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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2008

Jan 2008 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Firstly happy New Year everyone. We hope 2008 turns out as good as you are hoping for.

December for the team in Spain was nice and busy which meant that the run up to Christmas was great. The first new Hand Made Custom Designed mobile home made by Ibiza Homes in Alicante arrived on one of the parks on the 13th and was very quickly installed so that the new owners could move in on the 15th of December. We worked with Park Homes Spain SL the main distributors here in Spain and being hand made they can only produce 24 homes a year so we were very lucky to get one just before Christmas.

What is a hand made custom designed mobile home we hear you ask? Well Ibiza Homes make mobile homes to Park Home standards here in Spain. With this in mind we have developed with the company a way for our customers to design their own home based on a standard layout. This means they can have French doors here, a window there, this colour outside, this colour inside, 2 bathrooms, the list goes on and being hand built the quality is guaranteed along with the fact that it is guaranteed for 10 years anyway. The choice of furniture is also great from sofa beds to leather settees.

Is it expensive? No, it costs no more than a UK made mobile home. The best news of all is that each home is unique unlike a lot of the UK models which are produced in large production batches. As an example every Atlas made model specific home looks exactly the same inside and out and what is more they do not recommend that their homes are used in Spain. In contrast Willerby and BK Bluebird, our recommended UK manufacturers, are shaping the way with innovative designs and are happy for their homes to be used in Spain.

Ibiza homes however are made in Spain and the price of the designed home is given after all the changes are made. You can save even more money by having it unfurnished if you want which is great for those who already have wonderful furniture that they want to bring with them.

What this means is that when you buy a new home with Costa Difference you have a choice between the best of the UK market or the unique opportunity offered by the Spanish manufacturer.

Costa Difference Ltd as a company is as everyone knows all about re-sale mobile homes in Andalucia and our level of service was certainly stretched a little when Mr and Mrs T arrived at Malaga airport on an Inspection Visit to look at the parks and resale s with a slight problem. Mrs T had flown from the UK and during the flight checked her passport and found that she had her son s passport and not hers!!!

Fortunately for Mrs T the Spanish passport control was just as bad as EasyJet and did not notice either so we had a customer in Spain who did not have a passport. Imagine, on the Friday before Christmas we had to fly to the British Consulate in Malaga and presented them with the problem. The first thing they had to have was a faxed copy from a Police Station of Mrs T s passport and so the son was dispatched to Swindon Police Station and once there found that they were unable to send a fax to Spain. Someone must have mislaid the instruction book for the fax machine. Stalemate, however the nearer we got to 1.30pm which was when the Consulate closed for Christmas and still no fax the importance of the fax seemed to melt away in the Spanish sun and Mr & Mrs T who are also newsletter subscribers will enjoy that bit.

To continue, by 1.30 pm on a Friday afternoon all was well after the Consulate phoned the Police in Swindon and issued Mrs T a temporary passport. The next 2 days went very well and Mr & Mrs T were able to relax and take in bucket loads of information as they were taken around and shown everything. When they left Malaga on the Sunday firmly clutching passports we were able to relax knowing that their Inspection Visit has gone well for them.

Why is the level of service so important to us? Our task as a company is to show clients a way of life more than the parks and homes and to do that the clients have to be relaxed and so are able to take in a lot of information in a short space of time. We as a company do not have sales targets or sales expectations so we only need to show our clients value homes, great locations, and perfect facilities, the rest is easy.

To end, we are looking forward to 2008 as we have some great resale homes to show you and our price alert service allows you to be the first to know when a home is added or reduced. You can sign up for this service on our website.

Have a great January and for those who are coming out on the 3 nights for 2 offer we look forward to meeting you soon and in 2008 we might even see Mr & Mrs T again as a second Inspection Visit is on the cards, bring your passport please Mrs T.