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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2014

Feb 2014** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Winter in Spain: Everyone likes to think that the sun shines every day in Spain and it is always as warm as toast. Well to be honest it does rain during January a little and it can feel chilly some days when there is the remains of an artic wind that has dropped most of Europe to near freezing. It is after all wintertime and the temperatures have to be compared with those in the UK to get the full picture.

What is without doubt though is there is much less rain in Spain in January than in the UK. It is also a fact that in three or four weeks time spring will be on the horizon and that is without doubt the best time of year to be living in Spain. Nice warm sunny days to enjoy at a temperature that is very comfortable.

>>> Did you know that Granada is a thriving ski resort right now? What a contrast <<<

Car insurance: Direct Line Insurance in Spain is known as Linea Directa. The good news is that like Direct Line in the UK they deal with all types of insurance and of course the important thing here is that it is in English. They also allow the UK no claims bonus to be transferred as well.

Car insurance here in Spain also has an added advantage. All policies must include breakdown cover. Towing your own car anywhere is illegal here in Spain; you must always use a recovery vehicle. Being able to call your English speaking insurance company and getting them to arrange it should a breakdown happen means you can drive in Spain knowing you will not have any problems.

>>> MOT s are called ITV s in Spain and obtained at a regional ITV centre and not a local garage <<<

Lifestyle: Each month we try to give readers a little lifestyle information from pets to cars and a lot more besides. This month it is all about treating your decking. Decking areas are important because so much time can be spent outside on them.

Wood is one of the few commodities that is expensive here in Spain and so it makes sense to keep the decking in good order. It also makes sense to do it in early spring when the sun is not as hot and the treatment has time to soak in. Some homes for sale have had as much as 10,000 spent on them.

>>> Decking areas can be up to 40 square meters which is as much as the home itself <<<

Flights? : We have given you this trick before and it is worth mentioning it again. If you want to come to Spain for a visit on say the 17th until the 22nd of any month type in the 19th until the 24th when searching for flights. Airlines hope you have to travel on the day you put sometimes. Next look at the three day or weeks view on the airline s website and see if the flights are cheaper. They are quite a lot of the time.

Using that info why not see if you can arrange a short visit to come and see the parks and lifestyle for yourself? What we suggest is you first try and find a great flight deal using the trick above. You can look at a three, four, five or six days stay, it does not matter.

Next tell us the dates when you can book yourselves a good flight deal. We will then come back to you and tell you what we can get a hotel booked for in Antequera for the whole of your planned stay. The price will include airport transfers. It will also include a visit to see the parks and area. Finding a flight deal first makes it very easy to enjoy a short break in Spain which with our help will be very informative and cost effective.

>>> Antequera is a great town to spend a few days. Very cosmopolitan yet very Spanish <<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life) so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain which as you already know begins as soon as they exit the park.

For this month the chosen word is siguiente . Imagine you are in the supermarket waiting your turn to be served at the deli counter and you are next. When you hear the staff member shout siguiente you will now know she or he is shouting more or less next person please . We say more or less because Spanish custom is not to waste so much time and energy shouting next person please when a simple one word next will do. The British residents are so polite in Spanish eyes.

>>> Nearly very bar will have a TV running in the background as part of the atmosphere <<<

Finally: This month on our Facebook Page we posted a fun item. We have stated that there is a mobile home for sale on our website that comes with a bonus. The park fees have been paid until the end of this year. The only clue as to which home has the offer is a $ sign somewhere in the website listing. To make it slightly easier we also put on Facebook a single photo of inside the home. We know a lot of people look at many of the homes for sale and so this will simply add a little more interest.

All visitors to the park will of course be shown the home. To make what we are doing even more interesting for those viewing we will extend the rent paid period into 2015 itself to make it a full 12 months rent paid from the date of the deposit being paid should the person buying the home also be registered for our price alert service at the time.