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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Feb 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Relocations: We begin with a very special offer that might be of interest to people who own a mobile home on a park or campsite in Spain or the UK and wished it was on a 5 star residential retirement park on the Costa del Sol.

For the month of February Park La Posada are offering 5 lucky people the chance to relocate their home for only 1500 Euros fully installed on a 200 sq mtr plot plus transport. This is great news for those who’s home is already on the Costa del Sol because it will only cost around 2500 including transport for them to relocate their own mobile home onto Park La Posada.

Different homes: We have always said that nothing beats seeing for yourself and a home added last month is a good example of what we mean. The home is an Atlas Heritage which Atlas made 1000’s of over the years. All the homes manufactured by Atlas looked the same, were furnished the same and decorated the same. If you have already seen inside an Atlas Heritage you could be forgiven for thinking you know what this one would be like. You would of course be wrong. The home has been redecorated and refurnished to suit the owners taste and what is for sale is very different and very stylish. It is a very up market Atlas Heritage.

Social life: One of the big advantages of living within a community of like minded people is that there is always something going on. It is what we refer to as the lifestyle. Residents themselves arrange events and there is a social committee made up of residents who just love arranging things. Residents are free to be involved with as little or as much as they wish. The same goes for all the facilities that the park offers.

The bowls green is a perfect example. If you fancy learning how to bowl then there is always someone who would love to teach you. The community runs itself and of course the office is there to deal with anything that is Spanish related. The perfect combination for those who have always dreamed of retiring to Spain without any stress involved, Park La Posada offers the perfect solution with the settled community already resident on the park and all the facilities and support in place.

Choice of resale homes: The growing resale mobile home market in Spain has meant that there is now a greater choice of makes and model homes to choose from and all with decking built. Park La Posada is no exception with some fantastic resale mobile homes for sale ranging from only 18,000 up to 65,000 for a top of the range Cambrian Millbrook. The choice of homes means that for sure visitors always see something that really impresses them.

Resale home of interest: This month we are suggesting an ABI Brisbane. This home is for sale for only 18,000 and with planning permission already in place for a full 40 sq mtrs of decking it allows for anyone buying it to make it exactly how they want it for a few thousand pounds more. That means for less than 25,000 they could have the home and decking of their dreams, they can extend the decking exactly how they want it and above all the home is ready to be lived in straight away whilst they make their desired changes and alterations.

Money and banking: Nearly all the residents have Spanish bank accounts with various banks in the village. All the banks have English speaking staff and opening a bank account is extremely easy and just requires a passport. What is also the norm is that most residents also keep their UK bank accounts as well. Moving money between accounts has become very easy and of course free of charge thanks to companies such as Exchange4free. Pensions continue to be paid in the UK and residents simply transfer money over to Spain as and when they need it.

3 day visits to Park La Posada: Dedicated visits to see Park La Posada are an ideal way of seeing the park and lifestyle for those thinking of moving to Spain. During the course of a year we carry out many such visits. All visits are regarded by us as fact finding and so we try and pass on as much local information as we can in such a short space of time. Information overload is of course a concern but thanks to e-mails we can carry on answering any questions long after the visitor has returned to the UK.

Question asked this month: What are the ball park figures for transporting a mobile home? We know that no one can begin to consider moving their home until they have an idea for the costs, so we do try and rough figures at the beginning of any relocation enquiry.

To give newsletter readers with their own mobile homes some idea here are the ball park figures for a 12 x 38 model mobile home from the following locations. Within the area of Antequera 900 Euros. Within the Costa del Sol 1200 Euros. From Alicante 1900 Euros and from the UK 6500 Pounds.

Adding transport and the special offer that Park La Posada are offering together means that moving homes can be the perfect solution to anyone wishing their home was on a residential park on the Costa del Sol.

Finally: If you have a question that has not been covered in any of our newsletters then we would love to hear it. Answering questions is what we like to think we do best. To ask a question please visit the website and use the contact us form.