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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

Feb 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Quality of life: We are often asked what are the benefits of living on a mobile home park rather than renting an apartment on the Costas? The answer is very simple and is summed up in two ways, security and quality of life. Security is obvious with the parks not only secure but each has an office that is there to take care of any problem you might have. So what about quality of life? We have always said that the residential parks are the very best you will find in Spain and the facilities on offer allows for a very good quality of life. This newsletter is dedicated to just what living in Spain should always be about, a good quality of life that is stress free.

New facilities added: All the residents on both parks can now enjoy the 4 lane competition bowls green that has recently been completed at a cost in excess of 60,000. A UK company was used to lay the green itself and the quality is such that it will be a new venue in 2011 as part of the Costa del Sol bowls league. The fact that the park has invested such a huge sum of money at the residents request is further evidence that mobile home parks are committed to their residents enjoyment whilst living in Spain. Pictures will be added to the website shortly. The bowls club that has been formed by the residents themselves now has over 60 members. Members from visiting clubs on the Costa del Sol will be very impressed with the facilities.

The resident themselves: Some of the residents have now been living on the parks for 5 years now and are very organised when it comes to arranging things in the park community centres. Life is not all about relaxing by the pool. Take Valentines Night for example. On one of the parks the residents themselves have organised a live entertainment evening with The Very Best of the Golden Oldies from Laurence Harley. The beauty of living in a community is that you can get involved in as much or as little as you wish. If a coach trip to Gibraltar is what you will enjoy then they are arranged every couple of months. All the residents have a say in what they would like to do. If you would rather stay at home relaxing on your decking with friends then you simply make your own arrangements. In short, it is like living in a small village

Weather: We reported last year just how much rain there was in January. We are pleased to report that this year things have returned to normal. Yes it has rained but only a few days during the month. We say rained, when it does rain it rains like there is no tomorrow. The heavens open and the ground just soak it up. The good news as always is that it never lasts for more than a couple of days and then the sunshine returns. Now for a funny fact, residents who have been here for the past five years are heard moaning as to how cold it is when the temperature falls to 12 degrees whilst at the same time seeing that it is below freezing in the UK!!

Special offer for March: For March only we are going to be offering 10 couples the chance to enjoy a dedicated Mini Break that takes in a visit to the parks as well. Fact finding is important but at the same time we know how nice the town of Antequera is and how relaxing it would be to enjoy a few days on holiday in the town as well. The dedicated fact finding mini break on offer is a 6 day 5 night stay in the Hotel Castilla in Antequera.


Airport transfers from both Malaga or Granada airports and a day out with us visiting Alameda, Mollina and the parks are also included. The offer is limited to 10 couples only and costs only 99.00 per person based on two sharing a room on a room only basis. The town has a lot to offer as well as god transport links to Malaga. The town is also a very cosmopolitan with many Tapas bars and restaurants as well as being a traditional Andalucian town.

Low cost flights are not included but there are some great deals on offer at the moment. The offer is designed so that newsletter readers who want to come and see for themselves can not only do so but also enjoy a short break in Antequera as well making the trip even more worth while. To arrange a visit simply give Derick a call on 0117 318 2188.

Already own a mobile home? There are now a lot of people who own mobile homes on parks or campsites in Spain who wish they had their home on a top quality residential park such as Park La Posada in Alameda.

Well now there is some very good news. We have teamed up with a Spanish transporter and Park La Posada (single units) and Park Las Vistas (park homes) and can now offer an all inclusive price to move a home from a park or campsite in the area for only 5000 Euros. The price includes transport and full connection onto a plot chosen in advance. Posada has just 3 plots available so visiting the park as soon as possible is recommended if relocating a single mobile home. If the home is not in the local area then by all means contact us to see what the extra would be as far as transport is concerned. For homes in the UK we offer a free quotation service as it depends where in the UK the home is.

Question asked last month: Is it possible to stay on the parks renting a mobile home? The answer is no because the parks are top class residential style parks which means that sub letting is not allowed. It is what makes the parks so different from joint camping-mobile home parks. People can live on the parks relaxed knowing that their neighbours will not be changing every two weeks or they will have to put up with children of all ages running around. We hope to announce soon a package where it will be possible to stay in the area for a few weeks with of course the Costa Difference team in Spain on hand to help you see what there is to see in the area.

Useful lifestyle information: Holidays, yes we know that might sound daft when already living in Spain but Martin (the King of Holidays) has noticed that Easyjet and Ryanair are now offering countries other than the UK from the local airports. Martin as always is off to Portugal in March as it is within easy driving distance. What is interesting is that he has seen that Ryanair now fly to Malta from Seville airport (just down the road) at crazy prices. He is now planning to go there in October. So you can now see that you can have quality of life whilst living in Spain and also enjoy cheap holidays abroad using the four airports that are close to the parks..

Mobile homes of the month: This month we have had two alerts sent to those who have signed up for the price alert service. The first alert was for a price change on an Atlas Concept.

The other alert was for a new listing which was a BK Bluebird Caprice.

If you want to be the first to know about a new listing, or when a price changes on a home for sale, then why not sign up for our price alert service. We will e-mail as soon as any new home is added or a price changes,