in place. They want above all that their park is one of the best in Spain and all the residents love living there. Rules on what you can erect on your plot and of course how you look after your animals on the park form a sound base for them to achieve their goal of having a first class park with many happy residents. The fact that no subletting is allowed also helps build a perfect park environment.

Finally, because we are in the business of selling resale mobile homes we do offer a great mobile home for you to consider for the New Year. We think it is fantastic value and has lots of extras included. It is a 2 Bedroom Atlas Heritage on Park La Posada currently advertised at 36500. The owners have asked us to promote the home this month and so they have reduced the price by 2000 so that it qualifies to be included in this newsletter. It is a very interesting home and the price on the website will be changed in the New Year to 34,500 giving newsletter subscribers a chance to have a look first. Full details are on